18 Nov 2018

Something exciting to start my post – I had an opportunity to share a session on “Minimalism” last week at work! It was an informal presentation that I have to put up. While I am not expecting anyone to change overnight but I just wish that people could pay a little bit attention to the meaning behind it. 

Some colleagues are quite interested in the ideas while others are not so receptive to it. 

One colleague commented that you are creating karma to throw away stuffs. I literally rolled my eye at that comment. Stuffs aren’t living things… They have no life. While they can be useful IF you have any use for it, they are worthless and is consider as an “rubbish” if there is no use. In fact, by cluttering things, it affects your life, your mind and your health. How come you be creating karma if you are just helping yourself to LIVE BETTER. 

I have previously lend her my book (The life changing magic of tidying up) to read but it seems like nothing gets into her head. 

Well, I declared “helpless” for this case! While I can share my ideas, but if someone refused to change, then there is nothing I can do. Its their life after all… 

As for my minimalism efforts, I am still doing bit of everything that I can while constantly remind myself of the rules that I have set up. It is particularly difficult because I am planning for a vacation to South Korea. I needed to get some stuffs for the trip. And its year end! It means the festive season is here. I really hate gift exchange. It is meaningless and you ended up with things that you do not need. 

I have thought of not preparing anything because I will be out of town anyway. But there is still some colleagues I have to give. 

Other than that, there is always sales everywhere!!! (Best solution is not to look at them!) 

I purchased some stuffs during the 11.11 sales. But I have carefully selected the stuffs that I wanted to buy so I won’t ended up with more stuffs that I intended. 

I need to start looking into my stuffs again and ensure the extra ones are out of my life.  

Okay next topic is FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 have opened! I have watched it. While its still exciting to watch, but I feel that it’s too dark and less magical. I wanted to ask my sister to bring my nieces who got interested in Harry Potter not too long ago to watch. But I think it will be too dark for them. I love Newt though! It is a great character… 


Hobonichi 2019

Yay this year’s purchasing process is so much smoother! I completed my first order in just 1 min and hold the shipment! Then a couple hours later, ordered a few accessories and merge the shipment!

After going through minor hesitation of getting an second planner for my work. I went from wanting a week to a A6 to a Cousin. But in the end, I decided not to purchase an Hobonichi for work. Then I would get to explore other planner. lol.
And… here’s my final purchase:

1) Yes I decided to for the Circus cover because its too colourful to resist. I wanted something more unique… Last year, I choose the Soda Dots. It was my love at first sight. But I realise I wanted A Book and Flowers more after seeing more posts on it.So this year, I went for something different.

The real life cover isn’t really WOW to me. The print on the cover isn’t as clear as I thought. But considering that they are printed on polyester, its quite understandable.
Its still beautiful just not as WOW.

2) Clear cover no longer given out as an freebie. But it wasn’t that expensive. So i decided to get one just in case. It should be good enough to last for one year!

3) One of my issues for this year is I cannot find pages. I think I am still not familiar with the monthly features so it is such a waste. Hope the index tab will help me find my way.

4) I purchased those cute plastic folders as its very hard to find cute plastic folders like this that will fits exactly into a Hobonichi cover! Besides, I am into keep reciepts before I entered them into my Hobonichi Techo. So they would be so useful for me!

5) I didn’t purchase pencil boards last year as they reminds me of the boring paper cutter board. But the pencil board is so different…

6) I am into expenses tracking. And one of my goals next year is better keep track of it. I saw this stamp last year and felt that it was expensive. But, I realise that it would helpful because sometimes, I forgotten to write. It would make things more neat too.

Minimalism update

Today I done some organisation/minimalsim so I thought I would write up. It has been a long time since I did anything major. Recently I was sick for 2 months. So during my down time, I realise that I STILL have too much stuffs and I am not really using some stuffs. So I have been wanting to re-start my organisation/minimalism project. I am far from what I wanted to achieve but I am working towards there.

So I went through my wardrobe + cupboards and throw away some stuffs. I also threw away stuffs I no longer used – an product of a Kickstarter project that I have supported (GREAT product but I get an headache from using it!) + some clothes, hobbies that I am no longer interested in – collecting miniature, analogue photography. It was a painful to remove them as although I do not spend time with them anymore, but I did invest my money in it. But in the end, I decided to take the plunge. And I feel….. so good!

So here is what I have learnt:
– THINK before investing into a new hobby. I am a Gemini which means I am always looking to try new things. It was really bad in the past but it get better these days. I am constantly reminding myself to be commit to the hobbies that I truly love.
– THINK before purchasing anything. I only buy things I really need and I will wait. Like recently, I am planning a trip to Korea so I need some winter clothings. I think through a few times before committing to get some things.
– Get QUALITY product if need to replace. Instead of buying something cheap that required replacement or duplicate because it doesn’t work that well, buy a quality product.
– Don’t get attached to things. Recently I have a conversation with a colleague. She asked me if I keep my paper planners (I used one every year). I said yes. Today, I realise that there is no point of keeping them if I don’t refer to them anymore. I threw away 3 of them. I would probably keep my hobonichi (the paper planner for this year) because I wrote a lot of stuffs in it. But the key point is try not to keep things because of the fond memories

After today, I would continue to organise further… There is still so much to be done!

Planner for 2019

Yay it is time of the year again!! To get a new planner for next year! Bit too early? No its not! I like to get ahead  on this because a paper planner IS VERY IMPORTANT!

What planner I am getting for next year?
Hobonichi Techo! This is my second year using this wonderful planner.

After one year of use, here’s my thoughts:
1) Its much more useful than other planner that I have tried. The format really works much much better. Some days when I am down (with sickness etc), the pages are not fill completely. But that’s okay! But I do admit I get stress sometimes trying to fill things. I keep telling myself not be stress over this.
2) I am not into decorating my hobo like mad. I know some people are very creative about. But I am into minimising my stationary stuffs + I was never a creative person in terms of drawing and decorating.
3) I love A6. I have thought of upgrading to A5 to put in planning for my work. Read online about putting everything into one planner to be more productive. But there wasn’t any nice cover (not for 2019) and I wasn’t too sure if A5 is the size that I am comfortable carrying.
4) I might get a week for work. I tried using a moleskin for work this year. It fails. arghhh. The covers for week are so nice! I wish that they have similar teddy bear cover for A6. I am not into furry stuffs + they are … made from Mohair. Not my kind of cover!
5) One thing I love about Hobonichi Techo is weight! I really love that its very light weight so I carry it with me almost everyday.

I also realised that I have not change my cover although I purchased a new one + I have 3 cover-on-cover (2 from Hobonichi, 1 from third party). So I have changed it!

Yes, its actually an third party cover and cover-on-cover from Third party seller on Taobao! It is actually okay. Fit in well and doesn’t damage the book. By now, my book isn’t in the best shape so yeah, its okay to damage it a little bit.

I love how the pattern of the cover-on-cover perfectly fits in with the cover that I have chosen!

Okay, so the lineup for next year have been revealed.

Here’s what I have in my mind:

Very Berry https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/2019/pc/detail_cover/oc19_colorsberry.html
I am a fan of certain shade of red. This happens to be one of them! Plain colour is always so good. You can mix and match with any cover-on-cover and it will look nice!
But I am looking for something more colourful this year!

Sugar Rose https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/2019/pc/detail_cover/oc19_colorsrose.html
I was known to some friends as the pink girl. I grew out of pink although I am still get pink sometimes. (As I am typing this, I have a pale pink thermal flask on my left & a bright pink hoodie on my right lol) but anyway, hey this pink shade is quite cute.

Pastel stripes https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/2019/pc/detail_cover/oc19_border.html
I love anything pastel-y! But I am not quite into stripe as much as dots which is why I choose the dots last year. But this would be a good cover. It has a bit of colour… and not too loud.

I am Doraemon
Not a huge fan of Doraemon. But its one of the many manga characters that I am quite a fan of. It would e a good buy because its unique. But then I am not too sure if I would like to use that for the whole year. haha.

I forgot when it was, but we sure had fun
I am not a cat lover but this fits in to me trying to get something more colourful this year.  I really love the illustration! But, I am really not a big fan of cat.

Oh yes! Its such a fun cover. Definitely, it is one of my top choices!

The nerd in me says yes! The only thing is that they use leather bookmark. hmm.

28 July 2018

I decided to write an post as I have some time to kill before my nieces and nephew are here!

I finally gotten one! I have been thinking about getting one for 2 years! I finally decided to get because I am on this health programme with my insurer to clock in steps each day to get voucher. I can also clock in using my iPhone but it is very tiring to carry my phone everywhere I goes. I feel that it is not as accurate as well. Having a watch on my wrist is much easier. I was very wary of getting smartwatch after my encounter with Pebble. Never never get tech stuffs from startup company. I thought they were quite solid but it turns out to be… sigh I don’t even want to think about the amount that I have spend on this company. So I waited for 2 years before I was really sure about this.

So I purchased an Atla HR. It was an older model but I learnt from my past when dealing with Pebble is never get an expensive one. My main focus is anyway to clock in steps so I don’t need a lot of function.

I decided to get black although its boring. But its much cheaper. Again, never pay extra for special or limited edition. haha.

I purchased third party strap from aliexpress for USD3. Introduced to an fellow colleague. She say its fake. I was like so what lol. Honestly, nobody really cares if your strap is real or not. I mean as long as the watch is real right. I used third party strap all the times… even back in those Pebbles days. There is no right or wrong in this. You can get any handphone covers. Why do you have to restrict yourselves on your watch strap choice? Duh. And she complained the real strap is expensive. You think the real one is expensive and the third party one is fake. Then what do you want?

Okay, for my goal of 10K everyday, I have been doing well for the past 4 days. Lol. But its weekend. I charged up my Fitbit (just got it yesterday) and clock in much lesser today. But its good as I am being reminded to walk every now and then.

I decided to give up my plan to minimise books LOL. I mean I do borrow from the library or read e-books. But I decided not to restrict myself from buying books. But I would buy only books that I am really sure on! I purchased Marie Kondo’s book recently even though I have read it before. I know that I would refer to this book very often. So I decided to purchase it.

I am currently organisation my DVD/CD. I threw all of my VCD collection. It was a good decision because I would never play them again. I throw away some DVDs and CD casing… leaving only the disc itself. And I organised them into CD pouches. I haven’t buy DVD and CD for like a long time. Whenever possible, I purchase them on iTune instead. 🙂

Then, as usual, I am trying to reduce my stationaries. I “donated” some parts of it to my nieces by putting them in the common area for them to use when they comes over. Other than that, I would try to use them as much as possible.

I minimise my wardrobe every now and then. Of course, I have tried to avoid purchasing  whenever possible.

Will be continuing to work on this.

My Tom Bihn wish-list

My family and I are planning a trip to South Korea in Dec. I am excited because it means I can splurge on a nice traveling bag like finally!! LOL!!
So I am looking at Tom Bihn obviously. Its now one of the brands I always look at! I only have a couple of products so far including a Sidekick which I love and some pouch. It is not much but I do want to get more because they are such a great brand!

So as I started planning for my holiday, I am also start planning my wishlist because the shipping is not cheap.

Medium Cafe Bag
I never like buckle bag. I always feel that they are too boyish for my liking. But… as much I love my Sidekick, its too small to carry some stuffs. I do have other bags but sometimes I just want a Tom Bihn. MCB is a great size to be used as a carry on. If I am not flying budget (which I am not for this time round), I like to carry the right size – not too big or not too small. I tried a tote and a backpack. But they are all too big for comfort!

What I like: The Size (seems right for my use)
What I don’t like: The buckle

Luminary 10
Its love at first sight. I have this bag on my wish-list ever since it has been released. But I have 2 backpacks. So I couldn’t buy. But I imagine this backpack would be soooo wonderful for traveling around!! My current backpack aren’t really good for traveling…
So, I am very determined to get this for my upcoming trip!! I am just waiting for the new version to be released. It could be my work backpack too since its such a beautiful bag!

What I like: Everything? LOL.
What I don’t like: Colour combination (My perfect combination would be Mars Red/Black)

3D Organizer Cube (Clear)
I am really into organisation & I have a lot of pouch to organise my bags. I just hate looking for things in my bag. It seldom happens to me because I keep things neat and tidy! This is on wish list because I don’t have a clear organiser. And having a clear one is very useful – especially when you are on a trip.

What I like: Clear – visible to see things
What I don’t like: Only one size

Travel Tray
When I saw this, I was like I need this!!! I always like to keep some stuffs at my side when I am in the hotel and I hate it when its messy!

What I like: The function
What I don’t like: None yet


My Loqi Reusable bag

As part of my green initiatives, I started to cut down plastic bags.
I used to have a few reusable bags from Baggu.  But I never really used them. I kept one at work for emergency use. But I rarely find the need to take it out. I used another for bringing my lunch to work. But the rest are mainly kept at home. I didn’t have the habit of bringing one out with me whenever I went out. So a few weeks ago, I decided that I should bring one wherever I goes!

As much I love Baggu, I find them a bit too plain for my liking. Sure sometimes they have very nice prints in limited supply every now and then. But the shipping fees doesn’t justify for me to get them. The ones that I have are in plain colours. Despite it being an popular brands, not many stores carry them locally. I only came across them once!

Then I came across.. Loqi! It is slightly expensive when compared to Baggu. But its worth it! I have heard of Loqi for a long time but I never thought of buying one as I am a Baggu fan. LOL. So I came across a sale page on one of my favourite shopping platform. It is expensive but still quite reasonable priced. There are a lot of prints.. its like Baggu but much much prettier. So I decided to invest in one! Nothing really caught my eyes except for The Sunday on the island. But for some reason, it was sold out. The Starry Night is too common… although my niece would be delighted to see me carrying it. She is only 7 years old but she already know this painting! 😀 So I went to their website to see and saw  Vase with sunflower. It was love at first sight and I know that I have to get it! It is no longer available online at the office online shop and the seller wasn’t selling it either. And I wasn’t even sure if the seller are selling the authentic Loqi or not. You never know, these days… anything could be fake. So the next day, after work, I rush to one of local retailers (Yes they are much more common as compared to Baggu). I was really hoping that they have this exact design. They also have the The Sunday on the island. In fact, it was displayed out and for some reason, it didn’t look as nice in the actual product lol so obviously, I purchased the Vase with sunflower instead.  I am really happy with the purchase. Because it is still so beautiful even though I keep looking at it. And I feel like getting like 4-5 of them just to make sure I have it forever like when it break or something. But the minimalist me say no.

So after getting this, I keep it with me like 90% of the time! The only exception is when I am out for a quick meal. I gifted one of my Baggu and another reusable bag (given by an ex-colleague last year for Christmas) to my mum. I saved about 7 plastic bags (Refusing them at the cashier) so far and looking forward to save more 🙂