Life Goal

December 2014 is a very important month for me. I finally found my life goal – minimalism / to own less things! This is something I am working on and will be concentrating on for 2015. I will not make a list of New Year Resolutions as I would never keep up with it. But this would be in my NYR. The one and only one! 🙂

About me and my problem(s):
Firstly, I am somewhat of a shopaholic. I am not the extreme kind that spend all my wages on branded goods and never save up. I am not exceptionally good at saving up (This is something I am looking forward to change with my new life goal!) but I still save a fair bit for “rainy days”. But I still own a lot of clothes and accessories. People who have been to my room who probably faint at the sight of it. I own so much bags that I am constantly changing bags to match my clothes. I have more clothes than the whole family combined together. It does not help that I somehow got addicted to subscription box in 2014 and got so many new stuffs “hogging” my room.
Secondly, I have a decluttering problem. Each time I tried to tidy up my room. It would result in “keeping” things. I read this book written by a Japanese lady, Yamashita Hideko who invented a method called “Danshari”. It inspires me to “declutter”. After several rounds of decluttering, I was able to reduce my room to half! And I am looking forward to reduce even more in 2015!
Lastly, I just have too much stuffs. I have books, clothes, accessories, DVDs, toys, craft stuffs etc. I am always into this and then into that. And then I lose…interest. The stuffs ended up “hogging” my room as I cannot throw them away.

Of course the solution is to…. own less things. I have acknowledged that some of the stuffs are no longer in the “current” stage of my life – e.g. craft stuffs that I no longer uses. I was into craft but I am not into it as I am just not good at it.



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