Do expensive shoes last?

As I have decided to buy a casual canvas slip on, so I started wondering…

One of the most important thing that I felt is to find a long lasting shoes when it comes to minimalism. It is near impossible to find lasting shoes that last forever. But the idea is that they are not suppose to last forever. But rather, it is good for a long time. So the big question is does price play a part in “lasting”?

Consider expensive – Toms, Keds
Consider mid range – Local brands – Flips / Ripples etc
Consider cheap – Cheap shoes from Taobao/Cotton On etc

Current situation:
– My slip on from Cotton On is breaking. The string from the sewing has begin tearing. It cost like 5bucks. So I don’t expect it to last.
– As much as I love the canvas shoes from Ripples, I am using them as my daily work shoes sometimes… So on Friday where we usually dress down, I would like to wear different shoes.
– I also had another pair of canvas shoes from Flips, but  I am not quite a fan of their design. It is meant to be light but I prefer something more solid.
– My Adidas sandal has also break. I have wearing it often for a few months… For sandals, I find difficulties in getting an good ones. Hence, I think I would be sticking to getting a cheap ones. In the meantime, my choice are quite limited for casual Friday.

Hence, I decided to buy one!

After much consideration, I decided to buy a navy slip-on from Keds. I have their sneaker in black and wear that all the times. There’s an sales going on. But they don’t accept international credit card which is really ridiculous. But I bought the same one at Amazon with $10 saving! I hope it is as lasting as my sneaker! So there is no more spend on canvas shoes. 🙂


Oct roundup

It been such a long time since I posted anything at all. I have been busy as a couple of changes in my life took place. I am now ready to be quite focus on making new posts although I may not be posting that much!

For the past 3-4 months, I faced tough challenges in my personal life. Some changes happened. I learn alot of lessons from these tough days. I would be making a separate post on a couple of topics. But here’s are some highlights and thoughts…
– An ex-colleague decided to walk away from my life. I was obviously devastated at first as I didn’t see this upcoming. I have never faced such situation before and wasn’t able to handle it that well. I could only say we have a couple of misunderstandings and I did value our friendship. But since she had decided to leave my life, I no longer find the reason to treasure it anymore. I would probably treat her as an stranger which I never met. Whatever the reason was. It no longer matters as we would never cross path again anyway. Like what a friend said, you do not depend on her for survival which is quite true. Honestly, I am still trying to get over it… There is still a small part in my heart wished that things didn’t turn sour. But I know that it is not worth it be pondering over it.
– I faced a low point in my life. While I appreciated many people who stand by me during this tough period, but I am also frustrated by a couple of people who show the lack of compassionate. I am not saying I do not appreciate their concern. But sometimes, it just went abit over the line. There is an limit to one’s tolerance level. If you cannot help to solve my problem, then please do not add burden to my problem.
– I am now in my last semester for my study. A friend asked me how I feel? I say I do not have any special feeling. Probably because I am on my first baby step to my dream 🙂 I was in a better place than when I first started.
– I am however excited for my other plan for next year. A couple weeks ago, I realised that I am not as active as I should be. I never enjoy sport or running. But I realise it is good to be out actively even if it means just doing brisk walking 😉 So I am going to devote more time next year to brisk walking! Of course, I am hopefully to write and read more 🙂
– I would also be focusing my energy to Minimalism! For the past few months, I haven’t been able to focus. Hence, I did break my own rules…

– As mentioned, I did break my own rules.
– My main focus is not to eliminate shopping as it still play an important part of my life.
– But I wanted to focus on NEED and not WANT. Obviously, it is something I am still learning.
–  With my energy fully focused, I would be able to think more thoroughly. – Although I may have break my rules, but I have try to minimise whenever I could! For e.g. I am throwing away things I no longer use.

– Likewise I wasn’t able to do any planning during my down time. I believe it was the lack of focus.
– Being more focused, I would be able to do more planning.
– My next year planner would be a Le Petit Prince from moleskine:
I received an discount code for a local bookstore. So I decided to get a new planner for myself 🙂 I am excited about being able to plan actively again.
– After experiencing with different kind of planners, I realise there is no point in having a big planner. It all boils down to being convenience. Having a large planner means having to lug it around everyday which is something quite tiring. So while personalised planner (Erin Condren, Plum Planner etc) are fun. But it is something I am not considering again.