Random rant: jobsearch

Sometimes I don’t like to answer certain questions – like when I am having a bad day and do not feel like texting, when someone keep bugging me for answers and I have already said that I would get back to them, when I am not “right” party and they just assume I am etc.

I have one particular friend which I always avoided certain type of questions & after many times of ignoring, she still do not get it. It’s really sad how ignorant some people can be. Hello when someone do not reply to that question every single time, it’s damn obvious they do not want to answer! So kindly stop asking and talk about other stuffs GET IT?

I am looking for a new job. It’s taking me much longer time than usual – because there is so much going on in my life right now! Yes, I am really actually quite busy. I have so many things to be bothered with! I am not in the real rush to get another job. I hate my job a little and I wished that I have gotten a better compensation  (who doesn’t?). But I still have a job and many people don’t. When you still have that job, you commit maybe 30% of your time in the job search. So the progress is slow.

So that particular friend loves to be updated on my progress by asking me if I have attended any interview.

The reason that I do not reply to her because I don’t feel that I need to keep her updated on my progress. It is after all my personal life and my career. It has nothing to do with her. It seems like she is following up on me like we are on this shared project.

Everyone experience some  form of frustration when they are job searching. Many people do not get a job instantly! Some people are lucky. They might get interview as soon as they send out that resume. But I don’t think a lot of people experienced that. So…Nobody likes to be reminded that they have not attend any interview!


I have done Lasik!

Another item checked from my life goals 🙂

Why do it now?
I always thought Lasik is painful and scary since its an operation on eyes! I only have one pair of eye!!!

I never wear contact lens and do not have the guts to do so lol so Lasik is obviously the best solution for me. So yes I always wanted to go for Lasik but never thought of understanding Lasik until this year. I have some extra cash from LONG-TIME saving. I have been trying to save really hard for the past 1 year plus. It is not particularly for my Lasik surgery. But I just find a joy to save and with my “becoming minimalist” lifestyle, I have no reason to splurge like before.

After learning that Lasik is simple and painless procedure from an talk, I decided to take the first step.
So after the talk, I took the chance to register for my assessment. It is only after the assessment, then the doctor would inform you if you are suitable for Lasik. And yes, not everyone are suitable for Lasik! I didn’t know this previously! So don’t get so exciting yet..
Do attend one of those talks to get discount. Although its not a lot, but its better than nothing!

I randomly went this clinic (I am not here to promote it so I am not going say which one I went to lol) as my aunt passed me the name card of a doctor. My cousin did it there few years ago?
Some people did research on it and picked the one based on some factors. Like the doctor is really good, friendly nurse etc. But it doesn’t matter to me because the clinic did a lot of Lasik surgery and I find it much safer to do in a private clinic!
However, I might not recommend this clinic to my friends because I feel that the doctor is not so detailed in explaining and consulting. I didn’t even get any information on my eye results. I think because I paid very little for the assessment and need to pay extra for the full results. -_- I am already paying so much for the surgery. Why can’t you just included in right? Anyway, I find it an hassle to switch clinic since I have done the assessment. I DO NOT want to do my assessment again. So I went ahead with the clinic even though I am not 100% happy or satisfied with the service. I am not those demanding client! 😀

Eye assessment 
I went through a few machines for the assessment. Although it sound scary, but they are painless. Most of them are easy as you just need to focus on the lights and avoid blinking. Took me 2-3 hours although it is due to some waiting time for the eyedrops to take effect and I have to re-do some machines due to not so good results. My doctor told me that I am suitable for all procedure (yay!). I wanted to take the smile procedure initially because its the newest technology. With the extra cost that I have to pay for the customised Lasik, I am paying for the same amount. But of course I know I should think through so I told the nurse that I will consider and call back.

Choosing the procedure – Lasik VS Smile
I choose Lasik in the end instead of Smile. Because its difficult for enhancements if I do smile.  I have fairly higher degree so having the customise surgery means I get custom results? Also, Smile is also still quite new as compared to Lasik so really long time stuffs are still unknown. I am lazy to change glass. My glass is like 2-3 years old so I don’t know if my degree are stable for the past one year. And I think Smile will take longer time to get the vision.

So I booked the appointment for one month later. I choose a Thursday because I want to have rest time over the weekend and have less absence days from work lol (Because nobody covers me when I am away!)

During the one month plus, I read a lot about the surgery, post and after surgery…. I put all information in my Evernote so as not to mess up my brain. But honestly, reading all the information make me feel as nervous because you still feel unprepared and didn’t know what to expect. Also… this is my first surgery. So I am extra nervous.

A friend keep asking me if I feel excited. I don’t feel any bit of exciting because its all nervous.

Nothing much needed to prepare for it as I don’t wear contact lens. Its apparently okay to bath and shampoo on the previous night and on the day itself (before not after). I was misled by some informations online but I also didn’t want to take chance (being a very kiasi singaporean XD) 

Other than that, I tried not to use my mobile phone, watch television or use my MacBook too much lol although I think its quite okay to do so!!!

Surgery day
My appointment was set at 2.30pm. So I enjoyed my last moments by playing my mobile phone as much as I can and being very nervous. I keep questioning myself – why did I want to torture myself into this!!

I ate some lunch (too nervous) and bath (REALLY CLEAN UP because you cannot do after the surgery) and took a cab down.

Reached there much earlier like 20-25mins. Mum (You need someone to bring you home) and I shopped around first looking at shoes. Then when its nearly the time, I went to washroom first.

Reached the clinic and was asked about the payment. I paid everything at one go because I hate doing things by instalment.

Then after 5 mins, I was called to go in to prep for the surgery. I was given some form to read, a valium to calm down  and the medication package. I was being explained by the nurse about the surgery procedure, the medications and after surgery important “to do”. Some of the information are not new to me due to my research. This is also the opportunity to clarify any doubts that you have. But with technology, you can pretty much get most informations online.

The valium did calm me down but I am still nervous!
Despite reading it online and hearing the information from the nurse, its still quite nervous sitting there and waiting for your turn.

I waited for about 15mins and then one person went in. She was sitting at the far left. I thought I am going to be the last person… So I started to relax for like 2-3 mins… But the nurse came to me and told me I am going in soon?! what??!! I am not quite prepared!! But because of the valium, I didn’t panic hahaha.

An nurse came to put in the numbing eyedrops (I hate eyedrops. This is like the most torturing experiences for me. After surgery, I have to put in eyedrops every hour!). Took him awhile to get the eyedrops in (Too nervous). Then I was ushered in and asked to lie down on the operating bed. The nurse asked if I am okay. I say yes but I am bit shaking….

Get yourself into a comfortable position and breathe normally. Because silly me. I forgot to breathe lol

So the surgery begins. I was quite worried about doing things wrongly. But there is nothing to worry because it is super fast and you didn’t have the time to think! All you need to do is stay still! And they are doing it eye by eye. so you can relax one eye.

First machine helps to create the flap. They have this suction ring thingy to do it. I didn’t feel the pressure as described by others (Too nervous??) but I was more worried about doing it all wrong. But it went well apparently.

Then second machine… the lesser scary part is the laser machine to do the actual thing. It is not scary and you just have to focus on the red light. You would smell some stuffs. just ignore it lol the doctor will say how long it takes. It might take longer (my right eye was 56sec). My colleague (who is also considering the surgery) told me that I would smell some burning stuffs. I insisted I will NOT! But I do actually smell it.

Finally the last part because I signed up for corneal cross-linking. This is the most easy part because you just have to stay still. Doctor will drop the eyedrops (yellow-ish stuffs) and shine your eyes on some laser lights.

After doing one eye, that’s when I get excited because I am half way there. Then we continue with the next eye (less nervous now that you know what is going on).

Immediately after surgery (after eyedrops wears off)
It is not pain. But it feels uncomfortable like some stuffs got into your eyes. But you cannot touch it or wipe it away. You will just keep tearing up…
You really need someone to hold you because you cannot see well. Its blurry at first and clears up slowly.

Really prepare your transport. We stood in the line in the taxi stand but it was raining…. ARGHHHH.

After reaching home (finally), my mum helps me to put on the eye shields and I slept. They gave sleeping pills. But I always avoid medicine if I could. So I just fall asleep naturally.

The night after the surgery
I slept about 2 hours although it was recommended to sleep for 4-6 hours. I wake up with a clearer vision. I feel that I can see 100% but I think it was 50%. I don’t feel any pain. But started my eyedrops routine. (This is the part which I didn’t manage to get from the research. I thought its only for dry eyes. But you need to put other eyedrops too. This is only thing I hate. Because I am not a fan of eyedrops. Until today – 9 days after surgery I still couldn’t instil eyedrops perfectly lol)

Day 1 – Day 3 
I did my surgery on Thursday so that I can have the weekend to recover.
I was able to see immediately the next day. I wasn’t as sensitive to lights as I thought. But it does feel better with the sunglass on when I am outside.

I didn’t notice any night vision initially because I stayed at home.

Dry eyes. HA I am soooo lucky!! I never have any dry eyes problems before. I will only tears up only when eyelashes get into my eyes. And after Lasik? Not much problem either! My clinic recommend putting non-preservative lubricating eyedrops into my eyes but I rarely have to do so (like today – 9 days after surgery, I didn’t even find a need to drop even one drop to my eyes!) I find it strange but feel very lucky because I hate putting eyedrops!

I feel tired easily. So I tried to sleep as much as I can. I don’t use mobile phone that much to avoid tiredness.

Avoid washing hair and face for 48 hours. My face and hair feels so oily. But its for my own good. After 48 hours, I used cotton wool to wash my face. Although some says its safe to use towel, but I prefer cotton wool. My mum helped me to wash my hair while I cover my face lol. I have to avoid getting water into my eye for a week!

Day 4
First day back at work!! I felt like I was on a strange movie set with extra and lots of odd bright lights… I asked my colleague if they changed the lighting. She say no. It was just my eye then!
I noticed my night vision finally. I was resting at home on previous days. So it wasn’t really noticeable. But I get the usual halo, ghosting etc.

My eyes do get tired easier when looking at laptop for long. I just switch to paperwork to rest my eyes. I slept earlier because I need more rest time and I feel tired.

I continue putting on eyeshields (for a week) when sleeping as extra precaution. It is recommended to wear for 3 days only.

Day 5
Nothing much. Same tiredness after work. Noticed that I can’t see far that well yet.

Day 6 
I took leave and rest at home because my mum feels that I shouldn’t work so hard. My eyes feel less tired (due to not working? :p) and otherwise, it almost seems like normal.

Day 7 – Day 9
Back to normal. I can finally wash my hair myself. I also stopped using the eye shields when sleeping. For the past 2 days, I feel very normal lol because I can stop the eyedrops (the prescribed ones) so it doesn’t remind me that I just have Lasik. And I can bath normally without having to worry about getting water into my eyes. The only thing I am avoiding is rubbing or touching my eyes directly with hands. I don’t rub eyes much and have been avoiding since I have the surgery, so it is not a big issue.

I still don’t get dry eyes issue. yay! Although occasionally, I feel bit uncomfortable but it usually goes away in a short few seconds.

My eyes aren’t that tired now. I went back to abusing my eyes lol by using my macbook for many hours. My mum told me off. But I do tried to rest my eyes every now and then.

Sometimes I still forget I don’t have my glasses on and wanted to take it out. Especially when Im bathing or sleeping. And it feels amazing to be able to see things when I wake up in the morning.

This is one of the things I can see from my bed. Yes my Harry Potter merch. I wasn’t able to do so previously as I have to wear my glasses first.

Completed my first audiobook

Three days ago, while recovering (I am still recovering but adjusting much better!) from an eye surgery, I decided to try out an audiobook because I was bored lol
I have to limit my time on electronic devices and television.

I borrowed Murder on the Orient Express originally. But the accent was bit hard to understand but its a great audiobook – there’s sounds etc!

So I looked for another audiobook – I ended up with small great things.
Originally, I lost myself in some parts… I just couldn’t catch up with one of narrators. But after switching to mobile, it was much better.

Do I enjoyed audiobooks? Well, it really helps me while recovering from my eye surgery. But I feel that the time needed is simply too long. I got bit impatient at the end… maybe because I am a fast reader and it takes less than the time to get a book done. So I could have spend lesser time if I read them instead. But it is definitely a good way to let my eyes rest. I might use it again seeing that my local library let me check out audiobooks electronically!