Minimalism update

Today I done some organisation/minimalsim so I thought I would write up. It has been a long time since I did anything major. Recently I was sick for 2 months. So during my down time, I realise that I STILL have too much stuffs and I am not really using some stuffs. So I have been wanting to re-start my organisation/minimalism project. I am far from what I wanted to achieve but I am working towards there.

So I went through my wardrobe + cupboards and throw away some stuffs. I also threw away stuffs I no longer used – an product of a Kickstarter project that I have supported (GREAT product but I get an headache from using it!) + some clothes, hobbies that I am no longer interested in – collecting miniature, analogue photography. It was a painful to remove them as although I do not spend time with them anymore, but I did invest my money in it. But in the end, I decided to take the plunge. And I feel….. so good!

So here is what I have learnt:
– THINK before investing into a new hobby. I am a Gemini which means I am always looking to try new things. It was really bad in the past but it get better these days. I am constantly reminding myself to be commit to the hobbies that I truly love.
– THINK before purchasing anything. I only buy things I really need and I will wait. Like recently, I am planning a trip to Korea so I need some winter clothings. I think through a few times before committing to get some things.
– Get QUALITY product if need to replace. Instead of buying something cheap that required replacement or duplicate because it doesn’t work that well, buy a quality product.
– Don’t get attached to things. Recently I have a conversation with a colleague. She asked me if I keep my paper planners (I used one every year). I said yes. Today, I realise that there is no point of keeping them if I don’t refer to them anymore. I threw away 3 of them. I would probably keep my hobonichi (the paper planner for this year) because I wrote a lot of stuffs in it. But the key point is try not to keep things because of the fond memories

After today, I would continue to organise further… There is still so much to be done!


28 July 2018

I decided to write an post as I have some time to kill before my nieces and nephew are here!

I finally gotten one! I have been thinking about getting one for 2 years! I finally decided to get because I am on this health programme with my insurer to clock in steps each day to get voucher. I can also clock in using my iPhone but it is very tiring to carry my phone everywhere I goes. I feel that it is not as accurate as well. Having a watch on my wrist is much easier. I was very wary of getting smartwatch after my encounter with Pebble. Never never get tech stuffs from startup company. I thought they were quite solid but it turns out to be… sigh I don’t even want to think about the amount that I have spend on this company. So I waited for 2 years before I was really sure about this.

So I purchased an Atla HR. It was an older model but I learnt from my past when dealing with Pebble is never get an expensive one. My main focus is anyway to clock in steps so I don’t need a lot of function.

I decided to get black although its boring. But its much cheaper. Again, never pay extra for special or limited edition. haha.

I purchased third party strap from aliexpress for USD3. Introduced to an fellow colleague. She say its fake. I was like so what lol. Honestly, nobody really cares if your strap is real or not. I mean as long as the watch is real right. I used third party strap all the times… even back in those Pebbles days. There is no right or wrong in this. You can get any handphone covers. Why do you have to restrict yourselves on your watch strap choice? Duh. And she complained the real strap is expensive. You think the real one is expensive and the third party one is fake. Then what do you want?

Okay, for my goal of 10K everyday, I have been doing well for the past 4 days. Lol. But its weekend. I charged up my Fitbit (just got it yesterday) and clock in much lesser today. But its good as I am being reminded to walk every now and then.

I decided to give up my plan to minimise books LOL. I mean I do borrow from the library or read e-books. But I decided not to restrict myself from buying books. But I would buy only books that I am really sure on! I purchased Marie Kondo’s book recently even though I have read it before. I know that I would refer to this book very often. So I decided to purchase it.

I am currently organisation my DVD/CD. I threw all of my VCD collection. It was a good decision because I would never play them again. I throw away some DVDs and CD casing… leaving only the disc itself. And I organised them into CD pouches. I haven’t buy DVD and CD for like a long time. Whenever possible, I purchase them on iTune instead. 🙂

Then, as usual, I am trying to reduce my stationaries. I “donated” some parts of it to my nieces by putting them in the common area for them to use when they comes over. Other than that, I would try to use them as much as possible.

I minimise my wardrobe every now and then. Of course, I have tried to avoid purchasing  whenever possible.

Will be continuing to work on this.

Completed my first audiobook

Three days ago, while recovering (I am still recovering but adjusting much better!) from an eye surgery, I decided to try out an audiobook because I was bored lol
I have to limit my time on electronic devices and television.

I borrowed Murder on the Orient Express originally. But the accent was bit hard to understand but its a great audiobook – there’s sounds etc!

So I looked for another audiobook – I ended up with small great things.
Originally, I lost myself in some parts… I just couldn’t catch up with one of narrators. But after switching to mobile, it was much better.

Do I enjoyed audiobooks? Well, it really helps me while recovering from my eye surgery. But I feel that the time needed is simply too long. I got bit impatient at the end… maybe because I am a fast reader and it takes less than the time to get a book done. So I could have spend lesser time if I read them instead. But it is definitely a good way to let my eyes rest. I might use it again seeing that my local library let me check out audiobooks electronically!

Terrible experience with opening an bank account with OCBC

As part of my job, I get to hear some foreigner employees complained about the difficulties in getting an bank account.

I never thought that it would be equally difficult for an citizen!

Recently I thought of opening an new bank account for no particular reason at all! I always put all my money in the same bank but I think I shouldn’t do that anymore..

Anyway I decided to open up OCBC 360 account because I saw many people using it!

I went online and fill up an application. Shortly, I have received an acknowledgement email.

So I send in the document as per request.

After 1 weeks plus, I still didn’t hear anything so I called the CS.

CS 1 – told me that there is no record of my application. Then why is there an acknowledgement email? Told me to re-apply online. If the same issue happens, they will check with their IT. Why can’t you check with your IT because uhh obviously there is an problem.

Being an demanding customer (at the right situation), I wrote an complaint online!

CS 2 – tried to explain the situation and asked me go down to their branch to apply because I’m not an existing customer.

So obviously I didn’t want to do that because

1) I applied online for convenience sake. I do not want to go to the branch and waste my time.

2) he is basically like telling me you are not our customer so..

3) I have filled up my application online. Why is it so difficult to retrieve it?

So I told him never mind I will find another bank to set up my account with.

Today I received this letter in the mail. Obviously the person who processed it didn’t know what is going on. All my bills are electronic hello?! How would I be able to submit original when I didn’t even get the original? Hello?!

And again OCBC showed me again they do not care about potential customer cos I’m being asked me to re-apply again which I will not waste my time on!! Goodbye! I have applied for an UOB account!!!

22 April 2018

Some updates 🙂

Lasik Surgery
Yes, I am going for the surgery soon!
Why I choose to do it now? It has been on my mind for years. I never have the time, money or courage to go ahead with one until this year. So I just decided to take a big step ahead.
It is bit scary thinking about it… I am quite nervous that I couldn’t sleep well for a couple of night last week. 😛 But I keep telling myself that its a quick and painless technology. That’s another reason why I wanted to go ahead with the surgery. Because the technology is much much better now. I will write up on this after my experience!

I am putting my minimalism project onto a hold. Because I am going to have surgery soon. So I decided not to do any major tidying or organisation work for the next 3-4 months at least. I am also facing some challenges. I lived with my family. So my mum discourages me to throw furniture even though I really want to throw one cupboard out for some extreme minimalism. But the other way is probably to get rid of my stuffs until I do not need the cupboard. So I can convince my mum that I need to throw it away. I am also lack of inspiration on what I should be doing next. I changed my shopping habit. But I still have so much stuffs 😮 anyway, I decided to read marie kondo for inspirations like finally! I keep telling myself not to stress over this too much because its not good for me 😮 sometimes I spend my afternoon thinking about my cluttered-free room and get stress up un-necessary. Although it’s achievable, but this could only happen few years down the road.

I finally completed one book! I have been really slack in my reading for a couple of years. I know its bad but I hope I can do better this year.
Recently I just discovered my local library have a e-book system!! Which means I can borrow e-books and read on my MacBook. Its bad for the eye but good for my pocket. 😀
As part of the minimalism goals, I am NOT buying physical books as much. I would only buy books that I know I would keep and love for many years. But e-books aren’t exactly cheap either. But anyway, I anticipate that I am going to use the library more often. I am currently reading Marie Kondo 😀 So hoping that I get some ideas & continue the journey after my short hiatus 😀

I love my Hobonichi Techo. I suspect this is the only planner I am going to use for the rest of my life! But I find myself getting slack in this too. I am not exactly creative so I still not using stuffs like tapes, stamps etc although I own some. I am aiming to start using them. Oh yeah, I reduced my “craft” collection seeing that I would not be using all of them anyway. I still have far too much stationary though. Yay for some minimalism efforts.

FieldNotes subscription
The good: You get limited edition stuffs and it is really worth it. I pay only 10bucks for international shipping and it covers all the shipments (4 of them!). You get extra stuffs sometimes.
The bad: I am usually “spoiled” before I get the stuffs because international shipping is so long. So its not really surprise. There is no auto-renewal so you have to subscribe to it again.
It’s not too bad if you are re-thinking. I am re-thinking and will not have plan to re-subsribe because the drawers where I put my new notebooks is full! I also don’t have much use for it yet.

Other stuffs
I am happy to read such news! Too bad for the person who got caught. But I really hate when consumers are being cheated. In some cases, seller claimed that they are authentic when they are not. Although this could be avoided if consumers do a proper research, but its very unethical for the seller to be making money by claiming that they are authentic. So I strongly feel that these sellers should be punished. I hope the e-commerce site like Qoo10, Lazada could really take this seriously! I tried telling them about the obvious fake longchamp bags but they only tell me that they will direct to the relevant department. And they are still promoting them! Terrible!


The ONE pencil case?

Like pens & notebooks, I am a little obsessed with pencil case. Trying to find the one that I really love.
However, I have yet to find my real love.

Muji PP Pencil Case


This pencil case is my childhood dream. Ever since I saw a classmate using it, I wanted it! I didn’t buy back then because Muji was sooo expensive during that time and Muji wasn’t that common back now. Now they have 8-9 stores!

Now I have 2 of them. I couldn’t really tell this differences. But I remember my first one (a few years ago) was made in Japan but the second one is made in China. In fact, they no longer have the made in Japan version in store. They do have a bigger version which is made in Japan.

They fulfilled my childhood dream of owning it. I like that its simple and durable. But of course it’s too small to hold more stuffs. Being a stationary nerd, it is too small for my daily use!

Handmade Dusty Pink Dots Pouch (Etsy)

I have mentioned a few times that I am obsessed with Handmade stuffs because they ate unique and tends to last longer. I fall in love with this design because its so simple and classic.  The original picture was much nicer with a mint green zipper. That was another reason why I choose to buy it. However, as the seller have switched to a white zipper, it wasn’t as nice now. It was also too big for a pencil pouch HAHA. I don’t carry so THAT much pens. So the pouch is being used as a pouch to carry lipbalm, tissues etc.

Handmade Nautical Pouch (Local market)

Another handmade pouch. I came across this while shopping around at the local market. I was able to choose the fabric. Being obsessed with anything nautical, I choose this pouch. It was my love for 4-5 months. I would have continue using it but there is too much pilling! So I have to switch around with others.

Adidas Original Nylon Pouch

A few years ago, I was very very obsessed with Adidas due to an influence from a good friend of mine. I was delighted to see a pencil pouch (being a student back now. I needed one). So I purchased it without hesitation. I don’t keep much adidas stuffs anymore. But this one of the few items that I kept. I must say that this is really one of the most lasting stuffs I have. The only thing I didn’t like about this pouch is the lack of support. It is too soft and too dull.

LootCrate Harry Potter “Azakan” Pouch

This is one of the rare things I find useful in the LC. Most of them are quite rubbish :/ which is why I have unsubscribed it. Well, I don’t find the designing appealing. But since I have paid for it, I will be using it every now and then.

AliExpress Pencil Pouch

I introduced this previously. I am using this as my “home” pouch because it is easily to transport pens if I need to do some writing at my living room. I don’t expect this pencil pouch to last very long so I invest in a cheaper pouch online.

Well, although it seems like I do have a few pencil pouch, but I have not find one that I really love.

On the wish-list

Field Note Zipped Case

I just love how it can be displayed into a tray and I love anything from Field Note!

Kokuyo Neo Critz Pencil Case


I love this when I first saw at Tokyu hands. But its very pricey. So I decided not to buy yet.

Taobao A6 cover review 

Today I’m going to review on alternate hobonichi covers from Taobao!

So instead of buying an second cover from Hobonichi, I decided to get one from Taobao. After shipping, it cost about USD12. Since it wasn’t that cheap, I limited myself to getting only one! There wasn’t much choices as what I expected. I was looking for basic colours. But there isn’t a suitable one which is not leather. So I ended up buying only one as I probably won’t change the cover as much as I would. 

I pick this because I really like the color combo and it’s abit glittery. My ideal cover is very colourful – something like thank you all. But I haven’t manage to find an ideal one.  So the cover is much harder than hobonichi’s and the inner is very very smooth. Not sure what material they used.. but it’s definitely not leather. Other than that, the compartment are very similar…

Since I have not use both, I have no feedbacks on how good they are in term of quality haha! 

I also purchased an cover on cover… they have really nice design. I purchased the firework design as I thought it would look nice on the cover that I picked.