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When I started this blog, I wanted this blog to be my personal space for writing. I always wanted to be a writer which is something of a impossible dream as people who are actually in this industry write so damn well right.

My parents are not educated. So I didn’t know or understand the important of education when I was young. As a result, my English language was never really that good. In fact, it was until the adulthood that I realise I needed to “upgrade” my language in order to write better. I started reading a lot and tried to write a lot. I cannot say I am anywhere near excellent. But I am definitely better than average! It would be a lifetime goal. Maybe I can finally write a book when I retired. haha!

Anyway, I have an presentation next week for my class. I am required to speak for 1-2min. I am not that nervous than I usually would be as my confidence level has moved up since 8 years ago. That was kinda the last time that I was asked to make an presentation. I am actually excited because I felt that it would be a good challenge for me!



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Why I do not recommend SGSHOP?

I had this draft called “Why did I switch my Taobao agent?” for a long time. I was hoping to complete it. But after the bad experience with SGSHOP, I decided to change the topic. I will not focus on the negatively of my previous agent (which shall not be named) but rather I would post on my personal experience with SGSHOP.

So as I said, I wanted to switch agent due to a rather unsatisfied experience with my previous agent. One day, I google “Taobao agent” and came across SGSHOP. I didn’t read any reviews online which I obviously now regretted as I thought taobao agent are more or less the same. I wasn’t looking to pick a agent with the lowest cost as what I wanted to buy could only be found on Taobao. So cost is not really a big factor. I also was not looking for speed delivery as the delivery time is not a big factor. I simply do not need it urgently. Therefore, with all these reasons, I didn’t read any reviews.

I don’t want my post to be focus on everything negative as it would seem like I am against them or something. So I will start with the good things first.

What I liked about SGSHOP:
1) Speed – The ordering speed is much faster than my previous agent. I placed order on a Saturday afternoon. It was followed up shortly with the payment processing and ordering.
2) Again speed – My sea shipment arrived 6 days earlier than the ETA given.
3) I received text message when there is something important about my order. This is good as sometimes people are just not accessing their emails. (Although I am really into checking my emails often).

What I do not like about SGSHOP:
1) I didn’t order a lot of stuffs. So I am rather surprise one whole batch of items is missing! As compare to my previous agent who seldom miss my orders (Only once out of 100), this is really really bad.
2) The speed of self collection at Japan Home. They did mentioned that it will takes 4 days. But I feel that the speed really could be improved. Due to the missing items which they took 1-3 days to check, communicate etc, it was send to “UnityBox” (an external (?) delivery option that they are partnering with) late and it was met with long holiday so ended up it took way longer than it should have been. So even though it arrived earlier than ETA, it turned out to be much later!
3) Their service is generally…. bad.
– I understand people do make mistake. But the way they deal with missing item is just bad…….. They do not know/cannot confirm it was missing. They only told me that the warehouse people say it is missing. Eh? Are you trying to say your warehouse people are not your staff? It doesn’t make sense at all. It is either missing or arrived in Singapore. Simple as that.
Then they took a long time to deal with it. Instead of informing customer and deal with it immediately, they choose to inform customer and wait for customer to confirm before dealing with it.
Finally they simply don’t bother about compensation if customer didn’t make a big fuss. When Erin Condren missed out my order, what did they do? They send the replacement quickly by expedited at their own cost. SGSHOP? They shipped using the SAME shipment method. which means it take another 1 month or so.  I didn’t bother arguing with them but they definitely lost an new customer.
– They do not even know how to address the customer properly. They called me by my email ID name. which is not a name at all.
– I also noticed people used to post their true reviews on their Facebook a few weeks ago. They couldn’t take the heat and close it down so nobody can leave anything there anymore.

Updated 20 Feb 2016
Since I received a very rude anonymous comment, I shall re-address this issue again. I actually felt so happy that my little blog is important enough that someone ACTUALLY posted an comment to DEFEND SGSHOP. I don’t care if this was posted by their staff or whatever. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. No accusation here. 😉 But you know, even if I really like a company so much, I wouldn’t go to a random person’s blog to defend them. Just saying. 😉

Since time is not a big factor to you, why are you grumbling on the checking process as well as delivery process to japan home? U make no sense in what you type. next time think before you type.

1) This is my blog. None of your business if I put in thoughts or not in my writing!
2) Sorry to disappoint you, anonymous troll. I do put in much thoughts into my post. I spend average 15mins – 30mins working on each post and re-checking (sometimes 2-3 times) it after it has been posted. And for you to leave an anonymous comment without the consideration my point of view, you obviously have NOT been thinking. Now who is the one who need to think before he/she type?
3) I said time is not a factor for me because I do not need the item urgently. But it does not mean they have the right to DELAY my time and do not deliver as what they have promised. Remember – On the e-commence, delivery time always affected customer satisfaction. I brought up the example of Erin Condren and my point still stand. I am not new to shopping online. I have been shopping online for a very long time. Erin Condren is a clear example of good customer service and SGSHOP is an clear example of bad customer service. This is very simple. You are promised by a seller that you will get your item within 3 days. And 7 days later you would need the item. Due to their fault, it was delayed for another 3 days. It was still received before you need it. Does it mean that the seller is CORRECT to delay your item? Of course no. You deliver what you have been promised. Anything more than that stipulated to an unfortunate delay which your customer have the right to complain about!
4) I mentioned that their speed could be improve. which is a fact. Look at Qxpress. Look at Ninja Van. Which one of them take 4 days? Come on, this is Singapore not America. Going from the west to east takes only 2 hours not 2 days.
5) And…You mean as a customer, I am not allow to give my feedback or suggestion? Wow.

Dear anonymous troll, think again before you grumble on my blog. You are the one not making sense to me 😉 



I haven’t post much this year 🙂 This is due to the fact – I am really getting so busy! But I thought of taking a few mins off my schedule to write something. And since the Chinese New Year is approaching, I think I should write about my targets. 2016 is the transformation of my life – personally and in terms of career.

Here’s what I need to do:
– Study. I used to have problems with study but now I realise I have been picking the wrong programme the whole time! I am now taking something I enjoy. 🙂
– Continue to minimalism. I neglected this recently due to the fact that I am busy. But I will reinforce it! I have resisted to getting stationaries 🙂 But unfortunately due to holiday seasons, getting new clothes, shoes or bags have been unavoidable.
– Be positive & Be Happy. I allowed a slight bit of negativity to affect my personal life recently. But I was able to turn around quickly. I must remember to be more positive!
– Plan. I couldn’t plan recently due to my study. It was mainly going for class, studying and doing assignments. But I probably need to work on this.
– Write. Despite the fact that I have established that writing is my interest, but I haven’t been writing much. So yes, I need to write more.
– Read. My total read books for last year has been the lowest in the recent. This year I probably try to read a little bit more!