Magnetic “paper” – how well they work?

Okay I backed these stuffs a while back at kickstarter. The whole process was rather smooth for me. I was able to add on without any problem (Not using hotmail, outlook etc) and received my magnetic paper just yesterday!

So today I tried them out…

Firstly I am not completely satisfied with the packaging. Since these are paper (or equivalent) products, I expected better care in handling the packaging. I expected it to be shrink-wrapped. But not only it was not shrink-wrapped, I feel like the notes are just throw into the box. There was slight damage to the corner and my orange sheet was separate into half. Other than that, they seem fine. And did they run out of tape in the warehouse? I am seriously not kidding. Every single package I received in a tube from the past years are tapped at the top because those cover? they don’t stay on. But it was not taped at all. So the cover drop off :/ there were some air cushion thingy but most of them are not cushioned properly. anyway enough of the packaging. lets move on to the product.

Magnetic board
As much as the name sounds, it does not feel like a board. It is very thin and flimsy.  It is in fact very similar to those whiteboard sticker thingy found on aliexpress etc. To get one sheet out of the tube is messy…. You would expect to damage some parts of the sheet. As a result, there are marks on the sheet!

It is unavoidable I guess. But I would recommend doing this in a large space without any wind!

I tried putting it on a wall first. (I was going to replace my DIY board). But it won’t stick. It was okay when the fan do not blow in its direction. But it drop off almost immediately whenever the fan move to its direction. I cannot adjust the situation as I would be using fan all the times. (We are in a all-summer country).

So I moved to my wardrobe which is far “cleaner” and less dusty.

I moved my fan to face it but luckily it didn’t drop off. I was happy for about 10mins….. Then a strong wind blow in that direction and it drop off…. again. Argh so I put it up again. But it drop off…again. I decided that these “board” cannot stay when wind blows. Sigh. Kinda disappointed.

Oh well, I have 14 sheets to try out again!

Magnetic notes
I bought a few of the size M and 3 in size L. I did not buy size S as they seem very small.

A compare to my regular stickies (Non Post-It) shown that the magnetic note is much better! it stayed on for a long time!

As for my other stickies – I normally have to put an extra tape. Even for Post-It!

In conclusion, out of the two products that I have tried, I would recommend the note but not so much for the board. If I have a choice, I would not buy the board again. I would stick to my DIY board (whiteboard sticker from Aliexpress pasted onto a corrugated plastic board) and use magnetic notes. 🙂


Weekly round – May & June

It should be a monthly round-up instead! I have been very very busy so I didn’t post anything in a while.

What have I been busy with?
– I was busy with planning for my trip and a company event. Coincidentally, both event are happening one after another in June. So basically when I am at work, I am busy with planning for the company event. And when I am off work, I am busy with planning for my own holiday.
June – I was out of town for nearly 9 days! I am updating on the holiday post! Then it was the company event which kept me very busy till last Friday! And…. I got to do some decluttering from this whole Pre and Post event mess.

This is an topic that I haven’t been posting about! And I feel that now is really a right time for me to start reflecting again. For the past few weeks, I must admit that I haven’t really been “minimalism”. Although I didn’t buy everything as I wanted, but I feel that I could really do much better! Especially when you are on holiday. You wouldn’t want to look at my room at the moment! It is less messy than the whole of last week. But…. I got extra stuffs I don’t need.

Moving forward, I need to step back a bit and think if the purchases are indeed needed before committing on the purchases! I should try to stop looking at shopping sites to reduce the need want to purchase!

Here’s some of my “damages” from May to June:

From Taobao
This is China brand “Hero” fountain pen which is meant for kids to practice on the writing. It was written in the listing that I got from. HAHAHA but I couldn’t resist KAWAIIIIII pens! The problem is they don’t come with ink bottle. So I will have to purchase some ink bottle…. 10 pens costs only RMB38.80 or USD6.50!

This is from another chinese brand called Lotus. It is again meant for student/kids. But…. who cares? 😛 This is a rather reputable pen manufacturer in China. So I would think that the pens are Disney-Licensed. One set cost RMB4.50 or USD0.70!

Lastly I am somehow in love with snoopy lately. So I was delighted to find some pens! This is from another china brand called M&G! One set cost RMB4.30 or USD0.69!

From Uniglo

Buying from Uniglo online is fast! Full review is posted here.

From Popbasic

Yes! It finally arrived! What could I say… except that they are so beautiful. I have never owned any silk blouse as they are usually very somehow shiny…. I love the white and strawberry one. But somehow the black one feel different :/ But it is still great. I always wanted a nice white shirt. But I couldn’t find one. Now I have one!

Buying online – Uniglo Online (Singapore)

Previously I mentioned that I prefer Uniglo clothes as compare to Cotton On. It is somewhat a understatement! I am actually quite in love with Uniglo. I don’t own many clothes from Uniglo but I am starting a collection…Of course I know I need to stop my love to prevent from buying too much stuffs and cluttering my wardrobe. Minimalism!

Why I love Uniglo clothing?
I love basic. I restricted my clothes to basic wear since a few years only. Occasionally I splurge on pattern such as polka dots or flowers. But I love basic. Since last year, I started to carefully select my clothes based on the quality, company (ethical company only) and branding. I used to love Adidas T-shirt when I was young. They are nice… but… I am starting to hate the big logo. Uniglo and Muji are just two brands who don’t put their branding on their clothes. They also have a wide variety of colours for everything – from short to camisole. They are also reasonably priced. I still buy cheap clothes… But seriously cheap clothes always come with the same problem – loose threads and quality.

Anyway somehow they begin having this wonderful online shop since…. I-don’t-know-when!
The nearest Uniglo store near my house is actually 4 train stops away! So being very busy since May, I couldn’t find time to visit the malls and shop!

Anyway since they have the online store, why not shop there instead?

#1 – You need to purchase SGD60 to qualify for free shipping! Oh well, it isn’t really that hard. I only bought 3 stuffs and it is well above SGD60.

#2 – Online shop is managed by a different entity so the price between online and the actual retail shop may not be consistent. But if you buy the “limited offer” stuffs, then I think you are somehow safe.

#3 – You can only do return via mail. It cost SGD6.00 admin fee to do that. They will deduct the cost from the refund. Which is a TERRIBLE policy 😦 What is the point of buying limited offer item. 😦

Anyway, here’s what I purchased:

Everyone who shop at Uniglo would know that you should try to be a little patience and not jump into buying things immediately. Because they will somehow be on offer at some point of the time! Wait for your dream item to be on offer and you really save! I have been eyeing at their Premium Linen collection for a LONG time. When I first saw it, it was originally priced at SGD 49.90. Although I really love the mint green dots one, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on that shirt! I wait and wait. I found out that taiwan’s Uniglo had this item on offer in May. But the offer was no longer available when I am there. Due to the exchange rate, it is still somehow cheaper to get from Taiwan’s Uniglo as compare to Singapore’s Uniglo. But I decided to wait….I am so glad that I did. Because it went on offer soon after I return. I was so delighted and decided to try their online store instead of visiting the retail shop. I do not have the time to visit anyway! After thinking and rethinking and rethinking…. basically lots of thinking, I decided to pick up another shirt in Beige. I am kind of regretted now 😛 I should have get some feminine colour like pink or coral. Cos one of my male boss have the exact same shirt :/ Although I am not intending to use this as a work shirt, it was meant for traveling. But it seems weird. anyway I wanted to return but it cost SGD6 to do so. :/ I will keep it for traveling anyway!

I am also in love with their “AIRism” range of clothes. Their camisole is the best camisole I ever wore! I purchased another one in green for nightwear.

What so good about shopping from Uniglo online? Other than the conveniences!
#1 – Fast shipping! I ordered on Sunday and my order was shipped on Monday! They uses SingPost’s SpeedPost which is not the fastest. But I was able to collect from Popstation as nobody was around to receive it. Popstation allows collection 24 hours so for busy people (like me!), you can just drop by after work.
#2 – Previously when I reviewed on Cotton On, I mentioned that they do not provide tracking code or even shipping notification which is very important for online shopping. Uniglo does provide that!
#3 – Limited offer information is clear!
Instead of walking around the store 😛 You can easily find the limited offer with just a couple of clicks.

And I love that they mentioned when the “limited offer” is till, so you ca decide if you want to buy it now or wait.

#4 – Like many online stores, there is always some kind of online exclusive offer which you can make use of.

In conclusion, I have a good experience with buying from Uniglo online and I am looking forward to my second order. The only problem I have with is their return policy. I just feel SGD6 to return something is a bit too expensive!

Buying online – Cotton On Singapore

If you lived in Singapore, chances are you know Cotton On. Even my mother and aunties buy from Cotton On. They are one of a few Australian brands that expanded to Singapore. And they are everywhere in our little sunny island!

I wouldn’t say I love Cotton On. Many of their clothes (and lingerie and shoes and bags..etc!) are made in China. I am not complaining about stuffs made in China. I do buy them. But as compare to Muji, Uniglo etc, there is a significant differences in terms of quality. I patronise Muji and Uniglo much more often. They are slightly more expensive as compare to Cotton On  as Cotton On usually have deals like 2 for $30 for flats. But, I don’t know, I just feel their clothes are slightly much better. True the clothes from Muji, Uniglo are not that lasting like lifetime. But Cotton On stuffs are just much worse. Anyway a week plus ago, I was looking at their web-store…. I was asked to go on a business trip to a resort location. I am not doing any suntanning or any beach activities. Sadly the plan has changed! But I feel like I need something beach-looking bag or shoes or something.

I looked at my bags – I don’t have anything that are of beach-y looking. Then I looked at my shoes – I do have Sunjellies which I love a lot. But my mum keep asking not to wear jellies as I have a skin irritation since last year July. I feel like she was totally right so I kinda stop wearing them for a good while and the skin irritation is on its way to recovery! So I found an perfect excuse – I need them! I went to look at Cotton On web-store as I remembered that they have a web-store.  I actually picked up some stationary and gifts during christmas last year. But it was too long and I lost my password. I was able to sign up for a new account with my gmail. Strange!

Free shipping if you purchased S$50. Just throw in some clothes and you probably will reach it within 15mins. But for me, I have to spend a long time…. as I didn’t want to buy anything extra. I could have just visit the store. But I was recovering from a bad stomaches. So I decided to continue shopping online…

The first thing I saw was…an deal that is available online only!

I was kinda into Mint lately – actually it has been a few months. But being on minimalism, I always STOP myself from getting anything at all. I ended up with only one Mint power bank, one bottle and one mint colour stationary set! Time to reward myself and finally get something in the beautiful mint colour 🙂

I didn’t hesitate and decided that this is my beach-y bag although I was thinking more of a straw bag.

Shopping at Cotton On webstore is fun as you can buy clothes (Cotton On), shoes (Rubi) and stationary (Typo) at one single website! So you can shop for pretty stationaries if you don’t want to spend too much on clothes.

What I don’t like about shopping at Cotton On:
1) There is no measurement!

I searched everywhere but couldn’t find the measurement. I don’t remember seeing this in store. So I do not know how small they are. They have a advertisement for this deal and it look in the right size. But then again, the photo could be misleading. In the end, I decided to purchase it anyway. If I really want to, I can just return as there is no measurement available in the first place!

2) Misleading pricing 
There was a sale on original ballet flat.

I added the black one into my cart

After a while, then I realise the pricing is different for the black one!

They should do what AA did!

Then it would be all clear! 😀

3) They don’t send an email to you when your order is shipped!

4) Nobody pick up their hotline. I tried calling 3-4 times throughout the day. The phone keep ringing. But nobody  pick up. I got frustrated and send an email and I got an reply within 15mins.

Here’s the rest of my orders:
I decided to get another cross body bag in brown since it was cheap 🙂 I would probably gift this away. I saw this cute coin purse in my favourite colour again! So I feel a need to get.

Cheap shoes at S$5 each!
I got an cute slip-on as this would probably useful for my upcoming trip! My original slip-on from Amazon was trashed in the rain. While I love to get a TOMS, but some part are made in leather so…
As I said earlier on, I need a beach-y shoes. I cannot wear jellies for a good while. So…this sandal would probably comes in useful.

A4 size spiral – 3 for S$10! S$7 for the faux leather ones.
Notebooks for my business trip and office uses! We only order plain spiral-bound notebook which is so boring. To be really productive, stationaries really matters!

From S$1 to S$2
Cotton On Foundation is a charity branch of Cotton On. They have really cheap accessories. I usually buy a couple of stuffs as 100% goes to the foundation. I don’t think the “snoopy” tote is licensed though. But it was only 2bucks!