Brow problem

I must admit I am VERY lazy when it comes to brow. I feel like there isn’t a need to maintain them since they are covered by my fringe or bangs. But I kinda change my attitude towards them now.

On 7 July – of course I don’t remember the date! My planner stated so! 😀, I went for a first eyebrow treatment. I picked Benefits because I always like their skincare and beauty products as they are so vintage looking. Although I never really buy anything from there. HA.

I saw an blog post (unsponsored) online that mentioned it do not really hurt or anything. So I decided to give myself a half day off to do the waxing! I am not going into details as I did not take any picture. But I was very happy with the effect.

2 months later, I realise my brow is in a bad shape again. It is again too thick and need to maintain. So, I went online and try to find something….

Browhaus – I admit I am very intrigued by their brow resurrection treatment. It is stated to be lasting for 2 years or so. Imagine  this… You do not have to be worried about your brow for 2 years! Cool! But the price is expensive. For $1,284, it works out to be $53.50 per month. Uh, I don’t see the justification of spending that amount! I mean I am not an extremely vain person :p who find the really important need to be 100% perfect all the times. If the cost is equivalent to what I would be paying for normal brow threading/tweezing/waxing. Then I might consider. I know they are different things. But I don’t have that need now. And after doing the maths, even if I go for eyebrow waxing every month, it costs only $22. Furthermore there is a lot of reviews that the salesgirl are too pushy so I decided not to patronise them for even a simple eyebrow threading/tweezing.

So I decided to visit Benefits again! I also read online that eyebrow waxing is much lasting than the other treatment.