Review & Passion Planner so far….

So 15 days has passed by…. Wow, time flies! 😀 It is time to do a review on my own development and progress and stuffs.

I have been actively using the PDF printout of Passion Planner. Based on the latest update on KS, it look like mine is shipped (or will ship soon!) so I am hoping to arrive by this month. I have prepared the printout for one month though…. Hopefully I don’t have to print another month 😦

I haven’t go around doing much planning as I find difficulties to do it on paper. I rather to write on the actual book. So what I have done is to put down simple tasks I wanted to do on the time-slot and try to keep to it. I have definitely completed more tasks which is awesome. As compared to last year, Even if it was a simple task such as filing documents, I somehow just find it difficult to get started. Last year I also write down a list of things which I wanted to learn such as cooking and I ended up not doing anything! So I definitely have a lot of planning to do because I still want to learn cooking. The only differences is I will learn it this year! Confident!

Then last week, I got myself distracted with a personal issue so I relaxed a bit which is both good and bad. It is good as I got time to relax and finish up Breaking Bad and a couple of movies. But it is bad as I wasted my time… Nothing really useful was done on last weekend. I need to balance my entertainment with serious tasks. So I need to plan! Other than that, I need to try NOT to get my personal issues interfere with my tasks!

Also, I need to continue losing things – if possible! And try to align with my life goal. I have not spend MUCH for the past 15 days or so. BUT I still spend on something which I MAY NOT need. I will wrote about it when it arrived.

Lastly, I need to spend less time on the internet on lame things such as refreshing my weibo feeds! Fortunately, weibo is the only social media I really use! Well if the internet time was spend on writing a blog entry like now, then it is consider useful!




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