Online Purchase #3


#1 Quarterly Co Box

This is suppose to go to my sub box blog but since I have closed it, I am putting it here. In future, I am anticipating that I won’t be posting any. I have stopped all my subscription box!

So, overall, I am NOT satisfied with quarterly. Firstly, this box keep getting delay and delay. There wasn’t any updates from Quarterly regarding the delays. I know its common with Quarterly but I appreciated some updates? Then, I was finally billed until 20 Nov. I thought it was shipped on the same day. There wasn’t any notification emails. After some times, I panicked and ask for shipping information. They say it would takes 3-5 weeks. Fine this is probably stated somewhere in their website. After some times, I still have not receive this. So I asked them again. I was told they do not have any tracking code. which is kinda shocking to me. Fine, again, this should be stated in their website or something. But for the price I am paying for shipping, I expected some tracking or some sort! I don’t know about the shipping cost in US obviously. But getting your parcel registered shouldn’t cost much? Oh well, they would probably offer refund if its really lost. Then another shocking thing was the parcel was shipped on 28 Nov which is a week later. There wasn’t any email to inform this. Which is much appreciated.

Lastly, I am going to comment on the box itself. I was really excited for this when I saw the previous box. After all the delays, the excitement dies down. While the box is in transiting somewhere, I went online and look at spoiler. Argh, I was just so tired of waiting! I was like huh. Just that? It wasn’t what I expected! I am wasn’t sure if I want to keep the subscription but I will decide again in Jan 2015 or something! What am I saying? I should STOP my subscription ARGH. Anyway, after I received the package, I felt that I received the better variation. HAHA, Lucky me!

Okay, I skip all the brand name etc.
Treatment oil… Hmm, I was expecting full size not sample. Oh well.
Nail-Polish… I got oxblood which is my favourite colour.
Sweater Comb… I have never seen such product before. It is interesting!
The beanie…. oh well, I don’t use Beanie here due to all-summer weather. I probably keep it for some holidays or something! Hoping it would look photographic?
The earring… hmm, I haven’t wear an earring for a long time and I don’t know if my earring hole are still there. It has cause so much itchiness that I stop. But I am keeping this pair and would probably wear it to a formal night. I like that the colour (Grey) is quite matchable!
[EDIT]  – Price variation
I am so pissed while typing this. I just discovered that many reviewers (online) received a earring in the price range of USD50-USD60. Mine was only USD34. I didn’t expect them to give the same style to everyone. But getting something cheaper than other subscribers? This is so unfair. I wrote a (nice) complaint to them and unsubscribed at this instant!
[EDIT – again] – RESOLVED!
This should been updated like 1-2 weeks ago.
I emailed them with the problem. They took a while to revert back. I thought they are not going to reply me. But then I realise its the holiday! They refunded me USD20 due to the variation and they told me that they didn’t realise the problem. Okay, satisfied with the answer & CS but I am still going to keep unsubscription to align with my life goal.
The Mug… I got the orange mug. It is not my favourite colour but I would use this to replace my current coffee mug which is stained with un-washable stain. Since its being use at home, so colour doesn’t matter I guess 😛 My mum commented that it is “thin” and look like it will break. I guess it is the design that makes it so pricey?
Finally the bag… I was going to say I hate the bag… as it is an design I would not choose! But I got…. an very unique colour. It is navy with cranberry. Well, cranberry happens to be my favourite. I guess I will be keeping it since returning internationally would be a challenge!

#2 Cotton On
So last week I was missing an wooden letter decoration I am doing for my room. So I decided to purchase it from Cotton On’s online shop as we do not have Typo in my nearest mall. I really do not have the time to travel. I had to buy at least $50 to get free shipping. So I selected some gifts too.

Shipping wasn’t that fast considering that the warehouse is in Singapore itself! (Singapore is small!) I guess I am too used to US retailers as they usually shipped with a day or two.

Anyway along with some other things that I didn’t take picture of, I ordered:

I am obsessed with anything alphabet! 🙂 I might be giving this to a friend since I have SO much keychains. 😦

I decided to revamp my desk a little bit so I ordered these stationary set to brighten up my desk. I am just so indecisive on which set to keep as I love the Eiffel Tower design but I love the Mint green colour 😦 One lucky friend will get the other set.

I wanted to see how good their notebook are as they comes in really beautiful design. The pens are on sales. So it cost like $3. Obviously it won’t write that well. But the polka dot design is just so irresistible!

I stupidly wore all my new shoes. Which means I do not have any new shoes for my Lunar New Year. I always wear new shoes as part of the tradition. So I decided to order this. It cost only $10 and it look like it will NOT last very long. Talking about Shoes, I am still looking for a good and quality shoes. I have really sensitive leg. Once it started to itch, I have to switch shoes so I cannot stick to just one shoes (yet). I will keep looking….


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Graphic Novel)

So last year or so, I really enjoyed the novel. Although it was an YA book, but I still have fun reading it! I was really excited that to learn that there is an graphic novel! I thought that it would very interesting to see the story in picture form. So I purchased it. This is my first graphic novel. I am not really a fan of pictures – Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novel etc. But I made an exception for this. I really like the material of the pages. Its nice to flip.

Yesterday after some decluttering tasks, I feel like I need some rest time and this came to my mind. I bought this a few weeks back but haven’t started on it. I read half of it and feel like I didn’t enjoy it as much as the novel. I was feeling a bit under the weather today so I took an sick leave and decided to complete the rest of the graphic novel. After finishing the book, I feel the book is kinda messy. If I haven’t read the novel, I might not fully understand it? But nevertheless, it is still a good read.

I will continue my day with reading book 2!

Music CDs

When I was still schooling, I enjoy purchasing music CDs…

It was very irony that although I do not have much cash (Unlike my classmates, I never take up a part time until I graduated!) back then, But I still love purchasing them! I am much “richer” now with a ok-paying job. But over the years, I kinda stop purchasing (physical CD) that much.

Back then, I was really into “Mandarin Pop” which is my mother tongue. And that’s was also the period where Mandarin Pop started to get really popular! So every now and then, there is someone new to like and some new albums to purchase. So I slowly built up a collection. I never count them.. But I am sure I have more CDs than anyone else I know. I am also very serious about obtaining music legally so back then, getting the actual CD was the only way! But slowly over the years, my taste for music has shifted from Mandarin Pop to Cantopop. Ironically, I am not a native cantonese speaker. But somehow I started this whole new love for Cantopop! I am listening to old classic songs like Leslie Cheung! Then technology somehow leads the way to purchasing less music. My current favourite music are all purchased from iTunes. I find myself do not needing the CD packaging which takes up so much space! If you have purchased any Mandarin Pop CD, you would probably know they all have so ridiculous big packaging! The music company tries to include freebie such as photo-card etc for supporting the artiste. The actual fact is…unless its someone that you really admire, you wouldn’t need it. Furthermore, I did run out of space. I have some space now due to decluttering. But I will continue to purchase my music from iTune. Save space, save space! It is also much cheaper to get the music at iTunes!

I thought I never do this… But I did it anyway! Last week, I took out all my CDs and stack them into two stacks. I kept some and threw out the packaging for the rest. I am in the middle of ripping them into my MacBook to keep them as digital MP3. Once they are done, I think I might throw the CDs away too. My reason for doing this is that these are music that I have enjoyed in the past. I no longer like them that much so chances of me picking up the packaging and look through it again is very slim. So I choose to throw the packaging away and leave the most important part!

[Random Rants] I said No

* I started a new category to post random rants which probably don’t make sense to anyone but myself.

I detest people who PUSH.

You asked, I said No.
And you/someone else asked (again), I said No (again).
Then you/someone else have to start pushing by insulting me – saying she is younger than me and she know.
What kind of logic is that? What does age got to do with anything at all?
Everyone have their own knowledge, skill or talent. AGE does not matter and is very much irrelevant!
So what if she know something? I have to know too?
I should more clever because someone younger than me know something and I don’t?
I should be ashamed of myself cos the younger one know something and I don’t?
This is exactly what you people are implying, aren’t you?

I am probably over-reacting. But I am SO insulted. And yes I am hiding in my room typing this because I am very much pissed off!

It is the season…. not to “gift”.

So today is the day  that I usually receive gifts. I am not someone who celebrate this merry festive but somehow it become some sort of a culture to “give” and “take” gifts especially in my workplace.

I was busy packing, decluttering that I forgot to drop a note to my close friends on the change of my life goal. I was a bit late but I intend to type something out in the next few days and send to those who have given (okay, maybe not to my boss! :D) in order for them to be aware of it next year. No gift, No gift, No gift!

I really appreciate the gifts. I mean when someone gave you a gift… it means he/she really go and buy it. Money are being spend after all! I am not sure if someone gave me something that she/he want to get rid of (Re-gift)… ahem, but I assumed all are generously bought. But…. I don’t know maybe I am a-bit too fussy? But I don’t, never and will not like the gifts anyone gave.

I don’t like any of the gifts anyone gave (for this year). It is either in the wrong brand, wrong flavour or wrong colour. For e.g. a close colleague bought me a lip balm. Nice but I have like 10 at home? Nice but its a brand I detest as they do animal testing! Nice but it is a flavour which I hate! Then I was given an hand cream by another colleague. Oh, its one of the brand I like (But never buy as they are insanely too expensive!) Nice but again I have like 10 at home? Nice but again, it is not a flavour I would pick. Oh well. I should not be so fussy and use whatever I have given? But I have so many at home and they are in the right colour, right flavour and right brand. So what stop me from using what I like. So here you goes… It will be wasted! I imagine the situation would change in 5 years or so when I completely extend my minimalism to my make-up/facial care products. But it is not happening soon 🙂

I never like any of the gifts anyone gave. Believe me, It has been proven again and again year after year. Birthday, Anniversaries, Holidays etc.  It is always in the wrong brand, wrong flavour, wrong colour, wrong design, wrong something. I think I am just too fussy to appreciate gifts. But I would prefer buying something that I love rather than waiting to receive something I hate.

I will never like any of the gifts anyone gave. So I basically gave up that anyone would understand what I want!

So this brings me to the important point! When I was decluttering my room, I had to throw away so many “gifts”. What is the point of the gift then? Since I can never appreciate them. I am no longer in my teenager. I am now earning money of my own with no dependents. I don’t earn much but I don’t spend THAT much. I am always amazed by people who spend a lot on I-DON’T-KNOW-WHAT. I know there are people who can spend all of their wages by the end of the month. But thankfully, I am not one of those. I know I am not very good in money saving (I am looking to change this in 2015! New life goal with New Strategy!). But I still save a fair bit for “rainy days”. I never keep a wish list because I can basically afford what I wanted. I don’t understand people who keep complaining about their pay not coming and they need to get a new phone etc? It is like they don’t have a saving or something that they have to rely on their pay? Hmm. I never question anyway. Also, I don’t love branded goods especially branded bags that are made of real leather. My most expensive purchase was my MacBook which cost $2,500 and I was able to pay! When I wanted to buy something e.g. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, I. will. buy. it. I don’t wait till my pay comes. So nobody can gift me anything because I don’t have a wishlist! I am also very fussy when it comes to things that I used. I only like a certain colour for anything – Clothes, Bags, Shoes, pens, notebook etc. But hello, majority of my friends don’t realise that? Sad that I have friends who don’t know me 😛 I am really fussy when it comes to fashion. I have received so much ugly fashion accessories that I am convinced none of my friend have the same unique taste as I am. Lastly, I have too many stuffs! It is a problem that I have acknowledged and is looking to improve. But still, nobody should be able to give me something I don’t really have. And with my life goal of not having too many things, I really don’t want anything extra!



Mailing List

So last week or so, I decided that I am also getting way too many emails. I want to go minimalism in the cyber space too!

Also I wanted to turn on the email notification to be received on my iPhone and subsequently on my Pebble, So i am doing everything I can to reduce the number of emails I am getting.
I never read them anyway! I also noticed brands/online retailer  that used to be my favorite (Nowadays I am learning not to grow attached to a certain brand/online retailer  and go for independence label etc!) loves giving out discount code every now and then. So it is kinda attracting me to spend in a way. But I guess the shipping is a factor that prevented me from making a lot of purchases. But still, It is kinda irritating to be receiving such massive amount of  emails every now and then! I can really feel the changes in me! I even stop subscribing to a sample store mailing list as I am not really interested in getting sample. Yes they are free but it cause problem 🙂

Of course, some mailing list provider allow you to change the frequency of your emails. So far I only found one that really allow that.

I have kept the following mailing list:
– Crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo: I am reducing spending but at the same time, I need to turn on these to be aware of the updates to the project that I have backed.
– Popbasic: I love Popbasic. They really never spam your inbox! 🙂 They are my current favourite online shop!
– Memebox: I think I am still a VIP this month. I have managed to curb my spending with them.  But I am keeping them as they allow flexibility as compare to other box subscription. You do not have to subscribe to them to get a box.
– Amazon: Despite getting way too many emails, I am still keeping them as they are still one of my favourite online retailer. But I am definitely looking for option to reduce these emails.
– Goodreads: Not much reading has been done this year, unfortunately! But I am still using goodreads to track my reading progress and stuffs! It is such a great tool for avid reader like me!

Bad experiences:
– SampleStore: Mailers from SS keep flowing in even though I “unsubsribed” as instructed. There was no subscription management available that allows member to subscribe/unsubscribe.
(A slight note on SS: It used to be so good. But now my inbox are flooded with promotions for weight management company.)

Get some Flat Attack!

So as a fan of kickstarter, I surf the website almost everyday even though I look at the same old projects. I came across this project from surfing:

Usually I back something that has already/is meeting its goal. But this is the only one that I have backed which is in a risk of not reaching its goal 😦 As a backer, I decided to share this project with everyone on my not-so-popular blog as I really want to get my reward.

When I wrote about Z-Charge (which has been fully funded yay!), I mentioned that I am really obsessed about getting my phone charged. I don’t really run flat most of the times. (as my phone would be fully charged due to obsession :D). But I think many people have a problem with this. And I think flat attack would really solve all our problems.

Firstly, many of the portable charger are bulky. There are other projects that offer compact charger in form of card size (I backed this one on indiegogo too!), keyring, mirror etc.
But secondly, they still required a charge before you can charge your phone with the portable charger. I hope that I am making sense right here!
So thirdly, Flat Attack work with just AA battery! Which means you do not worry that you didn’t charge your portable charger. yay! How convenience is that! And it also means that you do not have the recharge when your portable charger run flat. Imagine that you will be out for a few days without any access to a plug or USB (on a hike). You can only charge a few times with your portable charger until it run flat! With Flat Attack, you can just bring as many AA batteries you can and it will charge your phone so many times! So awesome!

When I was traveling to Down Under back in August, we went for a camping tour and was out of the city for a few days. My cellphone was full of juice since we cannot get any decent reception in the mountain area. But I think I would feel much safer if I had a Flat Attack with me. Knowing that I would just need to bring a few AA batteries and I will feel safe.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂