Updated on Feb 2017

  • I am a learning minimalist. I started to get into the minimalism concept/idea/goal in Dec 2015 and the last couple of years hasn’t been easy. I am still learning and adapting because I was a shopaholic. A small part of me still enjoy shopping. I changed my shopping habit at the same time and will only shop from good quality and good brands. I am still trying to restrict myself to switch to ethical brands only. But it is not an easy switch. I also started to get really obsessed with customise and hand made products ❤
  • I am a vegetarian. I adopted a full vegetarian diet since 17 years ago. In the recent year, I am trying to extend my vegetarianism to the stuffs – such as bags, shoes. I can never become a vegan cos I love egg!
  • I am an pen and paper person. I love writing with pen and paper. I am less obsessed with stationaries now. But I still love buying them.
  • I am quite a avid reader. I am always trying to read as much as I can but at the same time, I am not reading as much as I should be. I do not restrict myself to read a certain kind of books. But I love reading SciFi! My favourite authors are Stephen King, JK Rowling and Sophie Kinsella
  • I am an inspiring writer. I fell in love with writing a few years ago. And it is still a dream.
  • I am an coffee and tea drinker. I cannot pass by a day without a cup of coffee or tea… 
  • Beside reading and writing, my other boring hobby is watching DVD. I enjoyed purchasing DVD from Amazon and watching them with my player and TV like old times.
  • I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I love everything about the wizarding world! My favourite character is Ron Weasley ❤ & I am a proud Hufflepuff (Like Rupert Grint HA!). My favourite movie is PoA and my favourite book is…. everything?!!
  • I am born and raise in Singapore. So I can speak and write in English and Chinese well.

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