Review – Lands End

It has been such a long time since I posted something!
I have been busy with exams. And finally… it is over!

Today, I wanted to review about my Lands End’s purchase which arrived last week. I understand from their Facebook and Instagram that there is a lot of angry consumers. But I really have no background knowledge of everything. So It does not really affect me.


I purchased 4 items at 30% off. It was irresistible! ­čśÇ

Firstly, I purchased from Lands End cos I have been eyeing at their small canvas tote since last year! With the 30%, I just couldn’t resist. I have both canvas tote from Lands End and LL Bean. I love both. But I have 3 from LL Bean so I decided to go for Lands End this time. This tote surprisedly allow me to carry so much stuffs! I was able to carry my usual stuffs – umbrella, my daily diary, a paperback book, Muji PP pen case, a pouch, wallet, iPod Nano, iPhone and my breakfast (bread).

I also purchased the┬áPima Polo Shirt in Navy. Originally I thought the polo is too big and may not look good on me. But after trying on, I am amazed by it. It is soft and comfortable! It does not feel hot which seem to be the problem of the polo that I have purchased. It is very important for me as we only have hot weather all year round ­čÖé I am tempted to purchase some more of this and throw away the ones I have at home. hahaha! Also, you can personalised it which is so fun and unique! I have been wanting to have a polo with a cute sailboat ­čÖé

Supima cotton seems to be everywhere. LL Bean and Lands End both advertised it. I have decided to purchase one from LE and see how it compares to other cotton tee I have. I have┬ánot purchase from LL Bean yet but I can compare it against the ones I have from Uniglo. Definitely LE is better! I bought the supima cotton crewneck tee in white so as to see if its thick enough. The problem with white clothes nowadays are too sheer to be worn out! But I am really pleased with the quality from LE as it is not sheer at all. I cannot say the same for Uniglo. I feel that they are too thin! Oh well, that’s what you get for paying much more! If you look at the material – LE is 100% cotton whereas Uniglo is not!

Lastly, I got oxford shirt on sale. It is again very good quality and very thick!

I am rather pleased with the quality of clothes I purchased from Lands End. I would try to purchase from LL Bean next to see how they compare. In meantime, I am trying not to purchase so much from other online retailers and also retailer like uniglo as I realise some of their clothes are not as good as I thought!