Be nice, nobody want to cut queue.

I really hate it when people thinks that I am trying to cut queue and tries to be rude!

So today I went to a supermarket to get some stuffs in the morning. Since I don’t do morning grocery shopping, I didn’t know about the queue rule etc. Nobody was standing behind a guy who was waiting for his turn. So I went to queue directly behind him.

Then someone suddenly shouted hello. I realise I probably have missed her. So I mumbled sorry. And…… she asked me to queue behind. Eh? Hello. What is wrong with you? So I gave her my “Yeah whatever” face. Obviously I didn’t know about the rule or something. Forgive my ignorance but I never never never do my grocery on a weekday morning. Nobody in their right mind will intentionally jump queue in a supermarket. It is just…. stupid. I know she is probably to be nice. But I just don’t like it when she order me to queue. She could have been more polite and maybe tell me that she is already in the queue, the correct queue is behind. Furthermore, she was standing very far behind that guy. I mean why on earth she do that? I can understand the part about giving space for people to walk. But leaving such a huge space baffled me. It confuses people like me.

Furthermore, she wasn’t holding onto anything…. not a basket, not anything. So if you asked me, she look like she was just randomly standing there to wait for people! Since she wasn’t holding anything, why can’t she just stand behind the guy?

And when that guy moved, she didn’t even move forward. So how would I know she is in the queue.

Anyway my point is… this is the second time I met people who was rude to me when I accidentally jump queue. I don’t understand… why can’t people just be nice and politely tell people where the correct queue is. I mean obviously people don’t jump queue intentionally. Not in our country anyway. I never met people who jump queue on purpose. I cannot say the same for other countries based on observance made when I went traveling. But seriously, I really don’t see anyone who jump queue. So why can’t people just understand that? I usually ask if I am really unsure. Like in a food court or something. But sometimes, I just kinda assumed. Well, since you are the one who didn’t know how to queue properly, you shouldn’t be so rude!




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