Uncertain basket/space/area

Personally, I think it is a good idea to set aside a space/area/basket/container etc for uncertain items. They could be things that you are unsure if you wanted to keep. It could be a gift, something you used to love or just a random piece of clothes that you just wasn’t sure if they should go! It may still fit fine but the shape/colour/something is a bit off!

I am now using laundry basket as my “uncertain basket”. My mum bought this laundry basket for me as I used to have so much clothes and my old wardrobe was really bursting. I now have a new wardrobe which is wider and I “lose” some clothes. Of course this laundry basket is no longer needed to be function as a random basket for me to put clothes.

What is in my uncertain basket?
1) some clothes – I am still trying to get rid of more clothes 🙂
2) Miniature – I used to collect miniature. But its no longer something that I really enjoy. But as I spend a lot on it, I can’t just throw away…. yet 😦
3) Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules – I bought the machine and I think it was a mistake as I don’t really enjoy capsules coffee 😦 I am still trying to work on this – if I should keep or throw!
4) Various keychains, cellphone straps – These are collected over the years! And the collection is really big!


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