18 June 2017

Wow it has been so long again!!

I tried posting a few times but the post somehow seems to be stuck at “draft” like forever. ¬†But anyway, It is high time that I try to post something again….

Random stuffs that probably do not make sense to anyone but me ūüôā
1) Work is fine. But I am feeling a bit stressful… But I hope it would ease up next week.
2) I (finally) cancelled my subscription to both LootCrate & GeekGear. I skipped the renewal for GG. But I am quite sure that I would cancel it eventually. I received way too much shirts & they are not useful to me as I don’t wear shirts as much nowadays! It is just wasting space in my wardrobe. Another problem with them is the quality of the items. So far, I am not very impressed with any of them. GG is generally better but I felt the value is just not quite there since I paid so much for shipping. The desire to own more HP-related merchandise was a lot less strong now. ¬†WELL, I still have not get my illustrated books. So I would probably save up for that instead ūüôā
3) I am watching an old show from Hong Kong’s TVB. Really old. Like 10 years old. So from watching the show, I realise that I have forgotten the joy of going to the shopping malls to shop. The characters in the show likes to shop in a physical mall as technology wasn’t so advance back then. I have mentioned that I tends to avoid shopping malls as I didn’t want to buy things that I don’t use. And I am such a avid online shopper – I even buy my stationaries online! But as my mindset begin to change, I would be able to resist temptations to buy things that I do not need. I am able to walk through the shopping mall without buying anything! So it is no longer a “threat” to me. Now I enjoy walking shopping malls whenever I need to buy something. Perhaps It is better to feel and touch the product before buying.
4) So in the recent weeks, I have been discovering Happiness through Action for Happiness. I quite enjoy the course as it bring new perspectives to things. One particular thing that I have learned is meditation. It is something I never thought of doing or thinking about. Perhaps I would plan my time and incorporate it into my daily life!
5) I finally found an alternative to Kikki K’s 365! Despite being so in love with Kikki K’s stuffs, but I couldn’t bear to spend much there as they are very expensive. I mean I love stationaries but spend $20-$30 on a notebook is insane! So I found an cheaper alternative from Taobao (of course!). So once it arrive, I would do what I have been wanted to do…. Journaling everyday!
6) I have been trying (and unsuccessfully) to wake up early… hmm I read that it is important to do some exercise before you start your day. I have been feeling less energetic for the past couple of weeks. In fact, I have slept earlier than I usually do. I suspected that it is due to the fact that I am not as active as I should be.
Nevertheless, I have made a point to walk back home from the train station after work. So I am walking for about 15mins each day. I am happy with the achievement. But I hoping to do more.
7) My spend tracking has failed. But then, I barely spend much these days…
8) Now for my favourite topic… As always, I would try to minimise as much as I could. It works at times but it doesn’t work at times. Of course, I always train myself to differentiate with “need” and “want”. Ultimately, it is only things that I need should be purchased. But then it isn’t an easy tasks since buying things online is so easy ūüė¶ I am also actively clearing my wardrobes… so if there is any thing that I no longer want, I would throw away. And I really need to keep an wishlist!
9) How can I forget to mention this!!! Downton Abbey Exhibition!!! Yes I am such a big fan!!! I purchased the tickets on the first day when it has started selling… I am going next Monday!! I am super excited (of course)…. ¬†ūüėÄ





Why I prefer buying clothes online

Purchasing new clothes has always been an simple and happy process. Usually I prefer to buy them online to prevent any hassle. If I do visit the store, I would usually buy clothes that do not require fitting like T-shirt etc. Sizing is not a huge issue. Mainly due to the fact that I am petite so I would just purchase the smallest size.

Last week, my mum suggested that we should visit the department store to try some dress. I was searching for a new dress for my brother’s wedding in June. Yesterday was an holiday so we took some time to visit the department store. My mum told me to try fitting in them before purchasing. I thought that it was a good idea since the amount I spend on it would not be cheap. I would want to be able to fit in them and look nice!

So I walked around and took 3-4 dress to try them on. On the second round, something happened….

We were waiting patiently outside for the two teenagers inside to finish. They were taking their own sweet time. They went in straightaway after I came out for the first round. But after we found 3 dresses to try for the second round, they were still inside. And after that, we waited for like 20 mins. Finally they came out and we went in. I tried on the dresses. And was almost deciding on one piece.¬† Then someone attempted to open the door even though they knew that we were inside. I was almost done… so we ignored them and packed up. Then someone KNOCKED the door! WTF. I was super super pissed off. I came outside and we showed our black face. One of the ladies in the queue told me that “sorry, we were just checking.” What the heck you need to check? I am trying on clothes! I need to take off my clothes and try them on. It takes time to put them on and look at how I look from different angles etc.¬† WTF.

If you are so impatient and couldn’t wait for people to finish, then don’t come to the department store on a holiday/weekend to try clothes. It is obvious that there will be crowd and you need to wait for your turn. Not everyone is ultra rich and can afford everything they like!

Furthermore, we didn’t take a long time. As compared to the two teenagers that went in before us, we took only like 10 mins?! It is reasonable considering that we were trying on 3 different dresses. I don’t know what is the motive of this person who knocked on the door. But she obviously is selfish and think about only herself. It is sad and pathetic that such people existed in this world. I was so pissed off that I shouted loudly “don’t want to¬† buy” to my mum and we stormed off.¬† I threw my shopping bag to the rack and went out of the store. I was in such a foul mood that I told my mum to go home. I no longer have the mood to look for clothes anymore. I cannot even try on my clothes with peace!

I hope after this incident, this person could reflect on herself! Not only her action has bought upon unhappiness to my shopping trip, but she has shown others how selfish and rude she is!

Back to shopping online!

Why is Sat the most important day for me?

A friend commented that she notice that I am seldom “online” on WhatsApp & reply to WhatsApp messages from most Fridays¬†till Sundays. It is true that I kinda have that habit established to I avoid social chatting as much as I can during that¬†period.

Firstly, I hate “chatting” on WhatsApp. Gone were the days that we were actively chatting online. MSN. Whatever. Now I am all grown up. I have much more important things to do. ¬†Spending time chit chatting (on text) was never my kind of thing. Although I did have a period that I did like to chit chat with a friend… Well, she was the one who keep sending me messages. But I realise it is time wasting. Before you knew it, you have spend 1-2 hours “chatting” and you haven’t do anything else.

Secondly, I like to be productive. So… my weekends are busy with tasks, to-do etc. Hence, Saturday becomes the most important day for me for the week.

Even though I get home much earlier after I changed my job last Oct. But still, I don’t get much done. Decluttering on a weekday evening? Yeah, that’s would be so fun! After I came home, I have dinner, then bath, then I just do not want to be involve in tasks that will cause me to feel sweaty. So I seldom do decluttering on weekdays. In fact, sometimes my room is in a huge mess until Saturday. Oops, I know. I shouldn’t have leave it till Saturday. But I just don’t want to take that risk. So Saturday is the best time to organise, declutter & minimise! I usually wake up about 9am or earlier and spend the rest of the day doing some awesome like decluttering etc. As much I love being outside having fun, but I realise that my priority is to focus on what is more important. Well of course sometimes I do have to be out. So, I switch around and work on it on Sunday instead. Nevertheless, Saturday is still important. That friend of mine made an decision 2 weeks ago which I never understand. She told her boss that she will go back to work on Saturday to replace one of the day where there was an shutdown. Why would you want to work on Saturday? Saturday is not about having your well-deserved rest and fun. It is also on the days that we can spend on doing things we never have the time to do on weekdays. If I work on Saturday, it means that I have no time¬†again as Sunday are dedicated for reading, watching movies etc. ¬†For e.g. yesterday I worked on a task that I keep delaying… I finally “declutter” my MacBook Pro!! It took me 8-9 hours. So if I didn’t have the Saturday, then I wouldn’t have the time as I wouldn’t feel like doing such a tedious task on Sunday. This is especially so if I have only Sunday to rest.


Asendia’s slow delivery

Well, just when I thought I-Parcel is very slow…. Then came Asendia. I never heard of Asendia but apparently, LootCrate uses them. So after bugging the CS for my wizarding crate’s tracking (I STILL HAVE NOT GET IT!!), I realise it is deliver by Asendia…

There was something wrong with the tracking though… the tracking URL provided by LC do not show much…

But I was able to see more in the main tracking page.


So it IS stuck at the destination country since 9 days ago!

I called the local office up and they told me that they are not the one doing the delivery. WHAT? It does not make sense. Anyway, they said that the local post is doing the delivery and ask me to wait further. o__o

This is terrible because nobody seems to know where the parcel gone to! At least I-Parcel was able to track…

I-Parcel Review

I have no idea who own this company. From googling, it seems to be link to UPS.

But I was told by the tracking that the local carrier WMG is in charge of delivery. I recieved an text on Wednesday. It is from another company by the name of iCommerce. So I guess the actual delivery is done by iCommerce. I am not sure if iCommerce is related to WMG or UPS. It could be related to WMG since they are both local company.

I don’t know what happened as I-parcel used to be deliver by SingPost if I didn’t remember wrongly. I know many people have negative experiences¬†SingPost’s delivery. But I seldom have problem with them. The thing that I like about SingPost’s delivery is that you can easily collect the parcel from the Post Office. Furthermore, the locker collection that they have set up makes things even more convenience.

So I received an sms told me that I am expecting my parcel to be delivered¬†on Wednesday. But when I reach home, there wasn’t any parcel?! And there wasn’t any note. My parents¬†wasn’t working on that day so they¬†were in the house most of the times.

After calling the CS up the next day, she could only inform me that it is back at their warehouse due to fail delivery. She couldn’t give an explanation why it was failed and she told me she could only arrange it for delivery tomorrow. WHAT?

Why was the parcel back on their warehouse and not on delivery? It is upsetting how irresponsible this company is! I understand these couriers have a lot of parcels to be delivered. I totally understand that they are overloaded sometimes and cannot make the delivery within the day. But shouldn’t my undelivered parcel be their priority and they SHOULD attempt the delivery again the next day? ¬†If I don’t call, does it mean the parcel is going to stay in the warehouse until next week?

And that was not the end. So since they choose not to deliver on the day that there are people at home. I requested them to deliver in the evening. Their delivery man called me and asked if he can make the delivery now. I told him that I need to call my house. I couldn’t hear him properly but he did mentioned that I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving the parcel at ____ right (unfortunately I couldn’t hear that word well). For a couple of years, many local couriers likes to leave parcels at shoe cabinets, electricity box etc. Naturally many people who unhappy about it as most people stay at flats/apartments so anyone have the access to these places as they are public. The company that started all these stopped their courier from practising these. So, I am really surprise if he wanted to suggest that.

Fortunately, the parcel is from Amazon! One thing I learnt about my experiences with Amazon is that they do listen to customers. The last time I complained about another courier and they actually did made an improvement. So yeah, I am going to send in an feedback.

Selling on Carousell

Selling in carousell isn’t easy. You need lots of patience. Really a lot! There’s all sort of people on carousell that will make you go insane.

Now I sell on carousell not to make extra income. I don’t care for the money. don’t get me wrong. I am not super rich. But I have a full time job which pay me decent amount of salary for survival. So I don’t care if I really sell them off or not. In fact, I list the items cos I wanted to get rid of them (MINIMALISIM!) but it is such a waste if I just throw them away.

Anyway, people get on carousell to find cheap bargain so naturally, 8 out of 10 people likes to bargain. I am not saying you can’t. But I am not like some sellers. I seldom give in.

Here’s some really nice examples of people I met on Carousell:
1) Bargain. I have people who asked about lower price. Usually I just say no. Or if I am in a super good mood, I will explain nicely that this is the best price cos I am selling at a big loss (most of the times, I forgot the actual price so I just price it based on memory. Hey I been buying things off the internet since 2000!) But I really hate people who just simply offer an price without asking. It is like slapping your face and say oops sorry. So I usually I just declined (almost immediately) and ignored their requests for photos. I don’t know about other people. But I never like to deal with this people because they obviously do not want to spend that amount of money on that item yet they wanted to get. And they usually send an offer for 50% lesser. NEVER. I am not going to let you be the new owner! My things have feeling you know!
2) People who asked to meet at their own convenience. I listed the meet up areas in my profile clearly. Funny how people think that seller should meet them at their own convenience places just because we are at their mercy (I want your money! I will go anywhere you wanted!). But me? No way I am doing that. I rather throw my things into the bin then going all the way to the East to meet someone  just to earn $20?  HA!
3) People who don’t read.
Listing name – Blah blah grey blah. Picture show a grey bag.
Received a message what colour? I wanted to say are you blind? Then there are people who asked about things that are posted in the listing. Read people read. If i wanted to buy something, I would read and make sure I have all the information. Which makes me thinks these people are just pathetic cos they are spending their hours surfing for something to buy. Usually I go to search for specific items. Like yesterday I tried to see if anyone was selling Hobonichi (!!! I want this next year. Next year planner!!).
4) people who argued with me. I posted a listing for a random grab bag for a collectible – something I used to collect. I decided to go by grab bags cos I wanted to get rid off of them. And this is easiest cos I bought them so long ago that I couldn’t remember what I have. Then a collector argued with me and saying that it will deplete the value and demand for picture. I told her this is how i work and you can get lost if you don’t like. (Of cos I put in the nicer way!).
5) People who asked if I have other sizes or colours. I know a lot of people listed pre-order stuffs on carousell. Honestly they are just from Taobao or Aliexpress. Get your hands moving and buy from the china seller instead. But it is kinda obvious what is not right. So I am always bewildered when someone asked for other sizes or colours. It is not like I would buy something just to sell to them again…
6) People who said I am interested and disappear after that. Ya, I think they got abducted by alien!! I should be nice to them as they been through alot. But I usually just block them.
7) People who don’t understand about things in general. I wrote about this before. Some kids (Yes I think its a kid. there is only one explanation) have only a budget of $10 to get a hand craved pottermore wand. This irritates me because you cannot even get a plastic wand for $10.
8) People who are lazy to conduct their own research. For some things, I don’t write information such as measurement etc. e.g. a baggu backpack as they are listed everywhere. If I really interested in it, I would go on google and find out the information. Like that time I purchased a lootcrate sock, I went online and searched for the measurement although the seller don’t list it. Cos I am interested. Which make me feels some people are just looking for things to buy. Pathetic.

THE handbag

I was watching an rewiew video on YouTube last week. Then, I have a sudden realisation that I have been purchasing the wrong bag!

When I purchased a bag in the past, I am typically¬†attracted to designs or brands. I never thought of functionality much. Sure, a couple of compartments sounds great but I pretty much don’t care!

But this is so wrong. I need those functionality bags with all those compartment and organsiers! especially one that allows me to store my pens properly!

My little problem is this. I always carried a stationary pouch last time. But since I do not go to classes anymore and my travelling journey is cut short by half, I didn’t want to bring a¬†stationary pouch. So I tried to bring a pen or two. I stored them in my pouch – along with tissues, lip balm etc. And I kinda forget that they exist as I have plenty of pens when I reach work. So in the end, I gave up bringing them. I don’t really need to write anything while I am traveling to work cos the journey is really short. But if I need to write something, then I don’t have a pen! Being a stationary geek, I need to have¬†a pen with me all the times!

Beside that, someone used to comment I have way too much pouch in my bags. I am a pouch person cos I need to organise my stuffs!

So yeah, I need that kind of bag.

The bag that I was watching in the YouTube video is Handbag of Holding from ThinkGeek. I was attracted by the many compartments. So dead useful for people like me. But I wasn’t fan of the colour! Although the material made it so easy to put on buttons and pins which I wanted to do to one of my lovely bags! Beside this is a old model. They just update the Bag of Holding so I will wait to see if there is any update to this?!

In the end, I picked something from Baggallini due to the highly positive reviews I read online.

So time to say goodbye to those bags that have the “look” but no real “functionality”.