Decluttering 101

Here’s some quick decluttering/minimalism 101 written by me based on experience and reading 🙂

  1. Decluttering is not organising. Decluttering means losing some possessions!
  2. Start small by losing one thing a day.
  3. Think – If the stuff will be at the exact place 1 year later, they should go.
  4. Decluttering is not about the stuffs you owned. It is about yourself. Think about yourself at the current stage. If you no longer like something, then don’t keep that thing.
  5. Avoid keeping stocks. Purchase tissue only when your stock of tissue really runs out.
  6. Buy quality things that last and not things that need to be replaced every few months.
  7. Look in the wardrobe if you need a new piece of clothes. Think if it is really necessary to get.
  8. Buy versatile clothes and accessories so that you won’t need a wardrobe full of clothes. It means going for basic. You do not have to go for dull colour. Pick a colour you like.
  9. Own only ONE of each item as much as possible. We only need ONE mug, ONE pen, ONE notebook, ONE cellphone at ONE time. Some people can even go further by owning ONE bag, one DRESS, one shoes etc.
  10. Unsubscribe to mailing list on online retailers. Chances are you will get “tempted” by them everyday!
  11. Freebie? Sample? Great…. but they cause problem! Take only if you will use.
  12. Go for gift-less christmas, birthdays etc. If you are like me, drop a note to your friends and inform them that you do not want gift. Get them to treat you something in place of gift!
  13. Cut down the number of books, DVD by purchasing the digital version!
  14. Don’t subscribe to magazine or newspaper. They takes up space and you don’t read them. Go for digital version!
  15. Throw out all DIRTY/OLD stuffs. Yes they are still usable and such a waste! But what you use represent your image.
  16. Cut down unnecessary trip(s) to the mall. Trips to the mall means spending money and buying unnecessary things. Avoid them if you can. Buy your groceries online and go for a leisure walk in the park instead!
  17. Throw out anything small (miniature) – e.g. small stapler. Miniature are cute but they really don’t work that well.
  18. Get a very good scanner and scan all your important documents (bills etc) and shred them away!
  19. IGNORE all promotions and purchase only what you need. Promotion such as “Buy 2 for $5” are always there to tempt you to purchase more. But in reality, you would ended up overstocking!
  20. If you do not have a lot of time, get started anyway with a small area or an area with common items e.g. Shoes Cupboard with ONLY shoes. Aim to complete that area on the same day. It increase satisfaction of decluttering. And soon you will find yourself rather doing decluttering than anything else!
  21. Set aside an “uncertain” area/basket/container for things that you need to review and think throughout. But of course, it should NOT be every single things!
  22. Think of your house/room as an luxury boutique store. Would it be filled with ALOT of things or only a few things are display 🙂
  23. Keep in mind that “MESSY ROOM/HOUSE” = “MESSY LIFE”. Organise your life by organising your room/house. In order to achieve that, you have to declutter and own less things!

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