Planner for 2018

It’s time of the year again to think about my planner next year. This year, I uses a Moleskine as I recieved an voucher to use in a local bookstore. Being a local bookstore, there isn’t much choice. So I choose the reliable moleskine as I always like their notebooks and they have the print of The Little Prince which is one of my favourite!

Although overall the quality is good, but then its not something I would use again as I wanted to try others…

Kikki K
I always like Kikki K’s stuffs. They are so colourful and cute… but they are also pricey.
One of my criteria for a planner is it needed to be colourful so as I can be productive. (Motivation factor!!) Kikki K met the criteria.

Filofax or similiar (organisers)
I have not used a filofax but I have 3-4 similiar organisers from Taobao. An organiser is good because you can just remove the pages easily. Taobao and Etsy have lots of inserts which can be so fun to use.

There is so much good reviews on this planner. It would be release in the next week or so.. so I planning to research abit more on this planner over the weekends as I might be getting this!

I used a Frankie in 2016 and I love it. The only problem is the space is too small. But nowadays I don’t do extreme planning so space is no longer a problem for me. I find Frankie planner are super good quality as they use really good quality paper. But the planner is quite thick? So its not easy to carry if I uses a smaller bag.

Personal Planner
I still loves customisation ❤ Personal planner have the function and yet its not as bulky as others (Plum, EC etc).

Divination Planner (ETSY)
This is an harry potter inspired planner. I know!! It’s soooo perfect!!

Planners that I have used and not like it:
Passion Planner – Beside the fact that the kickstarter project was delayed, the space in the planner was too small to write. I would never consider them again due to bad experiences with the company itself. But personally I find the planner is too plain
Plum Planner (Etsy) – Originally I thought BIG planner would be so fun. But I ended up not using majority of the pages so I never look at big planner anymore. I have not try Erin Condren or Day Designer but I doubt they would be much use to me.