My weekend plan

I don’t feel really good when my siblings get invitation to someone’s house & I don’t. But then they were the same people who told my parents they had to invite to their wedding as they invited everyone else in my family.

Anyway, I cannot really be bother cos I have tons of to-do for this weekend!

I am in the midst of a career progression. It’s long & complicated…. But this weekend would be a good time for me to draft out a career plan for myself! I also really want to make use of the time to start working on my planner which has finally arrived! It is march soon, so it’s time to fill up for MARCH. Most importantly, I have not been minimising due to the holidays. So it is time to start again. My room is STILL not in the stage I am completely happy with. I will not stop until I am satisfied.

1) I’ll start with my usual saturday breakfast – cereal and milk.
2) Depending on my mood, I might take a walk and get a local coffee, kopi. If I am lazy, I would probably grab an 3-in-1. After trying a few brands, I still loves Alicafe from Malaysia. I still haven’t decide about my Nescafe Dulco Gusto machine. But I believe I need to list out my options!
3) Then, with my cup of coffee, I would probably start my usual round of cleaning, tidying, minimising and writing!
4) When I am done or feel tired, I would take a break and do some research about my careers and do some planning. I have some activities which I would like to start scheduling for March!
5) I am expecting my Erin Condren notebook to be delivered around noon. I will probably spend 30mins to an hour admiring, blogging, taking pictures, writing a bit… and finally, I probably spend 10-15mins surfing EC before I realise I need to get back to WORK.
6) My nieces would probably be here by 3-4pm so I would pause and play with them until dinner.
7) They will probably leave by 6-7pm. Then I will have dinner and go back to WORK. I would continue researching on my careers and do some planning.
8) Finally when I feel tired, I would do some light surfing before bed about Pebble and air-dry clay. I am taking a 3 hours craft class in March. Although it would be a one-to-one session, but I like to read up on the information first!
9) I would work on my research and planning for sunday too.
10) If time permits, I would read Lord Of the Ring.


I don’t need a Filofax!

Ever since I saw this video on Kikki K, I was very tempted to get it. But of course I didn’t. Because the planner is in leather. I was only looking at it because I wanted an alternate planner which is obviously not necessary as I had used an undated temporary planner and my PP is finally here!

After that, I google around and look for an alternative to this… It seems like Filofax is my best choice! They have non-leather too. I like it that you can in papers to it. You know when you spend so much on planner, it make sense for you to add on when the papers run out.

Also I just thought its cool to organise all my notebooks into one. I have like 7 notebooks around.

But the problem is….
1) Why would I need ANOTHER planner/notebook/whatever? I cannot buy more than what I already have. REMEMBER. LIFE. GOAL.
2) They are seriously expensive. I am looking at A5 size one. It cost SGD125. Yes these are refillable. But knowing me, I won’t stick to the same planner year after year!
3) Who knows I would really use them right. I have beautiful planner and notebooks on my way! So….

Anyway, adding to the wish-list to be reconsider in a month’s time.


I saw some filofax at my local stationary shops! Was so excited to learn that my local stationary shops carries a small range!

The first shop – MPH 
The filofax was enclosed in the display. I couldn’t find anyone to help as it was peak period (lunch hour). Anyway I might not buy. So I didn’t want to waste their time. So I couldn’t really see the organisers. But I was able to view their flex notebook range which is out on a display shelve. They are cool. But refill is rather expensive. Knowing me, I might use a while and ditch it! Also I still have whole loads of notebooks at home. So… I cannot get. But I imagine that it would be a great notebook for bringing on a travel trip. Maybe I would pop by and buy one if I am going for holiday!

The second shop – Home and Office
They were displayed out in the open. So I was so happy to be able to touch and feel them.

I saw mainly the patent ones in personal size. The vibrant colours are so tempting. But I am not quite a fan of patent as they tends to show scratches…

There was a couple of A5s. The material is like canvas but since I couldn’t find the model information, I am not too sure if there is any real leather on the trimming etc.

I didn’t buy them as I said I do not need it. It was also dated from 2014-2015 so it’s kinda wasted if I spend that big amount of money on something I will not be able to use.

After viewing them, I realise Personal size is too small. If I ever get a Filofax, it would be sitting at home for home organisation & inspiration not for carrying around. So personal size is definitely not the right size for me. Then the ones in A5s are kinda heavy. Maybe there is lighter one out there. I will probably drop by Kinokuniya at the end of the year to see. They should carries a bigger range! In the meantime, I am not getting Filofax soon!

Get. A. Pebble.

Hello all those who like to text/whatsapp/whatever while walking, please go to kickstarter and back this new pebble: because obviously you people don’t have a pebble or something.

Yup, Pebble is like the best thing ever. You would realise life isn’t all about glueing your eye to your smartphone. It is call SMARTphone. But we haven’t really become smarter if we constantly use it especially when it is not in the appropriate place! Just read this: It is common in Singapore because we have a high number of smartphone users. We are a small country but everyone I know own a smartphone.

Seriously all these people not only block people’s way, they are also ALWAYS slower! This is really a huge problem when they use it while walking the stair. I have never see anyone who can walk at a normal speed when they are using it on the stair. And hello, there are people who are actually in a rush! So if you could be a little more considerate.

With a Pebble, I will usually just press ‘X’ if it is not an important message and walk on. And 90% of the time IT IS not important that I need to reply immediately. I waited till I am at a “safe” place before I take out my smartphone and reply.

Anyway I received the mailer from Pebble late last night as I owned two (!!!) versions of Pebble. By the time I saw it, it was already 7am in the morning! By then, the early reward is gone. So I went for next tier. I couldn’t think because there isn’t any time to think! Good news is that I have 30 days to think again. I admit I wouldn’t need another watch. But who could resist COLOUR right 😦


(Un)passion planner

I mentioned Passion Planner for a few times on my blog and posted a couple of posts on how I am anxious about receiving  my planner. Deciding that it is all lengthy and meaningless, I am planning to move all my thoughts, comments, review into a single post. This is still lengthy. So please read with cautious!

Okay, It started with a really POSITIVE feeling. Like all buyers/backers, I am also excited to receive this in 2015! It was important for me as:
1) The creator promised a POSITIVE changes which I am needing right now.
2) I tried a couple of planners. But none really works. Since this planner is no ordinary as the creator create the format by herself. So it should works.
3) I am minimising. I have much more to-do and tasks than previous years. I need to think and jot down my thoughts all the time. I need a planner!

What happened?
There was some strike late last year which is totally not their fault. (Although at the later stage of the “waiting”, it suddenly occurs to me how terrible not-so-good their planning has been! They could have hire more help during that period!). Then creator decided to fly the products (from china(?)) by air to avoid delay. Okay. Thank you for that. Then due to the lack of manpower (!!! HUH !!!), they are going to work on shipment and is not responding to any emails, message or anything on social media. Then finally, BACKER will not get any tracking number. At this point of time, things got a-bit messy but I thought okay never mind just as long as I get my planner on time.

Then day after day… there wasn’t much updates…. until

Oh yes! I am a backer on 14 November. So I start checking my mailbox. EVERYDAY.

After 1 months or so, there is STILL NOTHING??!!

I have been very patient and understanding throughout this whole waiting. I didn’t leave any nasty comments on their social media sites demanding my planner. I didn’t send an email threatening to sue them, or reported them to BBB – not applicable for international people I suppose! Neither did I attempt to send an dispute to my bank for anything at all.

Finally deciding that I need some answer, I send an email to one of the ladies who works at PP. People claimed on Instagram that one of these two ladies do response.

After 4 days, I received an reply. (surprisingly).

More surprise follow after I check my tracking number:

It was shipped only on 9 Feb!

I am really okay with the long wait and stuffs. I always ship my china shipments by SEA. I understand it is not easy to fulfil so many orders. I never start a business but I know its not easy. Nothing could be achieved by leaving nasty comments so I didn’t bother to. What I am NOT okay with was the unnecessary delay. They claimed my order is shipped in Jan. But it was not. Based on my observation, some orders was also not shipped in order! I submitted my survey promptly and my address are typed in English. So I really don’t see any reasons for the delay.

Today I finally received it! I am definitely sending an email to get my partial refund!

I am just so glad I bought an planner from Plum Paper! I am starting it in July 2015 and this planner will (probably) goes into the cupboard.

Too much packaging? I am just not so sure if it’s necessary to put them in two padded envelope.

I just feel this way 🙂 Again, it got NOTHING to do with the fact that they have a lot of orders to fulfil that caused a bit of delay. My problem was… my planner wasn’t ship as they claimed. I checked my mailbox. everyday. And it wasn’t even shipped.

First thing I did was to check if there is any missing pages or any “dirty” pages. Some unfortunate customers get that!

My only complain was the top wasn’t really perfect. If it was shipped according to the updates, I may not be so fussy about this. HAHA!

Not an expert on paper. Can’t tell. Can’t describe. But it’s thick white paper. Reminds me of the paper they used on a book rather than a notebook. Maybe I do a comparison with Moleskine, Plum Paper & Erin Condren when I receive them. Okay, a bit impressed…..

The thickness is thick enough. Don’t bleed through. Used my Staedtler Triplus Roller as testing…

Can’t see from the back page. Yay?

Although I admitted I am rather happy with the planner itself, but I am still disappointed with the shipping…. Again, this was because of what they claimed and not delivered. So I am probably not going to purchase again. At least not for next year as I have my Plum Paper Planner. I shall see how…2017 seems so long away. It is still only Feb 2015 and I already have my 2016 planner “planned”.


My first crowd funding experience(s)

At the end of last year or so, I got a bit crazy with crowd funding and funded a few projects. While many of the projects are still in production/testing/etc, a couple of them have been shipped!

I know crowd-funding is not like buying from a store. You got to wait and wait and wait. Most of the projects get delay and delay and delay. I can wait and wait and wait. But…. shipping really bothers me.

#1 – Some Planner
So there was a strike which affected shipment. Okay, NOT YOUR FAULT. Then there was not enough staffs to ship the products. WHAT? okay, never-mind shipping is really more important.
Then all the staffs are busy with shipping. Hence, nobody is replying to emails, messages, etc. All right still doesn’t really bother me.
AND we don’t get tracking code (Kickstarter). HUH? WHAAAAT. OKAY. NEVER MIND. As long as it get here.


After 1 month, There is STILL nothing?!

And there is no information if it has been shipped! It is almost impossible to get an reply on anything at all.

But anyway today I finally tried sending an email.

[Updated – 20 Feb 2015] 
So after 4 days, I received an reply back with the tracking no. I requested for.

First thing I did? Track it of course!


I was shocked to see that it was only shipped on 9 Feb.
Why was I shocked? Because the update said it should have been shipped way back in Jan 2015. Since there was not much updates in between, but I am referring to the update posted on 27 Jan. They claimed that they are already working orders placed from 15-18th Nov. I “backed” this project before that.

Now, I am really trying very hard to be understanding. I have also been really patient…. I haven’t drop by any of their social media sites and left nasty comments throughout this whole saga. But….. this? I don’t know. I am just so disappointed. Like some people out there, based on my bad experience, I will NOT order from them again.

#2 Some card charger thing

This is my first indiegogo campaign. Excited!



Finally I couldn’t take it and left an message, after 2 months. (I AM patient)

(Coincidentally?) It was shipped on the next day.


After 1 week, Status is still the same.


Left another message. Creator updated some stuffs. But there is no response to my message.

#3 Some Clutch

WHAAAAT? I don’t get this? I mean, we paid for shipping too? Isn’t it like a-bit more fair that you ship by the date or something?  (like Passion Planner). But never-mind, Since it is only a day or two, so I kept my mouth.

Okay, so after 2-3 days or so, I dropped them an email to ask if international people will get a tracking code.

After one week, there is no reply? Hello? At least a confirmation that it was shipped? 

Maybe because I am a international “backer” so shipping can get more complicated? But with such frustration faced with shipping, I rather not “back” anything anymore. Naturally, I haven’t been backing much. I lost interest as well as I am keeping to my life goal 😉

Oh well, hopefully the next batch of shipment would be more smooth. I am looking forward to Popbasic one though as I have zero problem with their shipping when I purchased from them.

My current notebooks

Today I thought I will write a quick post on my notebooks. I am using…. 8 notebooks at the moment – including my temporary undated planner. I know I am such an addict!

1) “Things To do” pad – Okay, its more like a sticky pad although it don’t really stick. I got this from a bookstore near my home a few years ago. I tried to use it a few times – at work, at home, for school. But it NEVER works. Finally I found a use for it. I am writing my minimalism tasks such as sort out CDs. It works great!! As I am continue to minimalism (on the pause at the moment for Chinese New Year holidays), I will definitely write in more stuffs!
2) Panda Calendar – This is from Taobao. It is actually NOT really a notebook. But on the reverse side of the calendar there is some space for writing. I am currently using it to record important spend. I use it to record spend as I got extra calendar this year. I probably switch over to record in my permanent planner when July start.
3) Yellow notebook – This is also from Taobao. I am using it for writing down my shopping list such grocery shopping. I don’t use it to record online shopping list as it is more like a wish list. I set up an wist list page at this particular blog for that. I like it that the pages can be tear off after finishing 🙂
4) Typo notebook – Oops. I should have taken the picture with the cover. This is from Typo. I used it to record list. Like the books I wanted to read in 2015, my kickstarter tracker etc. I refer to it frequently when I need information.
5) Temporary Planner in white – Not going to comment much on this as it is just an temporary planner.
6) Black leather notebook – I am becoming to love this size. I got this from one of my business partner as a gift. This is my daily notebook where I bring everywhere with me. Not sure where they printed this but the paper is really thin. I uses all brands of pens with it and all bleed through.
7) Triangular notebook – As you can see from the logo printed on the notebook, its given by an design company. I got this from my previous company. I keep this on my desk all the times to scribble down thoughts etc. I use this to write my “To-do” list when I am at home. I usually keep my daily notebook in my bag when I am at home as I wanted to use it only when I am out.
8) Pink “Keep Calm and Write on” notebook – I got this from Taobao. I got 5 other colours as well 🙂 This is rather heavy so shipping cost a-bit. I uses this to draft my thoughts before I write my blog posts or long posts (I am also publishing long posts/articles on sina weibo for my china friends to read)