Jan 2015; Random; Life

Recently, I feel like I am not doing much. I feel just so un-passionate this week! I didn’t do much except watch a lot of televisions (much more than I usually do!) and surfing the internet.

PP & Writing
Parts of the reason is mainly due to my PP not arriving. I know KS is not like a store, but it really kills the passion for some passion planning! I don’t know how long it will takes for me to receive mine but I am like checking the mailbox everyday! Some people on the comment section are saying they are backers #4xxx and they just received it. I am backer #1xxxx + international receiver  😦 The PDF is great but not good enough for me as I like writing things on an actual book! But obviously I need to rethink this as it is approaching Feb. Maybe I need to start using the PDF (again) since I am losing the “usage” as days passes by…  I do hope that we get some form of compensation if we get it again next year. I am going to write about this in detail when I receive it! In the meantime, I do hope it will arrive really soon!!!! As for next year, it is rather obvious that I will NOT be getting the dated one again. But I love to get an undated version. It would be still a lovely planner if it arrive very late.

However, I am still using my notebook daily and as much as possible 🙂 My current notebook is a lovely gift from one of the local hotel. As part of my job, I always get lovely stationaries from these hotels once in a while! Sometimes, I leave it in the office but other times, I just bring it home. It has turned into something that I cannot just leave at home.

Recently I also have an pretty bad obsession – I am still obsessed with pens. Just last week I was thinking of getting a Retro 51 Tornado Roller Ball pen. The only thing that put me off is… the shipping from Jetpens. I am not sure if any of the local stores sell it… but I honestly didn’t want to visit them. 🙂 I tried finding one in Amazon but they are all third party seller. So looks like I am not getting it soon. Oh yes I discover the Parker Jotter refill for my beautiful Parker Jotter Pink Ribbon Pen in my local stationary store which is just a street across my office (!!) Yay but it cost twice more than the price on amazon. So I am not getting it (yet). But this would be great for emergency purpose. Which I doubt I would have. Since I have so many other pens! Anyway I am just adding this into my amazon cart but I probably spend again after our lunar new year. Extra money from red packet 🙂 I hope I would be able to resist till then!

uh, but I did backed for another pen in KS. What? Ya, I know I have like so many pens. But I couldn’t resist getting a really good pen. And to make it more unique, I think I am going to get engraving if it is open for sketch goal!

Cooking & Lunch
My cooking skill needs a lot of improvement! I tried cooking some food – Carrot, Sweet Potato and Potato etc. But it turns out NOT very well-cooked 😦 I tried bringing some potato to work for lunch. But it was too raw so I had to throw half away. My mum taught me a trick – She say as long as a chopstick can pass through the potato, it should be cooked. But I probably push too hard! Anyway I am not going to try cooking again on solo. I probably need to get my mum to help out. I have two recipe books to work through. Hopefully I can make through at least ONE recipe soon!

In the meantime, I find myself not having much appetite for lunch often. So I usually have a bread + a pack of soya milk drink. Originally I get hungry in the evening before I reach home but I am slowly getting used to it. But at the same time, I find myself spending too much on food for this particular week as there is a vegan bistro near my workplace. It is the quickest full meal that I could find. This is bad as I am cutting down money spend on lunch due to lack of appetite but I spend it away on something way over my budget. I hope I would be able to maintain to my budget next week. Reflection and self-discipline is needed!


Okay I just started The Two Towers (Lord of the Ring) yesterday. This is my very first (real) book for 2015! I really love the movie so I got the books! I didn’t enjoy The Fellowship of the Ring that much. It took me a LONG time to get through the book. But I think The Two Towers is great so far. I hope I can finish this by next week or so. I haven’t set a target for this year yet as I wanted to do more things. But I am hoping to read as much as I can. Btw I really love The Hobbit (book). I am not sure about the movie. I watched The Desolation of Smaug on DVD last week. But since it was so long ago, I forgot what I watched in An Unexpected Journey. I am not planning to watch The Battle Of The Five Armies in the cinema but I heard it wasn’t as good. Oh well, I am still going to get the DVD for the other 2 and watch it again.

From the beginning of the year till now, I have reading a Japanese comic writer, Takagi Naoko’s books whenever I was bored. It wasn’t what I call real book although I enjoy it very much 🙂

I have been thinking of finding a nice quiet cafe and spend my saturday reading/writing or some quick catch-up with friends. (with minus distraction from the internet which I get from using the laptop). I have a chance to visit an Costa Coffee outlet last week. It is near my workplace so it should be quiet on a Saturday….

I ordered Latte….

I love the decoration 🙂

Lovely red chairs… They reminds me of vintage?!

My job search hasn’t been going well. I send in a couple of CVs but received no calls? It is really frustrating because I cannot go and get a life (e.g. meet up with friends, movies etc) until I get a job with better pay.  This is the agreement I had with myself. My current pay isn’t horrible… But its really not as much as I deserved 😦 Sigh, But of course I tried to to BE POSITIVE for everything by telling myself that I still can enjoy life without spending much. For my whole life, I have been fine with doing things that do not require social skills – reading, writing etc. It is boring but it is what I love doing. I am going to write about this soon.


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