Memobottle – BEWARE OF FAKES!

I am not a backer of this kickstarter. But I really really hate it when people just copy the design and claim things as original. Not only this is a disrespect to the creator who actually made the effort to design the products, you are also being very irresponsible by bringing inferior product to the consumer! So I need to write a post about this!!

Comment posted on the ORIGINAL kickstarter’s comment:


The comment from the creator is pretty self-explainary! Everywhere else is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!

You can only pre-order their website:


MMB3 – They set up a “checking” system for people to check that if their memobottle is “real”. Fake pretending to be real. Don’t be fooled by them!!  – they tried to link to the original website, making people think its real. But its really just fake!

I’ll continue post up when I find any online sites selling fakes products.




3 thoughts on “Memobottle – BEWARE OF FAKES!

  1. The Singaporean site seems to be legit? They even posted on the page how to identify fakes from real and have posted up their certificate for being an authorized seller.


    • The only real ones are from Kickstarter! They do not have authorise sellers or the so-called certificates…Probably their manufacturing partner stole their designs and mass produced. Chinese people are good at making you thinks you got the real deal.


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