Hobonichi 2019

Yay this year’s purchasing process is so much smoother! I completed my first order in just 1 min and hold the shipment! Then a couple hours later, ordered a few accessories and merge the shipment!

After going through minor hesitation of getting an second planner for my work. I went from wanting a week to a A6 to a Cousin. But in the end, I decided not to purchase an Hobonichi for work. Then I would get to explore other planner. lol.
And… here’s my final purchase:

1) Yes I decided to for the Circus cover because its too colourful to resist. I wanted something more unique… Last year, I choose the Soda Dots. It was my love at first sight. But I realise I wanted A Book and Flowers more after seeing more posts on it.So this year, I went for something different.

The real life cover isn’t really WOW to me. The print on the cover isn’t as clear as I thought. But considering that they are printed on polyester, its quite understandable.
Its still beautiful just not as WOW.

2) Clear cover no longer given out as an freebie. But it wasn’t that expensive. So i decided to get one just in case. It should be good enough to last for one year!

3) One of my issues for this year is I cannot find pages. I think I am still not familiar with the monthly features so it is such a waste. Hope the index tab will help me find my way.

4) I purchased those cute plastic folders as its very hard to find cute plastic folders like this that will fits exactly into a Hobonichi cover! Besides, I am into keep reciepts before I entered them into my Hobonichi Techo. So they would be so useful for me!

5) I didn’t purchase pencil boards last year as they reminds me of the boring paper cutter board. But the pencil board is so different…

6) I am into expenses tracking. And one of my goals next year is better keep track of it. I saw this stamp last year and felt that it was expensive. But, I realise that it would helpful because sometimes, I forgotten to write. It would make things more neat too.


Minimalism update

Today I done some organisation/minimalsim so I thought I would write up. It has been a long time since I did anything major. Recently I was sick for 2 months. So during my down time, I realise that I STILL have too much stuffs and I am not really using some stuffs. So I have been wanting to re-start my organisation/minimalism project. I am far from what I wanted to achieve but I am working towards there.

So I went through my wardrobe + cupboards and throw away some stuffs. I also threw away stuffs I no longer used – an product of a Kickstarter project that I have supported (GREAT product but I get an headache from using it!) + some clothes, hobbies that I am no longer interested in – collecting miniature, analogue photography. It was a painful to remove them as although I do not spend time with them anymore, but I did invest my money in it. But in the end, I decided to take the plunge. And I feel….. so good!

So here is what I have learnt:
– THINK before investing into a new hobby. I am a Gemini which means I am always looking to try new things. It was really bad in the past but it get better these days. I am constantly reminding myself to be commit to the hobbies that I truly love.
– THINK before purchasing anything. I only buy things I really need and I will wait. Like recently, I am planning a trip to Korea so I need some winter clothings. I think through a few times before committing to get some things.
– Get QUALITY product if need to replace. Instead of buying something cheap that required replacement or duplicate because it doesn’t work that well, buy a quality product.
– Don’t get attached to things. Recently I have a conversation with a colleague. She asked me if I keep my paper planners (I used one every year). I said yes. Today, I realise that there is no point of keeping them if I don’t refer to them anymore. I threw away 3 of them. I would probably keep my hobonichi (the paper planner for this year) because I wrote a lot of stuffs in it. But the key point is try not to keep things because of the fond memories

After today, I would continue to organise further… There is still so much to be done!