Urge to spend on similar products

I always have this problem:
When I buy something e.g. a planner, I find difficulties in choosing colour/design although I always ended up in choosing BLACK. Then finally I pick one colour/design – usually BLACK. Then I received it and start to think… I NEED TO GET OTHER COLOURS!

Actual situation:
I already have one why do I need other colours/design? I probably need to finish the one that I had….

Previously, I listen to my devil side of my brain so I bought the same thing again. But now, I listen to my angel side of my brain so I think first!

Why I find it hard to resist? I think it might be the fact that I didn’t learn how to contented with what I have! I didn’t learn the concept of minimalism so I didn’t realise I need only one! I also didn’t know that the concept of owning less things and realise how powerful it is. I am still finding a little bit hard to resist. I am still learning but I could feel the change 🙂


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