Cluttered desk? NOOOO!

So just now I was looking at a shopping site for a desk. My desk isn’t in the best shape. It was passed down from my sister who had it when she was STILL schooling and she got married 5 years ago and this was left in our house. So it is like 15, 16 years. It still work great as a desk but the wood are slowly decaying. I am thinking of changing it as it doesn’t fit in with my room also.

As that shopping site allows buyers to post up photo reviews, I was looking at those photo to get an idea of the actual desk.

Wow, I was very shocked. Most of the photos shown a desk/room/house of cluttering mess!

This serves as a reminder for myself that I DO NOT WANT to have such cluttered desk/room/house! 🙂

All right, I am going to take a break and probably do some light decluttering in the evening after dinner 🙂


Minimalism Review & Reflection – Jan 2015


It is another month again…. It is time to do a little review & reflection on my progress. This is also ensure that I am constantly reminded of my own target and goal. And mostly STICK TO MY PLAN OF NOT OWNING SO MUCH STUFFS!

January has been a slow month. I didn’t do much “throwing” as most stuffs have been threw away. However I do have a lot of stuffs in my “uncertain” basket which I need to review. I haven’t do any review yet. But I should start really soon in order to get things tidy for Chinese New Year! 😀

I haven’t been spending that much…. (far much lesser than I normally would) on extra stuffs.

Clothes: I had a new nightdress as my PJs. It was so comfortable. Being me, I tempted to get another one but I have like 3 at home. I am keeping one for Chinese New Year…. which means I left 2. I was worried I got nothing to wear if I throw it into the washer. Now, this is really stupid because I already have 3. THREE. Far more than I should have. I should ONLY have 2. Then, I have some other clothes which CAN be used as PJs also. Really. So if I ever run out of nightdress, I should simply. wear. something. else. SIMPLE. I spend a couple of days – Thinking. Re-thinking. Thinking. Re-thinking. and finally decided to review on this 3 months later. After 3 months, I am sure I would know if I really need this. Really. It is just a nightdress. But I love that I am making it into a thinking process rather than buying it straight. And it is being very cheap – costs less than $7-ish after shipping doesn’t help!

Last week, my mum asked me to get pants for her online. So I ended up spending a couple of days online surfing at shopping sites. It is honestly bad as I wasted a lot of time. I was trying to see if I need to get something else to ship along with her pants to save on shipping. But it was also through this process that I noticed a changes in me. I didn’t get any clothes. (But something else….which I would reflect below) which means clothes no longer attracted me. It is no longer a crazy obsession. I still get the urge (as above) once in a while. But it is not as crazy as before!

Bag, Shoes, accessories etc: Like clothes, I was really crazy about bag! But again, I feel the changes in me (yay). But I got myself 2 drawstring pouches, one pencil pouch and one accessories pouch (to put stationaries). As compare, buying pouches weren’t an bad obsession before. I don’t buy as much before. But I NEED to improve on this as these aren’t things I need. But things I wanted. I don’t need them 😦

Pens, notebooks: This month, my pen obsession has been a really manic and headache. I discussed it before – I did overbought pens and have definitely more than I needed. Although I have also put in into a thinking process rather than buying it straight. But this is an area I need to improve on. But then again, I am an inspiring writer. So I am not sure if I could ever get this to the minimal level. But I would definitely need to try. In the meantime, I am putting myself on Pen Ban for a month or so.

Books, DVDs etc: Trying to keep to the minimal level. I am reading books off my shelves rather than getting new ones. I am also going to get Kindle version instead of buying the physical books. As for DVDs, I think there is no way I could keep it to a minimal level. But I am trying very hard not to spend as fast I could.

Coffee, Tea etc: Trying to keep to the minimal level. I am not getting new ones until I fully finish the ones I have at home.


Jan 2015; Random; Life

Recently, I feel like I am not doing much. I feel just so un-passionate this week! I didn’t do much except watch a lot of televisions (much more than I usually do!) and surfing the internet.

PP & Writing
Parts of the reason is mainly due to my PP not arriving. I know KS is not like a store, but it really kills the passion for some passion planning! I don’t know how long it will takes for me to receive mine but I am like checking the mailbox everyday! Some people on the comment section are saying they are backers #4xxx and they just received it. I am backer #1xxxx + international receiver  😦 The PDF is great but not good enough for me as I like writing things on an actual book! But obviously I need to rethink this as it is approaching Feb. Maybe I need to start using the PDF (again) since I am losing the “usage” as days passes by…  I do hope that we get some form of compensation if we get it again next year. I am going to write about this in detail when I receive it! In the meantime, I do hope it will arrive really soon!!!! As for next year, it is rather obvious that I will NOT be getting the dated one again. But I love to get an undated version. It would be still a lovely planner if it arrive very late.

However, I am still using my notebook daily and as much as possible 🙂 My current notebook is a lovely gift from one of the local hotel. As part of my job, I always get lovely stationaries from these hotels once in a while! Sometimes, I leave it in the office but other times, I just bring it home. It has turned into something that I cannot just leave at home.

Recently I also have an pretty bad obsession – I am still obsessed with pens. Just last week I was thinking of getting a Retro 51 Tornado Roller Ball pen. The only thing that put me off is… the shipping from Jetpens. I am not sure if any of the local stores sell it… but I honestly didn’t want to visit them. 🙂 I tried finding one in Amazon but they are all third party seller. So looks like I am not getting it soon. Oh yes I discover the Parker Jotter refill for my beautiful Parker Jotter Pink Ribbon Pen in my local stationary store which is just a street across my office (!!) Yay but it cost twice more than the price on amazon. So I am not getting it (yet). But this would be great for emergency purpose. Which I doubt I would have. Since I have so many other pens! Anyway I am just adding this into my amazon cart but I probably spend again after our lunar new year. Extra money from red packet 🙂 I hope I would be able to resist till then!

uh, but I did backed for another pen in KS. What? Ya, I know I have like so many pens. But I couldn’t resist getting a really good pen. And to make it more unique, I think I am going to get engraving if it is open for sketch goal!

Cooking & Lunch
My cooking skill needs a lot of improvement! I tried cooking some food – Carrot, Sweet Potato and Potato etc. But it turns out NOT very well-cooked 😦 I tried bringing some potato to work for lunch. But it was too raw so I had to throw half away. My mum taught me a trick – She say as long as a chopstick can pass through the potato, it should be cooked. But I probably push too hard! Anyway I am not going to try cooking again on solo. I probably need to get my mum to help out. I have two recipe books to work through. Hopefully I can make through at least ONE recipe soon!

In the meantime, I find myself not having much appetite for lunch often. So I usually have a bread + a pack of soya milk drink. Originally I get hungry in the evening before I reach home but I am slowly getting used to it. But at the same time, I find myself spending too much on food for this particular week as there is a vegan bistro near my workplace. It is the quickest full meal that I could find. This is bad as I am cutting down money spend on lunch due to lack of appetite but I spend it away on something way over my budget. I hope I would be able to maintain to my budget next week. Reflection and self-discipline is needed!


Okay I just started The Two Towers (Lord of the Ring) yesterday. This is my very first (real) book for 2015! I really love the movie so I got the books! I didn’t enjoy The Fellowship of the Ring that much. It took me a LONG time to get through the book. But I think The Two Towers is great so far. I hope I can finish this by next week or so. I haven’t set a target for this year yet as I wanted to do more things. But I am hoping to read as much as I can. Btw I really love The Hobbit (book). I am not sure about the movie. I watched The Desolation of Smaug on DVD last week. But since it was so long ago, I forgot what I watched in An Unexpected Journey. I am not planning to watch The Battle Of The Five Armies in the cinema but I heard it wasn’t as good. Oh well, I am still going to get the DVD for the other 2 and watch it again.

From the beginning of the year till now, I have reading a Japanese comic writer, Takagi Naoko’s books whenever I was bored. It wasn’t what I call real book although I enjoy it very much 🙂

I have been thinking of finding a nice quiet cafe and spend my saturday reading/writing or some quick catch-up with friends. (with minus distraction from the internet which I get from using the laptop). I have a chance to visit an Costa Coffee outlet last week. It is near my workplace so it should be quiet on a Saturday….

I ordered Latte….

I love the decoration 🙂

Lovely red chairs… They reminds me of vintage?!

My job search hasn’t been going well. I send in a couple of CVs but received no calls? It is really frustrating because I cannot go and get a life (e.g. meet up with friends, movies etc) until I get a job with better pay.  This is the agreement I had with myself. My current pay isn’t horrible… But its really not as much as I deserved 😦 Sigh, But of course I tried to to BE POSITIVE for everything by telling myself that I still can enjoy life without spending much. For my whole life, I have been fine with doing things that do not require social skills – reading, writing etc. It is boring but it is what I love doing. I am going to write about this soon.

Memobottle – BEWARE OF FAKES!

I am not a backer of this kickstarter. But I really really hate it when people just copy the design and claim things as original. Not only this is a disrespect to the creator who actually made the effort to design the products, you are also being very irresponsible by bringing inferior product to the consumer! So I need to write a post about this!!

Comment posted on the ORIGINAL kickstarter’s comment:


The comment from the creator is pretty self-explainary! Everywhere else is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!

You can only pre-order their website:


MMB3 – They set up a “checking” system for people to check that if their memobottle is “real”. Fake pretending to be real. Don’t be fooled by them!!  – they tried to link to the original website, making people think its real. But its really just fake!

I’ll continue post up when I find any online sites selling fakes products.



Be nice, nobody want to cut queue.

I really hate it when people thinks that I am trying to cut queue and tries to be rude!

So today I went to a supermarket to get some stuffs in the morning. Since I don’t do morning grocery shopping, I didn’t know about the queue rule etc. Nobody was standing behind a guy who was waiting for his turn. So I went to queue directly behind him.

Then someone suddenly shouted hello. I realise I probably have missed her. So I mumbled sorry. And…… she asked me to queue behind. Eh? Hello. What is wrong with you? So I gave her my “Yeah whatever” face. Obviously I didn’t know about the rule or something. Forgive my ignorance but I never never never do my grocery on a weekday morning. Nobody in their right mind will intentionally jump queue in a supermarket. It is just…. stupid. I know she is probably to be nice. But I just don’t like it when she order me to queue. She could have been more polite and maybe tell me that she is already in the queue, the correct queue is behind. Furthermore, she was standing very far behind that guy. I mean why on earth she do that? I can understand the part about giving space for people to walk. But leaving such a huge space baffled me. It confuses people like me.

Furthermore, she wasn’t holding onto anything…. not a basket, not anything. So if you asked me, she look like she was just randomly standing there to wait for people! Since she wasn’t holding anything, why can’t she just stand behind the guy?

And when that guy moved, she didn’t even move forward. So how would I know she is in the queue.

Anyway my point is… this is the second time I met people who was rude to me when I accidentally jump queue. I don’t understand… why can’t people just be nice and politely tell people where the correct queue is. I mean obviously people don’t jump queue intentionally. Not in our country anyway. I never met people who jump queue on purpose. I cannot say the same for other countries based on observance made when I went traveling. But seriously, I really don’t see anyone who jump queue. So why can’t people just understand that? I usually ask if I am really unsure. Like in a food court or something. But sometimes, I just kinda assumed. Well, since you are the one who didn’t know how to queue properly, you shouldn’t be so rude!



Uncertain basket/space/area

Personally, I think it is a good idea to set aside a space/area/basket/container etc for uncertain items. They could be things that you are unsure if you wanted to keep. It could be a gift, something you used to love or just a random piece of clothes that you just wasn’t sure if they should go! It may still fit fine but the shape/colour/something is a bit off!

I am now using laundry basket as my “uncertain basket”. My mum bought this laundry basket for me as I used to have so much clothes and my old wardrobe was really bursting. I now have a new wardrobe which is wider and I “lose” some clothes. Of course this laundry basket is no longer needed to be function as a random basket for me to put clothes.

What is in my uncertain basket?
1) some clothes – I am still trying to get rid of more clothes 🙂
2) Miniature – I used to collect miniature. But its no longer something that I really enjoy. But as I spend a lot on it, I can’t just throw away…. yet 😦
3) Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules – I bought the machine and I think it was a mistake as I don’t really enjoy capsules coffee 😦 I am still trying to work on this – if I should keep or throw!
4) Various keychains, cellphone straps – These are collected over the years! And the collection is really big!