The ONE pencil case?

Like pens & notebooks, I am a little obsessed with pencil case. Trying to find the one that I really love.
However, I have yet to find my real love.

Muji PP Pencil Case


This pencil case is my childhood dream. Ever since I saw a classmate using it, I wanted it! I didn’t buy back then because Muji was sooo expensive during that time and Muji wasn’t that common back now. Now they have 8-9 stores!

Now I have 2 of them. I couldn’t really tell this differences. But I remember my first one (a few years ago) was made in Japan but the second one is made in China. In fact, they no longer have the made in Japan version in store. They do have a bigger version which is made in Japan.

They fulfilled my childhood dream of owning it. I like that its simple and durable. But of course it’s too small to hold more stuffs. Being a stationary nerd, it is too small for my daily use!

Handmade Dusty Pink Dots Pouch (Etsy)

I have mentioned a few times that I am obsessed with Handmade stuffs because they ate unique and tends to last longer. I fall in love with this design because its so simple and classic.  The original picture was much nicer with a mint green zipper. That was another reason why I choose to buy it. However, as the seller have switched to a white zipper, it wasn’t as nice now. It was also too big for a pencil pouch HAHA. I don’t carry so THAT much pens. So the pouch is being used as a pouch to carry lipbalm, tissues etc.

Handmade Nautical Pouch (Local market)

Another handmade pouch. I came across this while shopping around at the local market. I was able to choose the fabric. Being obsessed with anything nautical, I choose this pouch. It was my love for 4-5 months. I would have continue using it but there is too much pilling! So I have to switch around with others.

Adidas Original Nylon Pouch

A few years ago, I was very very obsessed with Adidas due to an influence from a good friend of mine. I was delighted to see a pencil pouch (being a student back now. I needed one). So I purchased it without hesitation. I don’t keep much adidas stuffs anymore. But this one of the few items that I kept. I must say that this is really one of the most lasting stuffs I have. The only thing I didn’t like about this pouch is the lack of support. It is too soft and too dull.

LootCrate Harry Potter “Azakan” Pouch

This is one of the rare things I find useful in the LC. Most of them are quite rubbish :/ which is why I have unsubscribed it. Well, I don’t find the designing appealing. But since I have paid for it, I will be using it every now and then.

AliExpress Pencil Pouch

I introduced this previously. I am using this as my “home” pouch because it is easily to transport pens if I need to do some writing at my living room. I don’t expect this pencil pouch to last very long so I invest in a cheaper pouch online.

Well, although it seems like I do have a few pencil pouch, but I have not find one that I really love.

On the wish-list

Field Note Zipped Case

I just love how it can be displayed into a tray and I love anything from Field Note!

Kokuyo Neo Critz Pencil Case


I love this when I first saw at Tokyu hands. But its very pricey. So I decided not to buy yet.