2015 reflection & 2016 target

I am suppose to write this 2 days ago but being holiday, the lazy mood get turn on!

2015 Reflection
2015 have been a fruitful year for me. In term of personal goal, I have been working towards one single life goal – Minimalism.

It is definitely not an easy target that can be achieved within one year. So I am definitely looking to spend more time on it this year. After a year long of working on this, I finally begin to truly understand the idea of minimalism. The idea of minimalism is very simple – living with what you need only. But the application is kinda hard especially if you are a person like me who have lived with a lot of things and have a bad shopping habit. It takes a long time to “reduce” stuffs and change the shopping habit. While I cannot be 100%, I have been moving between 50% to 70% and hopefully, I can be 90% soon as it will take a longer time to achieve for 100%.

In term of my career, I have found a goal as well and will be working towards my goal this year. I have taken up a degree. So I would be busy for a year or so. It would be a tough life juggling my work with my part time student life. But I have done it before so I believe I would able to do it again. I just hope that I would have more career prospect after that.

2016 Targets
While I continue to work on my personal and career goal, there is some other stuffs I would hope to achieve.

I find the most important mood I needed in my life is having positive thoughts 🙂 I am trying to add more positiveness into my daily life 🙂 I like to write “Be Happy” into my planner to remind myself to be happy. Life is good so there is nothing to be worried about!

Beside that, I wanted to plan more often. Sometimes I get lazy so I didn’t use my planner. But I hope that I can do my planer more efficiently!

Also, last year, I tried to be more productive by trying to wake up more early to start my day. But it hasn’t been working that well. This is something that I am definitely working towards.

That’s all I can of for now. Back to planning 🙂