Got my new planner

Hobonichi Techo (English) with Soda Dots


It took me about 55mins to place order! Originally I have a few items in my cart but like everyone else, I couldn’t check out at all due to server’s error. So in the end, I decided to keep one. After all, the planner itself is much important. The accessories would be unlikely to be sell out. That’s when I decided on get Soda Dots. Originally I couldn’t decide on Canary or Soda Dots. But I decided to get something special.. as chances are Canary would be available at Tokyu Hands. (I might get one if I do see them at Tokyu Hands.. They are not selling the covers separately but I might just use the Japanese version and give the English version to a dear friend. Or maybe I would get a Cousin for some crazy writing HAHAHA)

So after many retrying, I was finally able to check out and I was feeling sooo nervous when I check out. Because I am using an Debit Card! One of their old posts on facebook has mentioned that some Debit Cards do not work and they were not be able to help you.  But luckily I was able to check out!!



Although I was feeling very frustrated at first with Hobonichi, but I am so glad for designing the webstore for allowing people to hold their shipment. So I am going to place my accessories when the website has lesser traffic.
I also do not have any issues at all when I was going through the checking out process. I was so worried that the error is going to come back to haunt me and I have to go back to retrying.

However, I still feel that they could have prepared for it better. Their planners are getting more and more popular so…

If I wasn’t so determined to get mine, I would have given up and they will lose business from me.


I placed my accessories order too. There was abit of error but it went through!!! I could have wait for like a few days but I really just want to get it over with! Furthermore, I didn’t know when they would start shipping and I just want to get it ASAP! 😀 So my orders are all set!

Luckily it is an holiday today and I told my friends that “I am not free” as I know I would be spending my hours on this.

I guess you really need a lot of patience… to keep refreshing and re-trying!!

There is alot of angry people as they couldn’t get what they want (The bear cover and some leather covers… which I would not think of buying at all. haha!)


Carousell Negative Experience #3

Here I goes again….

So this buyer A send a chat to check for availability, condition, meetup details etc. So I replied her. She said she will let me know again. I replied and requested her to proceed on with an offer by tues for confirmation. There wasn’t any response after that. In between our last conversation and her offer, Buyer B have send an offer.  Buyer A was unhappy when she learned that and felt that I should fulfil by obligation as an seller to reserve the item for her and honor the “deal”.

So I explained to her this – If I reserved the item for her (without any offer) and rejected other potential buyers, what if she turns out to be another of those buyer who went missing? Who is going to be responsible for that? This is carousell we are talking about. There are tons of people who expressed interests and disappear! She didn’t make an offer which means I cannot give her any negative feedback if she really does go missing.

As a seller, I am only obliged to reserve the item only after I accepted an offer. In order for that to happen, the buyer have to make an offer. Her last sentence to me was “I will let you know again”. This is not a firm indication that she is interested! I could only tell that she is thinking about it and will let me know.

She claimed that I gave her an instruction to proceed with the offer by Tues so I should have at least hold on to the item until Tues. My reply to her was to make an offer BY tues. I didn’t ask her to make an offer ON tues. That’s a different thing. I didn’t stop her from making an offer earlier.  Furthermore, I said FOR a confirmation. It means a confirmation has to be made when she send an offer. It does not mean an confirmation has been send. I didn’t say I am going to reserve it. She just assumed that I will reserve the item for her.

Buying things online is the same everywhere. No matter whether you use eBay or Carousell or other platform. You want the thing, show your sincerely by making an offer. If you don’t, do not blame seller for selling it to others who have. I am there to sell things not to hold charity sale. I don’t hold on to items just because people need to think about it. I am not going to take the risk and sit around.

Carousell Negative Experience #2 

I need a tag for carousell. Why is there so much stupid people argh!

I just met one buyer who totally wasted my time. She asked about meet up.

So I have the impression that she is very interested. So we chatted on & she even say I see you tomorrow etc.

In the end, guess what?

She made an offer – $3 lower than my listed price. WTH.

If this is not wasting my time, I don’t know what it is. Please don’t confirm a meet up or express interest if you aren’t going to pay what people listed. If you want to bargain, at least do it first. Don’t waste each other’s time by going through the unnecessary chat. We are there to buy and sell not make friends.

Selling on Carousell

Selling in carousell isn’t easy. You need lots of patience. Really a lot! There’s all sort of people on carousell that will make you go insane.

Now I sell on carousell not to make extra income. I don’t care for the money. don’t get me wrong. I am not super rich. But I have a full time job which pay me decent amount of salary for survival. So I don’t care if I really sell them off or not. In fact, I list the items cos I wanted to get rid of them (MINIMALISIM!) but it is such a waste if I just throw them away.

Anyway, people get on carousell to find cheap bargain so naturally, 8 out of 10 people likes to bargain. I am not saying you can’t. But I am not like some sellers. I seldom give in.

Here’s some really nice examples of people I met on Carousell:
1) Bargain. I have people who asked about lower price. Usually I just say no. Or if I am in a super good mood, I will explain nicely that this is the best price cos I am selling at a big loss (most of the times, I forgot the actual price so I just price it based on memory. Hey I been buying things off the internet since 2000!) But I really hate people who just simply offer an price without asking. It is like slapping your face and say oops sorry. So I usually I just declined (almost immediately) and ignored their requests for photos. I don’t know about other people. But I never like to deal with this people because they obviously do not want to spend that amount of money on that item yet they wanted to get. And they usually send an offer for 50% lesser. NEVER. I am not going to let you be the new owner! My things have feeling you know!
2) People who asked to meet at their own convenience. I listed the meet up areas in my profile clearly. Funny how people think that seller should meet them at their own convenience places just because we are at their mercy (I want your money! I will go anywhere you wanted!). But me? No way I am doing that. I rather throw my things into the bin then going all the way to the East to meet someone  just to earn $20?  HA!
3) People who don’t read.
Listing name – Blah blah grey blah. Picture show a grey bag.
Received a message what colour? I wanted to say are you blind? Then there are people who asked about things that are posted in the listing. Read people read. If i wanted to buy something, I would read and make sure I have all the information. Which makes me thinks these people are just pathetic cos they are spending their hours surfing for something to buy. Usually I go to search for specific items. Like yesterday I tried to see if anyone was selling Hobonichi (!!! I want this next year. Next year planner!!).
4) people who argued with me. I posted a listing for a random grab bag for a collectible – something I used to collect. I decided to go by grab bags cos I wanted to get rid off of them. And this is easiest cos I bought them so long ago that I couldn’t remember what I have. Then a collector argued with me and saying that it will deplete the value and demand for picture. I told her this is how i work and you can get lost if you don’t like. (Of cos I put in the nicer way!).
5) People who asked if I have other sizes or colours. I know a lot of people listed pre-order stuffs on carousell. Honestly they are just from Taobao or Aliexpress. Get your hands moving and buy from the china seller instead. But it is kinda obvious what is not right. So I am always bewildered when someone asked for other sizes or colours. It is not like I would buy something just to sell to them again…
6) People who said I am interested and disappear after that. Ya, I think they got abducted by alien!! I should be nice to them as they been through alot. But I usually just block them.
7) People who don’t understand about things in general. I wrote about this before. Some kids (Yes I think its a kid. there is only one explanation) have only a budget of $10 to get a hand craved pottermore wand. This irritates me because you cannot even get a plastic wand for $10.
8) People who are lazy to conduct their own research. For some things, I don’t write information such as measurement etc. e.g. a baggu backpack as they are listed everywhere. If I really interested in it, I would go on google and find out the information. Like that time I purchased a lootcrate sock, I went online and searched for the measurement although the seller don’t list it. Cos I am interested. Which make me feels some people are just looking for things to buy. Pathetic.

Thank you for standing up on me!

Someone just stood me up again. That’s second time this week!
What is wrong with people? Why can’t they just inform beforehand?

First case, I arranged for lunch with a colleague informally. We were chatting online in the morning. In fact, we were chatting all the way till lunch. She indicated lunch is still on by saying “talk more during lunch”. Then by lunch, I went to the washroom and met her department colleague who told me that they are going to pack for lunch. I was bewildered but at the same time, I thought she will still go ahead and eat with me at the staff cafeteria like what we arranged (I usually bring my lunch).

But after 10 mins, there isn’t any message from her so I decided to go and have lunch alone! After 2 hours or so of silence, I decided to “confront” her and told her to inform me beforehand if she has any change of plan.

Originally she only replied “yes” as she didn’t realise I was mad. But I ignored her when I saw her at the photocopier machine so I guess she realised that she has made me angry. I mean who likes to be stood up by others? Nobody likes that feeling.

Then she messaged me with her explanation. She claimed that I didn’t message her and she would eat with me if I message her. And she wanted to have lunch with that colleague of her since she is leaving.

Excuse me? The lunch was arranged. And you are the one who changed your mind! So what is got to do with me? I know she mean no harm and may not genuinely realise that she done something wrong. But she has to realise that when a lunch is arranged, it is firm no matter whether I message her or not. I am not saying she cannot change her mind or plan. All I needed is to be informed beforehand. It isn’t hard to send an message to keep me updated honestly.

Second case that happened today… We arranged to meet up today. Usually I will asked for a timing. But this friend is kinda special – We always have impromptu meet up and cancellation so we usually don’t set a firm timing. I don’t actually feel that well last night. Wake up and feeling better.. But since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I didn’t manage to do much yesterday. But anyway I thought that I can stay in if she don’t send me any message. But at 9am, I couldn’t bear it anymore as I wanted to go bath. I usually bath in the morning before I start my day even if I am staying in. So she told me she will meet me next week as she is going to her bro’s house. I was like what? If I don’t message her, I would never know?

I deleted my imgur account today

So I wanted to post pictures to Reddit.. after reading that you should uploaded on Imgur, I uploaded (like what I always do on Photobucket) the image & post. Today I log on my imgur and I received 6 vote down. WTH? And some guy showing a imgur post on how to post my photo properly. Apparently these people feel my photo are personal and shouldn’t be in “public”.  Whatever and how did it get into “public” stream I have no idea. I just upload like what I would have done on Photobucket.

Come on, I was just trying to host the photo and share it on Reddit. Do you have to judge and promote “negative”?

I don’t understand why they should vote up or down anyway… this is not a social site! If it’s a image hosting site then it shouldn’t have the vote function. A proper image hosting site like Photobucket should let people upload their photos and full stop.

So since I couldn’t agree with how imgur operated, I deleted my account and the app.

Wands are expensive

I don’t want to be mean. But honestly, some people are just so ridiculous!

So I posted an advertisement asking if anyone is interested in getting their Pottermore wands. I am getting someone in US to crave it from wood and it takes few weeks blah blah

Someone responded and show me her pottermore wand and ask for quotation. I asked her what is her budget?
She told me she is fine with anything below $10.
I mean come on….Are you kidding me?
I told her “you can’t even get a plastic wand with that amount“…Which so true.
Whether it’s licensed or non-licensed wand, even the plastic wands will cost more than 10bucks.
This is wood. real wood.
what do you expect?
I am pretty sure I mentioned the part about hand making by hand. What? You think you can just pick a branch from the park and make it into a wand?
And I am quite sure 10bucks can’t  even pay for the shipping. Honestly.

I mean it’s fine if you can’t afford it etc. But you have to realistic right. If you can’t afford it, then don’t even ask. Time waster. I blocked her immediately.