Cluttered desk? NOOOO!

So just now I was looking at a shopping site for a desk. My desk isn’t in the best shape. It was passed down from my sister who had it when she was STILL schooling and she got married 5 years ago and this was left in our house. So it is like 15, 16 years. It still work great as a desk but the wood are slowly decaying. I am thinking of changing it as it doesn’t fit in with my room also.

As that shopping site allows buyers to post up photo reviews, I was looking at those photo to get an idea of the actual desk.

Wow, I was very shocked. Most of the photos shown a desk/room/house of cluttering mess!

This serves as a reminder for myself that I DO NOT WANT to have such cluttered desk/room/house! 🙂

All right, I am going to take a break and probably do some light decluttering in the evening after dinner 🙂


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