Blacklist – Bath and Body Works

For years, I enjoyed online shopping especially on US websites.  Most of the websites provided great customer service. As such it contributed directly to a positive shopping experience and definitely I would want to shop from them again.

Sometimes, I ship directly to my home. But most of the times, I uses an forwarder as it is more cost saving for me. It is simply because they have a cheaper rate. I am sure any smart shopper like me will choose to use a forwarder!

For years, I never have any problems with my choice of using an forwarder until very recently.

My ex-colleague is a huge fan of Bath and Body Works. Hence, she asked me to ship some products for her. Yes, we do have Bath and Body Works here. But the price is so ridiculous expensive, just like VS, A&F, AE etc.

So we decided to buy online and ship it to my forwarder. Because it is cheaper!

There are a few items missing from my parcel. So I wrote to Bath and Body Works to complain and request for my refund.

I was disappointed to learn that they have this strange clause in their policy that they are no longer responsible for any missing items send to forward. This is absurd!

1) I never have any problem with any other online website. When I have missing items, I report and they process my refund. So I do not know why this particular company likes to operate differently! From what I know, none of the online websites that I have purchased from have this problem with forwarder.

2) International customers love forwarder because it is more cost saving. By having such policy in place, they are pushing away their international customer which is so dumb.  You do not need an Business degree to know this – You never push away any customers. Yes, It may not happen. But I shipped my Lands End and LL Bean parcels to them and shipped BABW twice to them. And guess what? The BABW parcels were the ones with the problems. Twice. The first time, a couple of items were replaced so I didn’t really care. But this time round, I was being charged for things that I didnt receive.So clearly, somehow their shipping department are the one that are not up to standard!

3) It is simply unethical for them not to claim responsibility for customer’s order. I ordered from them. I paid them. So why they are not responsible? I have missing items. They charged me. Why would I not get back the refund? Why should I pay for items that I didn’t receive? By shuffling responsibilities conveniently to an third party forwarder show how this company are like. Irresponsible!

4) Forwarder is just forwarder. They ship your parcels for you and charge you shipping fee. They earned by getting the profit from shipping. They run a ethical and honest business just like everyone else. There is no reason for them to rip open customer’s parcels and steal body lotions from customers! Anything not receive by me is missing from the parcel which is because they didn’t receive it!

5) There is a reason why companies like Amazon, LL Bean and Lands End are in top when it comes to customer service. I shopped from the three companies all the times and have experienced great customer service.
– Amazon send me an replacement for Kindle when mine was damaged.
– LL Bean didn’t hesitate to give me discount code when the product I receive wasn’t what I expected.

So in the end, I have argued with them by telling them its cheating and unethical business practice to charge for items that you didn’t send. It is an horrible experience that I will never purchase from them again!