July Stationary Haul – Tokyu Hands & Miniso

I decided to visit Tokyu Hands today as I have been wanting to get a new notebook!

 photo DEF5B501-3EDA-4287-8A05-631E9A9A639D_zpszqsz6his.jpg

Before I could get into Tokyu Hands, I was greeted by a new Miniso outlet.
I wouldn’t say  that I am a huge fan of them. Ya, their stuffs are really cheaper. But they are all Made In China. The main problem is their packaging seems so rip off from other brands. But then, they do have a wide range of interesting products. They are a little bit like Daiso… cos they have everything from stationary to cosmetic products 🙂

So I saw they have this reasonable priced fountain pens at SGD3.00 so I grabbed without thinking. It comes with the refill cartridge too!!! They have white and black too. For fountain pen, I tried not to buy black or white as they seems boring. And I have an major obsession with pens. I believe everyone around me realised that. And the green colour is just the perfect colour.

Then, I saw these cheap soft cover notebooks with nautical prints. So…… I grabbed all the available designs without thinking. Each set turned out to be SGD3.00. They have decent plain hardcover ones too in shade like pink, yellow etc! But knowing the paper quality of these cheap notebooks, I decided to give them a miss. I haven’t start using them yet. Keeping it for vacation 🙂 But I won’t be expecting too much.

Then I quickly paid and left the shop before any more damages could be done.

So, Tokyu Hands also restocked the Anello bags!

 photo DC4B9692-C662-4EDC-9649-E2D7E138BFE8_zpsd3a3m3h5.jpg

I saw at least 5 people buying it when I was walking around the store. I was indeed tempted to get the small size boston bag. But I don’t feel like spending 50bucks on a bag yet. Beside, they still do not have wine colour in that design. I have been waiting forever for Anello to release that. Although the wine backpack is tempting too, but I know that I do not need any backpack at all!

I moved on to the stationary sections and grabbed the campus notebook.

(I must be too excited to see the campus notebook as I had a stomachache!)

After thinking and thinking, I decided to get the 5-packs as they have the limited design (It is the same price at SGD9.90!!) and a pack of loose paper. At the counter, I was given 2 free ones! Yay for freebie! 🙂

I also get the new Uni Signo pens as they have new limited design with Hello Kitty and My Melody. Since I now preferred Sarasa clip than any other pens, I decided to get only one design for each character.

 photo 127AA396-0188-4959-BB77-33D9F714C26E_zpsthpqhqtq.jpg

I must say I really love the campus notebooks. I started with the free ones as I didn’t want to open the shrink-wrapped ones. It write really well using my Sarasa Clip (of course!). I feel like throwing away all my other notebooks at home. HAHAHA!


Review – Anello Tote Bag

I finally decided to purchase an Anello Tote bag!


Anello is a popular Japanese brand. If you shop often at Qoo10, you will see many listing. I have been tempted to get their bag for a long time. But I have 3 kinds of backpack. Hence I do not have any use of backpack! I was then tempted to get their tote bag but again, I have too much tote bag. I finally decided to get it as I carry my MacBook to work now. Hence I need a bag that I can use to put my MacBook. My current bags are either too big or too small or do not have enough space to put the pouch and MacBook. So, using some points I have, I managed to get $9 off!

For Anello bag (on Qoo10), There are many sellers claiming to be carrying the same authentic bag from Japan. Buying it from Japan sellers or the department store directly will cost 2-3 times more. After doing some thorough research, I realise there isn’t any difference from the seller I got from and the Japanese version. Hence I decided to skip the hassle and buy from this seller. It came with original packaging and tag. So I am happy with it!

I decided to get the grey colour although usually I will avoid such colour (: But I thought this grey colour is quite interesting. I was decide between dark orange and grey. But I decided to go for grey. If I have the opportunity to get the small one, I would consider dark orange.

For people who have not use an anello bag before, their special designing for opening of the bag is the main selling point. It open really wide hence it make easier to get stuffs etc. It may not suit everyone as I have heard of complaints from people before. The tote bag works on the same concept. Although it is well-designed, but closing the zip can be a bit challenging!

Beside the opening and zip, the shape of the tote is also different from the usual tote bag. Hence when packing your things, it can be fussy to pack them accordingly to the odd shape!

The volume of the large tote bag is really good as it provide a lot of space. I can fit in everything I need for the day – including a MacBook 12″ inch, Umbrella, Water bottle etc! So I would say it is rather comfortable size.

The only complaint I have is the handle. I feel that it is too short. But then I always uses the shoulder strap so it is all good. Sometimes the strap can be uncomfortable. But this strap is wide enough to be carrying comfortably.

I am rather satisfied with this bag and would recommend it!






My favourite pen

I never had a particular brand or model of pen that I really love… I just use whatever that I buy. And last year, I went into  this “crazy-pen-buying” mode. I have been resisting buying pens every other days haha (:

So…. after using a few pens, I found my love ❤

It is….

f9994760-0420-464c-92d4-bbf7f6c4c4eb_zpsbqs28najThis is just one of the many that I have purchased. (:

I take a lot of notes and loves writing in my free time. And I have a lot of exams this year. I have at least 8th exams so far. Going into an exam hall with a good pen is really important!!

Zebra Sarasa clip just write so well. I don’t know if you have that experience – when you are using a pen, then suddenly it stop writing… the ink don’t flow or something. The ink has not run out. so…. It is irritating! I never have problem with Zebra Sarasa clip!

I have used Uniball Signo RT. As compare, I like Zebra Sarasa clip better!

Another reason why I like Zebra Sarasa clip is also because of the design! They release new designs every now and then. Beside the london series which I have just brought, I also have the snoopy series, the chupa chups series & the french casual series. I skipped the florist series & Kumamon series as I don’t really like the design! But if you do see something you like at your local stationary shop, just buy as its limited edition 😀




Quick update

It has been a looooong time since I posted something! I have been so so so busy! When I have free time, I was busy trying to catch up with life basically.

I bought a new MacBook!
I decided to buy one because of some personal reasons. Most importantly, my old MacBook pro is getting slower.

723c5515-5215-401f-b1b7-a30c80128a8a_zpstmtyp9nxThe print on the box in the lovely gold rose!

8e984a53-9ec5-4859-9b51-ee8c8685e2d7_zpsvxallyh4Beautiful ❤

94b8b01f-d80b-4326-b523-f2acb82dc05c_zpsq4rcgbqpI have been bringing this to work everyday! 🙂 My charger is in the drawstring pouch!

708b0bd8-816b-4651-8779-ae93d7776c2e_zpsxtidur49Yay for productivity ❤

I basically just need it for surfing net, writing documents, doing slides and playing music. It works just fine for me! Yes, the only one USB C port is frustrating. But it hasn’t cause any problem so far as I don’t use thumbdrive (not as much!) or charge my iPhone (I use a plug!). I have not been using a mouse either which I thought would be a big problem for me. But it turns out to be just fine. But probably with a  mouse, it would be much faster. As for my old MacBook, I am still using it as my old data are still inside. I would probably clear it in August or so. However, I went to taobao to buy an adapter as it is selling much cheaper than the apple stores. I’ll talk more about this when I received it. If you are looking for a cheaper pouch, taobao is also a place to look =)

With the Macbook, I decided to login  to my wordpress to post something!

Most of the assignments/tests are over! But it doesn’t mean I get to rest…. Exam is coming up in the next month which is rather stressful. I think I am coping well. I have placed in more efforts as 1) I paid for my school fee 2) It is something I enjoyed studying….

Some of the classes are interesting while others are just boring…. Nevertheless, I enjoy learning!! 🙂

I have not been using my planner much 😦 I no longer have the luxury to do planning. If there is any assignment due that week, Honestly, It would be just doing assignment for the whole week. So I don’t find any motivation to update anything.

Having said that, I realise heavy planners like plum planner, Day Designer or even Erin Condren planner does not suit me at all!

I am unable to bring them around :/ Hence, it really deficit the purpose!! It may be good for people who are creative and really have tons of tasks to do.

So for next year, I am either sticking to Frankie or trying Kikki K or personal planner.

Although my planning has went down, but I still find planning very important. It is really important to write down things you wanted to achieve in order to start to really do things. Hopefully next year would be better as I would be graduating next year!

Recently, I have not been a good mood constantly. Well, there is so much to say… but it is kinda hard to put down in words… let me try anyway….

1) I believe it is important to consider the consequences of your actions. I believe everyone do something for a purpose. But most of the times, people do not consider the consequences. If your action would affect others, then perhaps you should take time to reflect. In other word, mind your own business if it doesn’t concern you!

2) When things went wrong, it is not just one person’s fault. Every conflicts happen because of two individual. Each of them have their own point of view. One wise man told me to view things as from a fourth party’s perspective.

3) Everyone have their own characters, differences, views and perspective. You cannot expect others to react like you. Neither you can expect people to be following your method of handling things.

4) Everyone have their right to have feelings. It doesn’t matter what kind of feeling they are. We are human not robot.