Review of Longchamp Neo (With strap)

I had a Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I like it because it’s so easy to tote around and I can put really a lot of stuffs in it.

I know the trim is kinda leathery but there is so many plus points!
– Easy to match with my office clothes. Canvas and office clothes sometimes don’t go together.
– Sometimes I really need a big bag to fit in everything and likes to be hands free. With a huge tote, it’s much easier.
– I won’t feel like I need to be really careful with the bag in fear of spoiling it which is exactly the problem I have with my other vegan leather bags. Ya, I know they are not Chanel or LV. But I do feel painful if I ever ruin them.
– They are light weight! so its good for travelling etc. (Although I have never bring one on travling but I might…)
So I find it hard to give up on it lol.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a forum and I realize there are a lot of fakes LC in the market! What?! The ones I saw on carousell and qoo10 are fakes?! They do not have one in maroon color (not in this season anyway!)! Okay it was surprised to me.. because the market is flooded with it. The seller insisted that they are from Paris etc.. so I never suspect it to be fake. This also made me doubt the authenticity of my (old) bag and realize that It could be fake?! But I wasn’t too sure because they do have that design (cage aux oiseaux) in that color (Lagoon) sigh some sellers… they don’t even know what they are doing. It’s like if you want to fake it, then make it look real! It does not come with any dust bag or fake looking receipt. It was shipped from Korea. Hmm. But the bag do give a wierd smell. There is some kind of leathery (?) smell which I can’t get rid of despite washing it and airing it! I smell my mum’s LC (from Taipei airport!)… it doesn’t have this weird smell so I don’t know. This weird smell is making me having second thoughts and it could be due to some substandard material being used in manufacturing that bag so it results in this after an extended uses!
Anyway, so they only have like 3-4 colours in the current season and any other colours available in mass is very likely to be fake! They do have the maroon (opera is the actual name) but it’s no longer available! Some colours like green was never available and there is a shade of pink (hydrangea) is only available on Bloomingdales! Go to the boutique to check for the current season colours.

Qoo10 have alot of fakes ones. Never buy from Qoo10! Only a couple of sellers are selling the real ones. $100 or more off retail is not cost saving but rather its a scam to make you believe that you are getting the real thing. There was never overrun of factory stocks or any rejects. It is just a stupid excuse to cheat you into buying a replica product. BTW, Qoo10 do contribute to this rubbish by helping the sellers advertising the bags as authentic. Qoo10 is such a joke!
If past seasons colours are easily available everywhere, then something is very wrong isn’t it.

So I decided to replace it with a real one!! With so many fakes flooding the online market, I decided to get one from the boutique. Ya, they are slightly more expensive because price is, uh, fixed. But it’s better be safe than sorry! I do not want spend my money at a risk of getting a fake one again! I purchased it at the airport today on the way back home. A boutique!! Super exciting because it was my first time purchasing a luxury item from an boutique!! It wasn’t duty free like I wanted. I don’t know how it works lol maybe I have to get it before I go or something. But anyway, I was on a flight back from Malaysia. I think I cannot get it duty free anyway. I decided to go for Raspberry because Navy or Black is common and seems to be available always. And I was never a fan of Grey. I read online on the next season colours (Gold? Silver? Red?) and was really happy that I went for Raspberry because there is no way I am getting the new season colours and I would ended up with Navy or Black. I’m tempted to get the Yellow (or official colour name is Sunshine) next. Ha it’s on my wishlist next.


I finally bought it out after airing it for 2 days. There was a leather smell lol
I really love the colour… it looks bright but it isn’t! It is not so bright yet it add a pop of colour to my dull clothing 🙂 I think I would love this more than opera which I would get if I can.

At first, I felt the strap is too long…. I thought of returning it or finding an alternate strap. But after 2 days of wearing it, I realise that it isn’t that bad. It is long but I am still okay with it. Maybe I would get an alternate strap from Taobao.. Please make a adjustable strap, Longchamp! The size is just right for my daily work use + lunch! There is no structure making it very difficult to adjust things. When comes to bags, I am into organisation properly. So it wasn’t something I would like.
Overall I must admit that it is not love at first sight but I feel that It would be put into a good use.