Sleep late, Wake up late OR Sleep early, wake up early

I have been struggling with THIS since last year.
I tried… a few times to wake up early and I find it painfully impossible.

I would rather sleep late and wake up late than to sleep early and wake up early.
Well, I did tried to sleep early but I ended up waking up late as well.
So really, what is the point?

Sleeping late (at 11 or 12) means I have 3-4 hours of night time to be productive.
But if I do sleep early, it means I have less hours and I will not get any productive time in the morning.
As I simply cannot wake up early.

I do admit I love the fresh morning air… But it is kinda hard for me to wake up early.
Maybe I should try again. I came across an discussion on Quora (one of my favourite sites for daily commute!) and there is some tips.

Waking up early is worse than minimalism or cutting down shopping as the success rate is zero so far!


Review – Merimies

I am really in love with this little Thai brand so I will do a review!

Merimies is a Thai brand with shops in Terminal 21 in Bangkok. I was there 2 years but I never saw their shop! It is a great vegan alternative to the leather satchels from England. It is also a cheaper vegan choice as compared to other vegan leather satchels I have researched last year. You will be spoil for colours as the basic plain ones have so many beautiful colours to choose from. It took me 2 hours to decide.

Shopping from Merimies is easy. Unlike many SEA brands, Merimies provided shipping worldwide and have a user friendly site in English. You just have to go to their website and click on your country. They built their website in such a way that your shipping cost are included in the price. I personally like it this way as the price will tell you exactly how much you will be paid (The exact cost is of course depends on the exchange rate from your bank). I hate the idea of adding item to the cart but found out later that shipping is expensive (A perfect example would be Lands End. Shipping costs much more than the polo that I am buying. So I am rather discouraged to use their direct shipping). 

Firstly, you will NOT receive any order confirmation when you placed order. I am not sure if you will be contacted when your order is shipped… I was contacted as the item I selected is out of stock. My original choice was the stripe one. I could only pick an alternate with the same price so in the end, I decided to go bold and choose mint as I am always wanted something in mint.

I wasn’t sure when I purchased it. But the tag did say its made in Thailand….which is super awesome!

I was not too sure which size to get (This is also why I have to spend 2 hours…)… But finally decided to go for M size as L is probably too big.

M ended up to be a great size. But I wish I could fit my planner – not the big plum paper one. but the fauxdori that I have been using as a side planner. I am going to look into L again. But then I probably won’t need another bag. 😦  (probably for CNY….. )

However the M size may look small. But the bag is quite roomy.

Except for my poor planner – I was able to fit everything else into my bag.

Here’s what I have:
1) Amazon Kindle
2) Phone – I uses iPhone 5S in this photo. But my new iPhone 6S could fit in as well.
3) iPod Nano
4) Coin purse – for transport card
5) Coin purse – as wallet
6) Work Access card
7) Power Bank from Xiaomi
8) Comb
9) Mini wet tissue
10) one packet of tissue
11) Kiehl’s lip balm

Now for the bag itself, it look quite sturdy. Another reason why it was able to fit so much stuffs is that the space in the bag is fixed. Unlike many other PU bags, the space cannot be expanded.

The only problem that I have is the strap. Although its very comfortable on my shoulder, it is actually quite thin. So i am worried about breakage.

LL Bean Tote

I will do a proper review over the weekend. But firstly, there is something I need to post!

I was very excited to learn that my LL Bean totes have arrived at my shipping agent. So I decided to make a trip to their warehouse (which is near my workplace) to pick up my purchases!

When I reached home, the first thing I did was to rip open the package.

I was bit surprise to see this BIG tote:

I was almost certain that I placed order for an medium tote. So I log on to my account to check. But…
Argh, I ordered my custom tote in the wrong size! 😦
This is a large size which is very large!
It is too big cos I am petite. I might have problem carrying it if its filled with stuffs!
I am so annoyed at myself for not picking up on that mistake!
Now this bag can only be used to store things at home. But I had it monogrammed with the word – minimalist. So its a perfect to remind myself on my life goal!

My other tote in the perfect size – Medium:

I am so tempted to get the correct size. I have it in my cart. But there is no discount 😦
I probably should wait for a discount coupon.

Anyway the tote wasn’t really what I am expecting. It was really hard… Harder than any of the canvas/cotton tote that I am used to! Which is good cos it mean it will be lasting! But it would hard for me to tote it around.
I just realise the custom tote is not hard… its just nice! But the second one (the standard ones) is very hard for some reason.

maybe I should wait for the Land Ends’ one to arrive to compare to see which one I like more before ordering the right one again.

In meantime, I am telling myself every 5 min – “DO NOT BUY!”

So this morning, I was thinking… hey this is LL Bean – the company with superb customer service and wonderful return policy. So I decided to shamelessly asked for a discount code. I STILL want to get a new tote but I am too cheap to pay for the original price. 😛 So I contacted them using the email function on their website and explained my concern – “The bag that was in the right size is too hard for my liking and the one that I really like is in large and I cannot bring it out” which is very true. I also explained that I couldn’t return as shipping back to them would be costly! I received an reply within a couple of hours. And wow, just wow! They not only agree to give me a discount code. But they also provided me with the other option – sending back to them from here and they will cover the shipping cost. They will also exchange for free. But I decided to go ahead with the discount coupon option as shipping back to them would be a hassle. I also do not want them to refund me anything as this is no fault of theirs. So I decided to give them more business by ordering another new bag 🙂

Weekly roundup – 1 to 18 Oct

Wow, It has been a long time. I have been busy with my holiday plan and re-organisation/packing of my room/wardrobe.

So firstly, I went Hanoi, Vietnam for a few days. It was not quite fun. I personally did not enjoy it… But its a good place to have coffee at different cafes (The coffee there is much cheaper than our local cafe!) and just relax like reading a book. I couldn’t really concentrate as I was with someone…. I could only be productive when I am alone. So usually I would pop by a local Starbucks on a Saturday morning with a notebook and pen….alone… And I am happily writing away! I need to do this more often though… Hanoi is not exactly a shopping heaven. But you can get good clothes there. I choose to spend a bit more to shop for Vietnam/Hanoi designer clothes (It is not that expensive as pricing is similar to Topshop) as I feel that I need to support SEA designers.  For vegan/vegetarian, I didn’t find a big problem to get food as good restaurant usually have some options but…. if you are strictly on no-onion, it is very tough as most local don’t speak English. I wish everyone would just stop putting onion into veggie stuffs. One thing I was worried about…is the washroom. I read that they can be very dirty. But the restaurant/Hotels ones are clean. I just pop into any hotels that I came across when I need the toilet. My friend say the receptionist was staring… But who cares?

I am going to skip the minimalism part as it is not something that I have been doing! I am going to try to go back into focus on that for the next couple of weeks. But… here’s some other stuffs…
So my room was in a mess (I kept them tidy again yesterday) when I left for Hanoi and being busy when I return, I kept it like this for a few days. When my room is messy, my mind is somehow cluttered. So I didn’t use my planner. And, I don’t know… I just feel so light when I am not bringing it with me.

Let me explain a bit… I am trying to cut down (okay, you can call this minimalism :P) the number of stuffs I bring to work. When I changed my phone, I did the exact opposite things – 1) Unlike previously, I updated myself to a data plan. 2) I purchased an more-expansive-than-usual screen protector. 3) I purchased a shiny new case. So I feel like my phone is much more premium than ever. As a result, I uses it more often. So, the reminder app which I don’t find it very useful previously is now very useful! With the new iPhone, I didn’t have to bring my other devices – iPad Mini. So bag size is not really an issue. How is this linked to my planner? Of course it it. I now find my planner very bulky and sometimes I really want to bring a small bag. Oh well, this problem is really very temporary as I ordered an Frankie Diary for 2016. I think I am going to use that when I goes out/to work for 2016. But in the meantime, I will be bringing ones of my fauxdori to be the connecting planner. Although it feels like it will, but I hope I will NOT be reducing efficiency and productivity. My now-I-feel-bulky-but-it-is-expensive planner from Plum Paper will still be used as the main planner but I am leaving it at home. Now I need to write more 🙂 when transferring stuffs. I also came up with a whole new system. It is kinda inspired by the Day Designer which is btw way too expensive. I thought of shipping to my US-based shopping agent and get them to ship to Singapore with a cheaper shipping (shipping direct from Day Designer will cost $49!) But it cost $13 to ship in US itself which is…..EXPENSIVE. I got the Top Three idea from them and incorporated it into my planning. So I will concentrate on the Top Three when I am away from home. This is actually great as I do not need to bring my bulky planner. The rest of the tasks (on a normal workday) can only be completed when I am at home. I would bring a lighter planner (one of the fauxdori for now) and I don’t have many spaces to write anyway!

It didn’t go well for the past 2 weeks or so! I started buying again. Yes, bad. 
But this time, it is because I wanted to change my style. I never had a style. I wear whatever I am comfortable with. But I think its time for me to dress up.  I discovered a style called “Preppy”. Well, I am not really going to wear in preppy style. But I think it would be something very similar.

Firstly, I need to get more basic clothes like polo, shirts etc. I used to think polo are so formal. It is casual formal. But it is too formal. I am more comfortable with graphic tee. But I think I need to wear more. So I ended with 3! (I’ll talk more about it below).  I did like basic. But I feel like I needed more. Good ones.

Then I somehow feel I need new bags. I am always looking for a new bag when I have a new purpose – a wedding to attend, a vacation etc! So it is now the perfect excuse for me to get one. But I did clear my wardrobe to eliminate a few bags that I no longer want. So my wardrobe should be more clean now. I am looking to eliminate some more tomorrow.

Finally, I started to get crazy about …. sailor stripe, anchors and sailboat!

Let’s recapped what I have purchased:
1) LL Bean
So I purchased two classic boat tote in different style. I always want classic boat tote. They are like so classic and useful. and it never goes out of fashion. The customised one is obviously more expensive as you get to design your own tote. But if you are on budget, the classic style is great too. I would write in more details in my next post (when I received it)
There was another discount (10% off) previously. I keep thinking about this for 3 hours but decided not to get. I already have 2 bags – although I would very much loves a zipped, medium and regular strap with a single letter initial, But I have enough for now! I wanted to get the S size but for the price differences of USD5, I feel that the small size is too small. As compare, Lands End have a smaller size that I am comfortable with. Which is why I purchased it next.

2) Lands End
Well, I am not familiar with LL Bean or Lands End so I decided to try them both. Lands End was having a promotion of 30% off from the regular item so I decided to order their version of tote. Their tote is not made in US but it has compartments and some say its seems stronger. Furthermore, it has sailor stripe! I ordered 2 polo on sales and opted to include a cute sailboat embroidery in one of the polo 🙂 I definitely love that option. I am aiming to get one of the shirts with the embroidery in future. One thing I hate is the annoying shipping… Ya, I wish they have free shipping for any amount.

3) Cases
In my last post or something, I mentioned I have purchased a new iPhone. I was going to go naked by having a slickwrap. But I got a bit carried away with buying cases. 
Well, I think I have enough and I need to stop purchasing more!!

I read that their new transparent case has a new technology to prevent yellowing. Nobody is sure how true it is. But I decided to get one and try out for myself.

I saw the promo for 25% off at snapchat so I couldn’t resist! Ordered the Karat case in Rose Gold at 7am when I wake up at the hotel…

Purchased this before my flight. I was attracted by the swarovski crystal elements. It made my iPhone look even more premium!

Taobao and Aliexpress is a great place to get cheap cover/cases/screen protector.  I purchased only 3. (I used the word “only” as I would have 30 by now if it was the same person 2 years back :P)

4) AE
I was a fan of AE many years ago. But I kinda stop buying as I went to buy cheap clothes and fast fashion. Buying from AE was expensive as we need to go through a third party shipper. But I decided to get a new white polo from them as I always love their clothes – it’s always super soft and comfortable 🙂 I still have my clothes from many years ago. Now I found a cheaper way to shop so I am going to start buying from AE again. Well, once in a long while.

5) Merimies
I was doing a bit of bag shopping at Taobao. oops. Then I came across this little Thai brand. I was instantly attracted to it. I always wanted a TCSC kind of bags. No to TCSC as they uses REAL leather! Last year, I tried looking for an alternative in vegan leather but I couldn’t find one that I really like and they are expensive. I didn’t want to buy from those in Taobao as they look like they will break in a few uses. I was delighted to know that they ship worldwide! I was indecisive at first as they have too many choices. Plain, mix or stripe. I decided to go with stripe in size M. But it ran out of stock. I was asked to choose an alternative in the same price range. I decided to go bold and pick my recent favourite MINT colour.

6) Kikki K
Oh yes, I finally visited Kikki K again. (I visited a few times in the past but didn’t get anything as I wasn’t into stationaries back then!) Kikki K is officially my favourite store. I was there on a saturday afternoon. But the staffs there are very friendly and helpful. I walked around the small store several times as I was so excited about everything I saw. I was approached by the friendly staffs a couple of times even though the small store was busy 🙂 Maybe because I actually picked something up than just browsing. Anyway they asked me to join as a member when I was paying. I filled up a form but not sure how I am getting the details – probably by email? I hope I get some kind of discount coupon as I am hoping to find excuse to visit them again. I want all of their pens. Every single one.

Here’s what I purchased on saturday:

Stationaries in Mint and sail/anchor. I just couldn’t say no. I am keeping them for my cruise trip which I haven’t plan yet…. HAHA! I decided to pick up a elastic band for notebook as they could be so useful!
I do wanted to get their canvas planner. But I realise it wouldn’t be useful to me as its dated. I already have 2 planners for 2016! And I have 3 undated organisers. 2017 maybe!

Now, I am trying to curb my shopping now that I am back in full focus! I hope I could to stop buying for at least a month!

Day out
So yesterday I met up a friend and we visited Lady M.

I don’t like the space. It is too compact. They should remove the middle row and service is kinda slow.

My friend who is crazy about green tea influenced me to hate their green tea cake. But I will have to try again to really comment. The chocolate one (which look like a charcoal in the picture. But it’s a normal chocolate cake in real life) is rich and delicious.

This place isn’t known for coffee so I say their ice mocha taste all right. Just good enough for me to start my day officially….

Something I could never forget….

I was in the bath just now thinking if I should watch an episode of Chuck before heading to bed. Then out of nowhere, an certain memory came to me. For a couple of years or so, I tried to forget this. But I just couldn’t and there is no way I could forgive the person who did this to me. Well, its not really a trauma but its something that I couldn’t quite forget. So I decided to post this post…

The person who betrayed me.
She is someone I met over the internet. Well, I have tons of internet friends. There are some I met in real life and we are very good friend. In fact, I am going with one internet friend to Hanoi in this coming week. We know each other for 10 years now 🙂

This person – Let’s called her B cos she is a real bitch! Pardon my language. She is the only one who I will call BITCH- So We met a couple of years ago through an mutual interest – a celebrity that we both like. So I have this chat group thingy and we started chatting with a few people. Then there was an event coming up for that celebrity and a few others. We started to make plan via the chat group. Then by off chance, I came to know the flight schedule of another celebrity Then I mentioned that (without saying the name) someone is coming on a certain day or something so maybe she is arriving earlier. Someone started guessing…. and by a few guesses, he/she got the correct answer. So I just say yes.

A short while later, another friend of mine randomly asked me if I leaked out the information. I felt weird at first. Then I realise someone told the so-called leader of the other celebrity’s “fan club” about it. It was very obvious that it was B. My connection with that friend? She was the only one who know both of us! Ya, that smart bitch. I didn’t confront her and she didn’t confessed anything. But she unfollowed me and removed me from her friends. LOL It was so childish. I always believe in Karma anyway. When you do something bad to someone, you will get what you deserved. Which is why i tried to do nice things everyday. Then on that day of the event, I was “lectured” by the leader and her assistant on this. They told me about protecting the celebrity’s privacy and feel that I “betrayed” their fan club. I was totally speechless. I mean, please, you really think that celebrity care about what you have done for her? I don’t know, it is just so lame and foolish to be idolise someone until that extent? Caring so much about someone you don’t even know in real life? Hmm, I have better things to do. Furthermore, I do not feel I did anything wrong. I didn’t leak out any information. I simply answered an question. If someone wanted to stalk, they will find ways to do that. And that sneaky bitch? She simply disgusted me. I haven’t really seen her since. But whenever I thought about her, I feel like spitting on her bitchy face. She is probably the only person that I really really hate. Oh ya, did I mention that bitch is a real stalker. She likes a lot of celebrities (for some reason, she only likes female ..). She likes to show off photos with them over her social accounts. She probably have nothing better to do and stalk celebrities 🙂 I, however, would prefer not to stalk celebrities and watch my DVDs 🙂