(Un)passion planner

I mentioned Passion Planner for a few times on my blog and posted a couple of posts on how I am anxious about receiving  my planner. Deciding that it is all lengthy and meaningless, I am planning to move all my thoughts, comments, review into a single post. This is still lengthy. So please read with cautious!

Okay, It started with a really POSITIVE feeling. Like all buyers/backers, I am also excited to receive this in 2015! It was important for me as:
1) The creator promised a POSITIVE changes which I am needing right now.
2) I tried a couple of planners. But none really works. Since this planner is no ordinary as the creator create the format by herself. So it should works.
3) I am minimising. I have much more to-do and tasks than previous years. I need to think and jot down my thoughts all the time. I need a planner!

What happened?
There was some strike late last year which is totally not their fault. (Although at the later stage of the “waiting”, it suddenly occurs to me how terrible not-so-good their planning has been! They could have hire more help during that period!). Then creator decided to fly the products (from china(?)) by air to avoid delay. Okay. Thank you for that. Then due to the lack of manpower (!!! HUH !!!), they are going to work on shipment and is not responding to any emails, message or anything on social media. Then finally, BACKER will not get any tracking number. At this point of time, things got a-bit messy but I thought okay never mind just as long as I get my planner on time.

Then day after day… there wasn’t much updates…. until

Oh yes! I am a backer on 14 November. So I start checking my mailbox. EVERYDAY.

After 1 months or so, there is STILL NOTHING??!!

I have been very patient and understanding throughout this whole waiting. I didn’t leave any nasty comments on their social media sites demanding my planner. I didn’t send an email threatening to sue them, or reported them to BBB – not applicable for international people I suppose! Neither did I attempt to send an dispute to my bank for anything at all.

Finally deciding that I need some answer, I send an email to one of the ladies who works at PP. People claimed on Instagram that one of these two ladies do response.

After 4 days, I received an reply. (surprisingly).

More surprise follow after I check my tracking number:

It was shipped only on 9 Feb!

I am really okay with the long wait and stuffs. I always ship my china shipments by SEA. I understand it is not easy to fulfil so many orders. I never start a business but I know its not easy. Nothing could be achieved by leaving nasty comments so I didn’t bother to. What I am NOT okay with was the unnecessary delay. They claimed my order is shipped in Jan. But it was not. Based on my observation, some orders was also not shipped in order! I submitted my survey promptly and my address are typed in English. So I really don’t see any reasons for the delay.

Today I finally received it! I am definitely sending an email to get my partial refund!

I am just so glad I bought an planner from Plum Paper! I am starting it in July 2015 and this planner will (probably) goes into the cupboard.

Too much packaging? I am just not so sure if it’s necessary to put them in two padded envelope.

I just feel this way 🙂 Again, it got NOTHING to do with the fact that they have a lot of orders to fulfil that caused a bit of delay. My problem was… my planner wasn’t ship as they claimed. I checked my mailbox. everyday. And it wasn’t even shipped.

First thing I did was to check if there is any missing pages or any “dirty” pages. Some unfortunate customers get that!

My only complain was the top wasn’t really perfect. If it was shipped according to the updates, I may not be so fussy about this. HAHA!

Not an expert on paper. Can’t tell. Can’t describe. But it’s thick white paper. Reminds me of the paper they used on a book rather than a notebook. Maybe I do a comparison with Moleskine, Plum Paper & Erin Condren when I receive them. Okay, a bit impressed…..

The thickness is thick enough. Don’t bleed through. Used my Staedtler Triplus Roller as testing…

Can’t see from the back page. Yay?

Although I admitted I am rather happy with the planner itself, but I am still disappointed with the shipping…. Again, this was because of what they claimed and not delivered. So I am probably not going to purchase again. At least not for next year as I have my Plum Paper Planner. I shall see how…2017 seems so long away. It is still only Feb 2015 and I already have my 2016 planner “planned”.



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