Weekly roundup – 1 to 18 Oct

Wow, It has been a long time. I have been busy with my holiday plan and re-organisation/packing of my room/wardrobe.

So firstly, I went Hanoi, Vietnam for a few days. It was not quite fun. I personally did not enjoy it… But its a good place to have coffee at different cafes (The coffee there is much cheaper than our local cafe!) and just relax like reading a book. I couldn’t really concentrate as I was with someone…. I could only be productive when I am alone. So usually I would pop by a local Starbucks on a Saturday morning with a notebook and pen….alone… And I am happily writing away! I need to do this more often though… Hanoi is not exactly a shopping heaven. But you can get good clothes there. I choose to spend a bit more to shop for Vietnam/Hanoi designer clothes (It is not that expensive as pricing is similar to Topshop) as I feel that I need to support SEA designers.  For vegan/vegetarian, I didn’t find a big problem to get food as good restaurant usually have some options but…. if you are strictly on no-onion, it is very tough as most local don’t speak English. I wish everyone would just stop putting onion into veggie stuffs. One thing I was worried about…is the washroom. I read that they can be very dirty. But the restaurant/Hotels ones are clean. I just pop into any hotels that I came across when I need the toilet. My friend say the receptionist was staring… But who cares?

I am going to skip the minimalism part as it is not something that I have been doing! I am going to try to go back into focus on that for the next couple of weeks. But… here’s some other stuffs…
So my room was in a mess (I kept them tidy again yesterday) when I left for Hanoi and being busy when I return, I kept it like this for a few days. When my room is messy, my mind is somehow cluttered. So I didn’t use my planner. And, I don’t know… I just feel so light when I am not bringing it with me.

Let me explain a bit… I am trying to cut down (okay, you can call this minimalism :P) the number of stuffs I bring to work. When I changed my phone, I did the exact opposite things – 1) Unlike previously, I updated myself to a data plan. 2) I purchased an more-expansive-than-usual screen protector. 3) I purchased a shiny new case. So I feel like my phone is much more premium than ever. As a result, I uses it more often. So, the reminder app which I don’t find it very useful previously is now very useful! With the new iPhone, I didn’t have to bring my other devices – iPad Mini. So bag size is not really an issue. How is this linked to my planner? Of course it it. I now find my planner very bulky and sometimes I really want to bring a small bag. Oh well, this problem is really very temporary as I ordered an Frankie Diary for 2016. I think I am going to use that when I goes out/to work for 2016. But in the meantime, I will be bringing ones of my fauxdori to be the connecting planner. Although it feels like it will, but I hope I will NOT be reducing efficiency and productivity. My now-I-feel-bulky-but-it-is-expensive planner from Plum Paper will still be used as the main planner but I am leaving it at home. Now I need to write more 🙂 when transferring stuffs. I also came up with a whole new system. It is kinda inspired by the Day Designer which is btw way too expensive. I thought of shipping to my US-based shopping agent and get them to ship to Singapore with a cheaper shipping (shipping direct from Day Designer will cost $49!) But it cost $13 to ship in US itself which is…..EXPENSIVE. I got the Top Three idea from them and incorporated it into my planning. So I will concentrate on the Top Three when I am away from home. This is actually great as I do not need to bring my bulky planner. The rest of the tasks (on a normal workday) can only be completed when I am at home. I would bring a lighter planner (one of the fauxdori for now) and I don’t have many spaces to write anyway!

It didn’t go well for the past 2 weeks or so! I started buying again. Yes, bad. 
But this time, it is because I wanted to change my style. I never had a style. I wear whatever I am comfortable with. But I think its time for me to dress up.  I discovered a style called “Preppy”. Well, I am not really going to wear in preppy style. But I think it would be something very similar.

Firstly, I need to get more basic clothes like polo, shirts etc. I used to think polo are so formal. It is casual formal. But it is too formal. I am more comfortable with graphic tee. But I think I need to wear more. So I ended with 3! (I’ll talk more about it below).  I did like basic. But I feel like I needed more. Good ones.

Then I somehow feel I need new bags. I am always looking for a new bag when I have a new purpose – a wedding to attend, a vacation etc! So it is now the perfect excuse for me to get one. But I did clear my wardrobe to eliminate a few bags that I no longer want. So my wardrobe should be more clean now. I am looking to eliminate some more tomorrow.

Finally, I started to get crazy about …. sailor stripe, anchors and sailboat!

Let’s recapped what I have purchased:
1) LL Bean
So I purchased two classic boat tote in different style. I always want classic boat tote. They are like so classic and useful. and it never goes out of fashion. The customised one is obviously more expensive as you get to design your own tote. But if you are on budget, the classic style is great too. I would write in more details in my next post (when I received it)
There was another discount (10% off) previously. I keep thinking about this for 3 hours but decided not to get. I already have 2 bags – although I would very much loves a zipped, medium and regular strap with a single letter initial, But I have enough for now! I wanted to get the S size but for the price differences of USD5, I feel that the small size is too small. As compare, Lands End have a smaller size that I am comfortable with. Which is why I purchased it next.

2) Lands End
Well, I am not familiar with LL Bean or Lands End so I decided to try them both. Lands End was having a promotion of 30% off from the regular item so I decided to order their version of tote. Their tote is not made in US but it has compartments and some say its seems stronger. Furthermore, it has sailor stripe! I ordered 2 polo on sales and opted to include a cute sailboat embroidery in one of the polo 🙂 I definitely love that option. I am aiming to get one of the shirts with the embroidery in future. One thing I hate is the annoying shipping… Ya, I wish they have free shipping for any amount.

3) Cases
In my last post or something, I mentioned I have purchased a new iPhone. I was going to go naked by having a slickwrap. But I got a bit carried away with buying cases. 
Well, I think I have enough and I need to stop purchasing more!!

I read that their new transparent case has a new technology to prevent yellowing. Nobody is sure how true it is. But I decided to get one and try out for myself.

I saw the promo for 25% off at snapchat so I couldn’t resist! Ordered the Karat case in Rose Gold at 7am when I wake up at the hotel…

Purchased this before my flight. I was attracted by the swarovski crystal elements. It made my iPhone look even more premium!

Taobao and Aliexpress is a great place to get cheap cover/cases/screen protector.  I purchased only 3. (I used the word “only” as I would have 30 by now if it was the same person 2 years back :P)

4) AE
I was a fan of AE many years ago. But I kinda stop buying as I went to buy cheap clothes and fast fashion. Buying from AE was expensive as we need to go through a third party shipper. But I decided to get a new white polo from them as I always love their clothes – it’s always super soft and comfortable 🙂 I still have my clothes from many years ago. Now I found a cheaper way to shop so I am going to start buying from AE again. Well, once in a long while.

5) Merimies
I was doing a bit of bag shopping at Taobao. oops. Then I came across this little Thai brand. I was instantly attracted to it. I always wanted a TCSC kind of bags. No to TCSC as they uses REAL leather! Last year, I tried looking for an alternative in vegan leather but I couldn’t find one that I really like and they are expensive. I didn’t want to buy from those in Taobao as they look like they will break in a few uses. I was delighted to know that they ship worldwide! I was indecisive at first as they have too many choices. Plain, mix or stripe. I decided to go with stripe in size M. But it ran out of stock. I was asked to choose an alternative in the same price range. I decided to go bold and pick my recent favourite MINT colour.

6) Kikki K
Oh yes, I finally visited Kikki K again. (I visited a few times in the past but didn’t get anything as I wasn’t into stationaries back then!) Kikki K is officially my favourite store. I was there on a saturday afternoon. But the staffs there are very friendly and helpful. I walked around the small store several times as I was so excited about everything I saw. I was approached by the friendly staffs a couple of times even though the small store was busy 🙂 Maybe because I actually picked something up than just browsing. Anyway they asked me to join as a member when I was paying. I filled up a form but not sure how I am getting the details – probably by email? I hope I get some kind of discount coupon as I am hoping to find excuse to visit them again. I want all of their pens. Every single one.

Here’s what I purchased on saturday:

Stationaries in Mint and sail/anchor. I just couldn’t say no. I am keeping them for my cruise trip which I haven’t plan yet…. HAHA! I decided to pick up a elastic band for notebook as they could be so useful!
I do wanted to get their canvas planner. But I realise it wouldn’t be useful to me as its dated. I already have 2 planners for 2016! And I have 3 undated organisers. 2017 maybe!

Now, I am trying to curb my shopping now that I am back in full focus! I hope I could to stop buying for at least a month!

Day out
So yesterday I met up a friend and we visited Lady M.

I don’t like the space. It is too compact. They should remove the middle row and service is kinda slow.

My friend who is crazy about green tea influenced me to hate their green tea cake. But I will have to try again to really comment. The chocolate one (which look like a charcoal in the picture. But it’s a normal chocolate cake in real life) is rich and delicious.

This place isn’t known for coffee so I say their ice mocha taste all right. Just good enough for me to start my day officially….


weekly roundup – 16 August to 23 August

I noticed something… well.. for a while now. My readership has dropped a lot as compared to previous months. HAHA. But then I don’t write to attract high readership or to be famous. Although it would be very nice if I could have a career as a full time blogger who actually made money out of it, but this is not my reason. not now anyway. I wanted to write because I need to declutter my brain and I need to practice writing 😀 But anyway, here’s the boring updates of my boring life again!

I have been writing/typing/thinking about my strength and skills for the past week. I discovered a bit on myself and found an direction. I am not going to pursue it immediately as I am not quite sure if anyone would hire me without any decent experiences or portfolio. Although I did (bravely) applied for an job. But I doubt there would be any call. Anyway I realise my dream is still somewhere along writing. I have kept a blog for 15 years or so. (Although I keep changing the blog system – I blogged for a few years on this small/unknown site call Tabulas. Out of sudden, my blog entries was gone. I didn’t feel like staying anymore. So I moved to Live-journal. Somehow Live-Journal wasn’t working for me. Now I am at wordpress which I hope to stay a few good years? But I have learn that pen & paper is still the most trustable method of journaling :)) I feel like I am suit for copywriting although I know little about this line of profession. In my free time, I do a lot of creative works for myself so I feel that I have the creativity inside me! I am going to take a crash course on copywriting. But firstly I have some good news! I had a phone interview on a job opportunity. It is not something on copywriting/writing but very similar to what I am doing now. But it is with a creative firm. I am so excited for this opportunity because I am losing productivity at my current work. I want to do more! I would be talking to the director again in 2 weeks’ time…. and it is very positive!

I have a new television show to watch. New episodes are uploaded to the china’s video site, Youku at midnight. As a result of this, my schedule has been disrupted again. I tried watching the “live” television for a couple of days then the link somehow stop working. So I have to switch my schedule in order to watch them on Youku.  Honestly it is not really productivity at all. I missed 2 nights as I was too tired for anything else. I am hoping that I will adjust soon next week. Although I did make it up by doing whatever I can on weekdays. But productivity on weekday is still not there. After last week, I should start on working on the inventory for other stuffs. But I haven’t do anything! My track record for zero spending (on unwanted stuffs. excluding food) is nearly 2 weeks. I am hoping that I could keep this for at least a month! But it is definitely a huge change since previous month. I am just so happy that I am able to find a solution out of my struggling! I always know that changes is not easy. But I hate the struggling part and the guilty part (when I spend against what I wanted).… But it is now better 🙂

Shopping/In love with … snoopy
I started to receive what I have purchased last month…. My M&N bag (from ASOS) has not arrived. I keep thinking about it every other day or so!

I am not sure if I did mention but I am strangely in love with snoopy. Why is it so strange? I never like dogs. I hate them. I didn’t really watch peanuts cartoon or what. So it is strange. But anyway, I added some snoopy stuffs to my strange collection of all sort of cartoon character:

A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe (Mega Mini Kit) – Book Depository
Peanuts Philosophers – Book Depository
Peanuts stationary set – ASOS
I love Ice Cream Snoopy pouch – Taobao.com
Peanuts Journal Set – ASOS
B5 Notebook – ASOS

iPhone 5S cover – aliexpress
Snoopy Fountain Pens – Taobao.com (Here’s a good review on this pen: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/287408-my-very-first-pen-review-it-arrived/)
Snoopy x Cher tote bag – Taobao.com

That’s all I wanted to say for this week.

Weekly roundup – 29 April to 3 May

So I decided to use a new format in my weekly round-up. Instead of using the week number, I would be using the date. I didn’t do a round-up last week so I would be writing everything for the past 2 weeks!

What have I been busy with?
So I couldn’t write an round-up last week as I have been rather busy. Firstly it was work. I came home slightly late everyday. It took my energy away and I just want to rest and do nothing else!

Then I was distracted by….. TV! I don’t watch much Korean drama but I do catch a bit here and there during my dinner time. I like to watch something while having my meals. This is very bad for health but it is a habit I simply cannot change. So last week or so, I found out the channel that I was watching my Korean drama on has extended the time for an extra hour. An full extra hour! which means originally it is supposed to be ending at 8pm but instead it will end at 9pm! Not only that, they also broadcasted a Japanese drama which I wanted to watch for a long time. So I couldn’t resist keeping myself free for television from 10-11pm!

My usual schedule is like this:
7-8pm: Dinner, TV, after work resting
8-8.30pm: Bath
8.30pm-bedtime: Stuffs I need to do.

My now schedule:
7-9pm: Dinner, TV, after work resting
9-9.30pm: Bath
9.30pm: Stuffs I need to do
10-11pm: TV time (again)
… and straight to bed!

So you can imagine the past few days on weekdays hasn’t been very useful! I have done much lesser work. Uh this is really bad as I don’t like to be doing less things. But the good news is the Japanese show is ending soon! So I will go back to less hectic schedule. Hoping I would catch up with my work soon!

Other than that I have been busy reading on…… NORTH KOREA! I don’t know how but a couple of days ago, I came across something which prompted me to read up on NK. I am fascinated by everything I have read. I know they are a country that are mysterious but I didn’t know about so many stuffs – e.g. how the citizen is unable to access the internet as freely. There is a couple of books on this mysterious which I am interested to read 🙂

World Book Day
So 23 April was World Book Day so I took my morning off from work to visit Kinokuniya. They are giving out a free Black Penguin Classic to all members.

I was expecting the store to be crowded at opening. But only a couple of people dropped by to get their free copy. I guess next time I shall come by after work? 🙂

I also decided to purchase one of Stephen King’s books as it is the last day of their 20% discount! I was eyeing at Christine originally but the book is too thick as I wanted a new book for my upcoming holiday! Btw my favourite Stephen King’s books are 11/22/63 followed by The Shining and Carrie! I thought I will enjoy Under the Dome but I keep stopping it 😦 But I guess at some point of my life, I will finish that book!!

They have a similar event for yesterday’s Free Comic Book Day. But I am not really a fan of comic/manga etc. So I didn’t go down. And its on a Saturday so probably there would be crowd.

On the same subject, I backed this wonderful SciFi project a while back… Scifi book is just so WOW. So I got myself a lifetime subscription! I got my code last week and have signed up for an account. I am probably going to start reading something soon.

Face to face promotion
Can I say I hate such promotion? I do get it once in a while. But recently I feel like there is too much of them and  it started to get on my nerve. I mean bothering people at the mall is fine as it is a public space. But visiting people at their house is like really just plain annoying. People could be in the middle of something important – e.g. a phone-call. I noticed they never ask if you are okay for a small chat. They just went straight to the topic. Yesterday yet another “company” came to visit my house. Originally I thought it was the deliveryman. Some courier company do deliver on weekend now. So I went to answer the door. Turn out to be some insurance agent people promoting some insurance stuffs. If I want insurance, I will go get one. I do not need people to “brainwash” me into buying one. So in order to get out of the conversation I just say 1) I am not working.(I look young anyway) 2) I never work not even part time. (They can’t tell anyway) 3) My parents are not in. (Truth). One of the sale person even ask me about my age. I gave her the “none-of-your-business” look. I think they don’t really believe it as she asked me to confirm again. I was in the middle of doing some work so I really can’t bother to chat with these annoying people. I know it is their job. But really I am sure they are grown up who knows there are better jobs out there.

Minimalism, To do
Last week I finally threw away some expired snack. I got some muesli bars from Australia last year when I visited. I realise they were expired when I wanted to eat a couple of months ago. They were cheaper as Australia is the manufacturing country. Anyway since they are cheaper, I got greedy and bought too much. I went online and check – Some website claimed that such dry snack are actually still okay even after expired date. The snack will just lose the flavour and maybe much less crunchier. I did have 1 or 2 even though they are expired. Ya, it tasted all right. But soon I forgot about them again. Last week i realise they are expired for a few months. So it is really not safe to eat them anymore. A self-note to myself not to get greedy and buy too much snack. I am not really a snack person. I going eat snack when I feel hungry at work. I can go by months without having snack!

Next is my to do, planning stuffs…
Firstly the budgeting I started a couple of weeks back is officially fail 😛 1) I am suppose to do this on Sunday but Sunday is my busy day as my nieces are always around. So I don’t really have much time. 2) I always run out of $2 notes which I am suppose to be using. :/ But I am happy to say that this is just a concept that do not need actual action for it to work. I keep this in my mind everyday and I spend less than what I wanted to budget! I need to think of a way to fix this system again!

Secondly, It almost come naturally…. but I stop using my passion planner. It has been a week? I kinda stop bringing to work. I don’t know. I just feel the A6 organiser I am using as my daily notebook seems to be enough for me. It is pointless for me to write something and ultimately I have a similar schedule almost everyday. Furthermore I uses the bigger A5 organiser at home. So I am kinda used to the system. Oh well I will try to write something in my passion planner and see how it goes for next week.

Weekly roundup: Third week of April

I have been busy at work working on a proposal. So I am rather tired this week! Admitting that not much work have been done due to this. This week my colleague and I have a couple of private discussion regarding our work environment. I feel like things are changing ever since one of our colleagues left and we don’t like it. But I guess we have to get used to it. Things aren’t used to be the way they are. I guess we need to buckle up.

Television and reading
So I completed House of Cards and started on Better call Saul. I love the spinoff! It has the same vibe as Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is not really one of my all-time favourite shows. But I do enjoyed it 🙂 Although I don’t have an favourite character but I do like Saul and Mike. They are interesting in their own ways. It is interesting they are in this spinoff together.

Well, This is my 2015 Reading Challenge. Yes it is a lot lesser as compare to last 2 years. But I do want to take things slowly.

I completed reading Shopaholic to the Stars yesterday when I returned home from my trip to Kinokuniya.
I have been wanting to read this. The reviews aren’t that good everywhere on the internet. But strangely, I still do enjoy that book. How do I determined whether I like the book or not? Very often it is how long I taken to read it. I completed it in a few hours and couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it. It has the same format as the previous books – Becky trying to change > Becky have some thoughts/things to do > Becky screwed up > Becky put things right. I don’t see how bad it is. Ya maybe she is a mother. She ought to grow up a little bit and you know not thinking about shopping all the times. But it is who she is. The book ended up in a cliffhanger. Damn, I got to buy the book via Kindle when it has been released.

I feel very sad that I am going to miss our second family vacation! Due to the nation turning 50, we have one extra day of holiday on 7 August and the national day itself fall on a Sunday which means Monday is an holiday. My family planned for a short get-away to Malaysia. But I am stuck in Singapore as I need to attend a friend’s wedding on the 8th. I wished that I could skip this but she is really like my best friend in the world. It is strange that we don’t keep in contact much in my daily life. But she is someone who I always turn to when I need help. especially for work! So there is no way I am not attending her wedding. 😦

My Taiwan planning is on a hold until I get a firm confirmation from my sister. Anyway there is little to be done as I just need to find the direction and book a couple of transports and we are good to go.

But I have a little secret. I am hoping to overcome my fear of escalator by then. 😦

To-do, Minimalism
I was going to write an detailed post of this. But one of my shipments went missing and it is taking its time to be shipped again. So I am just going to write a short post without going into too much details of the product. What I am using is a FauxFilofax from Taobao! This is the exact same agenda/planner/organiser thing from Filofax or Kikki K.

Once again this is how it look like. It is an A5 size which is probably too big to be carried in my daily bag! So I kept it on my desk.

The planner itself comes with a divider which is really much more useful for a planner. Since I have a daily planner, I don’t use this as a planner. But it doesn’t mean the divider is not useful! I could have get a new divider but it would cost at least 3-4bucks and it may not be necessary. But anyway I am going to consider it again in a month time. In the meantime, This is how I am making use of the dividers!

Monthly – Notes for the month. For my case, I am using it to write my vacation plan as this is something I doing this month.

Weekly – things I am need to do weekly – task list. One thing about my planner? I don’t like the limited space it has. So this would comes useful.

Today – Minimalism note. To me, minimalism is a daily affair. So it should be always be in my Today agenda 🙂 I have pages where I just write my thoughts on my buying decision.

List & To Do – Shopping list, To Do etc. All kinds of list.
(I missed the picture for this)
Favorite – Kickstarter tracker, online purchase etc

Account – What I have spend.

I have another size in A6. I bought it for comparison purposes (it would be in detail in that post I am doing)

The size is great. Its not too heavy for me to bring out. In fact, was happily writing on the bus until someone came to sit beside. She was very inconsiderate as she position her arm against my arm to play with her cellphone. That obstructed my thoughts so I gave up writing. Thanks Inconsiderate stranger! One good thing about such planner is that you can always take out the paper! This was this big problem in my previous daily notebook as my notes were all over the place. I need divider. I need to rip off pages that I no longer need! With this, I can write and take out the pages and put in my A5 planner when I reach home. So it sort of transfer over.
Now maybe I should just stick on one? Maybe I should. But I decided to get both (okay there is another one coming) as I wanted to do a product review. So yeah. I will stick to one next time.

Weekly roundup: Third week of March

Work updates
Nothing much this week except I received an good new. That day my boss asked me to go into my CEO’s room for a close door meeting. I was a little bit scared. I went to my CEO’s room all the time for work. But I seldom have an close door meeting. But it turn out they have decided to rise my salary. I was naturally very happy about it. With this additional money, I am planning to enrol in a couple of short courses to brush up on my HR qualification and skills 🙂 I do have something in mind but I am not sure if I will be accepted as they do have some strict requirement. It is opened to HR personnel. I am not 100% HR personnel based on my current job-scopes. One of my friends also suggested that I should take up business course. I never like business course as they are too dull. So I didn’t even consider it when I was picking an course for my degree. But of course, I feel kinda regretted 😦 I wished I knew what I want back then.

Minimalism, To-do etc
Nothing much for this week 😦 I had a personal health problem for a couple of days. I didn’t have full usage of my arm so I couldn’t do much! Unfortunately that’s also meant I neglected my planner for a couple of days again. My arm is better today (I even have my first craft lesson which I would write more about!) so I am hoping to get back into shape by tomorrow. I have guests for tonight so I would be not doing much.

But I did came up with an idea which I would start soon! I have been thinking about the way I saved. I don’t spend as much as before. But I still feel I am not saving enough. For e.g. I wanted to spend only $3.50 maximum for lunch. But I always exceeded my spend on one of those days. I would either get a drink or get expensive lunch 😦 It is okay once in a while but not every week!

Then there is this problem – stationary purchases. I always see and buy without sparing much second thoughts. Same for online purchases. Okay, I did not buy everything I see. But I am still spending. which is bad.

I suddenly thought of a wallet which I saw on Etsy – basically it has dividers which you can put cash in. It is actually an common saving method. But I just didn’t think I need another fancy wallet that cost $35! Breaking my minimalism goal at the same time. I think expansion folder would work well. So I am going to visit the bookstore tomorrow. I do remember seeing those mini folder before. Otherwise I can always use whatever I have at home 🙂

Due to the above situation, I have not complete my book – Totto Chan. But I am going to try to complete it tomorrow. I am going to visit the library and pick up some easy reading books like Agatha Christie. I have read a few last year and I enjoyed every books so much! I am trying to get more reading before I get myself busy with holiday plan. Most likely I need to plan for my family vacation again.

Online purchases, Kickstarter etc
As usual, this week I kinda wanted to buy something online. I have wanting to find a pencil case/pouch. In fact, I had one pouch in my Etsy cart ready to check out. I was attracted to the panda cute prints 😦 Then I keep reminding myself its silly as I have many pouches which work well to keep my stationaries and pencil box at home! I should really curb, curb, curb! My next urge is to buy a new short. I always buy something when I have vacation plan :p It is kinda like “I-need-something-new-cos-I-am-going-holiday” but it is silly as I do not need new things especially short. I will buy one when it is torn. On the other hand, I will get something new for the trip. I wrote about waiting for a couple of kickstarter rewards to arrive.They were from last year (before my life goal commerced :() One of them is an backpack. It should be on my way! I am going to use it for my upcoming trip!  😀

I was really excited to back an new project. It is some kinda of magnetic board which I feel would make my organisation lots easier. I thought about it for a few hours. But decided to jump in at the very last couple of days. It attracted me as it can be pasted onto any surface which is just so great for me! I need a board all the times! My current board is an D-I-Y whiteboard which I ordered through aliexpress. I pasted onto corrugated board and hang it in front of my desk. It worked well as a notice board. But it is kinda shaky and doesn’t write that well. 😦 The sticky notes also drop all the times so I have to use tapes very often. In long term it would be better as I am really saving some costs. But I think the quantity given might be too much. I would have to re-look at it again when it arrives. Most probably I am giving the rest away! 🙂

Lastly, as usual, complaints for Kickstarter/crowdfunding. I really need to curb my crowdfunding spendings as well 😦 I would work on this with my new system.

Okay, so my “some charger” actually work. I had some certification error. But it somehow still charge when I tried the second time. But, it is the most horrible charger I ever have. I leave it and it will depleted by itself. So in order to charge I have to charge it first which doesn’t make sense if I am using it as an backup/emergency charger. :/ It doesn’t cost very cheap either.  With this bad experience, I am avoiding that particular crowdfunding site 😦

My “some clutch” have not arrive. Last week, I posted an rather-lengthy comment (Nothing rude btw!). And I got an email from them in a couple of hours later. Amazing eh?
– They need hire professional customer service. The person sending email is….. 1) There is no greeting. 2) There is no signature + company details. Hello you ARE representing an company. 3) There is no response to what I want to know. 4) She/he just sounds a bit impatient.
– I still didn’t get what I want to know. I discussed with an colleague who buy stuffs online all the time. She agreed that all posts from US usually comes with a tracking.

I am very excited that I made two transactions last week! I sell online mainly to get rid of the stuffs I do not want. It is not for making an income. So I am very fussy and strict when it comes to selling. I wasn’t able to sell anything previously as I have buyer who wants to meet up and bug for discount. I wrote about why I hate meeting up previously. It is mainly because of the time wasted. So I am really happy that I have two buyers who is fine with getting their purchases mailed. It is like old time. Nobody do meet up back then 🙂 I have another buyer who bug me two times to meet up. He/she still refuses to give up when I say no for the 3rd times. It is honestly just an very light weight item so I really don’t get it why he/she cannot make my life less miserable. I was also very happy that they didn’t bargain. I have people who offer me ridiculous prices. I gladly click “decline” each time. I am not selling for the money so I am happy to wait for someone who know how to appreciate the price I set.

I mentioned that we are planning for a trip to taiwan and it is now confirmed! I am really excited as Taiwan is my favourite holiday destination ❤ We booked budget airline tickets and it cost only less than SGD400 per pax. I usually take budget if it is a short flights (less than 5 hours) but I would opt for non-budget airline if its a longer flight. Last year I took my second non-budget holiday to Australia. My first experience is of course our very own Singapore Airline which was very long ago when I was quite small. Anyway it was a awesome experience with Qantas. I would go for it again if I am visiting Australia. I feel like I need to see the rest of Australia as well 😀

Talking about this,  I have one friend who claimed that she cannot travel as she will fall sick during long distance flight or bus. It is such a pity but personally she also didn’t quite make an effort to do something to her situation. I suggested that she should see a doctor to get medicines. But she say nevermind. Oh well, it seems more like she don’t want to travel which is a little silly to me. Traveling is always good. You can see the world. Everywhere is so different. Culture, food and just EVERYTHING. Even the building are so fascinating. I was so fascinated by the old buildings I seen in Sydney. They are just so beautiful. ❤ I don’t enjoy Hong Kong when I was there for 3 times (as compare to other countries I have visited) but I do remember Hong Kong being the first country I ever visited. The neon light scenery at night is just so beautiful and always in my mind.

Weekly roundup: Second week of March

The last 3 posts are all about shopping. So I figure I do a weekly roundup as I have NOT been just shopping! 😛

Minimalism, To-do etc
Now I really think a RIGHT cup of coffee is really important in order for me to work. This morning actually noon (My nieces were here in the morning so I wasted spend my morning with them), I tried a new brand of coffee which uses Stevia. I never heard of Stevia until Breaking Bad. So I thought I will tried since nobody will poison me huh. It turns out to be the worst cup of coffee I ever drank. It is strangely way sweeter than any instant coffee I had and it doesn’t taste like coffee at all. I drank half and poured half of it away. What. a. waste.

Then I was tired and wasted the afternoon doing some shopping. oops. And finally went to take a nap and woke up at 4pm and decided I need my real coffee. So I would probably stay up till very late tonight which is bad as I prefer waking up early.

anyway, back to the topic… 
I did clear a bit of stuffs last week. I couldn’t do anything today due to the above situation. So I will try to do some minimalism later or tomorrow morning!

I had a bad week so I didn’t do much planning towards the end of the week. But I probably will catch up tomorrow. Now I started to think again… Is it a good idea to plan out the day only on the night before? I like it because it is much flexible if there is an changes of plan. But if I am in a bad mood, had an sudden engagement, Chance are I would probably skip the planning :/ But then again, planning is just a plan… There is no need to follow it blindly. Oh well, anyway I would try planning in advance for the next week tomorrow.

My day off…. 
I had an day off and went to the mall. I usually avoid the mall even on my day off but I was having a bad week. So I wanted to get out and enjoy….

I always started my day with a breakfast at MacDonald or KFC whenever I visited the mall in the morning on a weekday. Actually its more for the coffee than the breakfast itself. I will take my own sweet time sipping the coffee to think and write. In this case, I wrote about my career, my life and generally, everything!

After 1.5 hours or so, I will pack and get ready to… shop…

Nowadays, I am also keeping to a simple way of shopping by visiting only the shops I wanted. This is to minimise temptations to shop more than I needed to. But then again, It is always the best to avoid everything together.

I always visit only bookstores, Mark & Spencer, Muji & Uniglo.
For this trip I also went Tokyu Hand to see if there is any interesting there. I was immediately attracted by the range of stationaries but I was expecting much more. A bigger store maybe? I was expecting more pens and stamps. But the washi tape section is really big. I am not really into washi tapes.

I ended up with some stationaries! Believe me, this is really at a minimum level 😦 My brain was working throughout the whole trip and I cut down A LOT. e.g. I wanted to get a new pen case (Attractive colours at Tokyu Hands) but I resisted. I didn’t buy any clothes though this means something 😀 I got some books too but didn’t take a picture. There is a need to support local bookstore once in a while or they will close down.

I couldn’t resist picking up a new preppy as they have designs in Hello Kitty!! which is super adorable ❤ They have been around for a long time. But this is definitely the first time I am seeing it.  Oh well, I don’t care for pens that much last time. So I might not have noticed. It is much expensive than the regular ones. So I probably won’t be getting another one. I got a new Platinum Plaisir too. The label in the shop stated it as yellow but there was nothing yellowish about the colour. It is more like gold 😀 They are cheaper as compare to anywhere else so Tokyu Hands is a good place to get them! Yay for opening up Tokyu Hands in Singapore. Although it is smaller as compare to Japan, but I am happy to be able to get my stationaries.

I saw Pilot Kakuno too. But NBC bookshop is selling them at a cheaper price. So I didn’t get it as I went TH after that. And I wanted to go home. Also I have so many other pens. This could be save for the next time.

I got the Panda stamp at NBC though. It’s for my planner. I also picked up an Midori Travellor Insert for an fauxdori I am waiting for. I will post details of it when it arrives. Both NBC and Tokyu hand carries the insert and the notebook itself. But I am only interested at the insert. 😛 I don’t like leather notebook 🙂

Work updates
So I had a bad week at work. If you read my “About Me” section, I have been thinking on a change in my career progression. Opportunity has arisen at work but it wasn’t given to me as I didn’t have the necessary qualifications and skills. Sigh. I just feel so disappointed that people think that I am just not good enough for it. I put in so much efforts in giving the best effort in whatever I have done. But still, I am not good enough 😦 Oh well, I cannot complain much as I would be given a pay rise soon. But I am definitely looking at other options.

I managed to finish Singapore Siu Dai 2 within 2 hours. It is still funny but I agreed that book 1 is much better. It is however really a must read for all Singaporeans.  Now I am reading Totto Chan. Totto Chan is the first english book that I really enjoyed. For a couple of years I have been wanting to get the book and re-read. I finally got it last Thursday as I have 10% off for membership. I finally can re-read my favourite childhood book! 🙂 My other favourite childhood books are The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley!

Well, I am still continue to get frustrated with both projects I mentioned last week. There is still no solid updates from both. In the meantime, I am waiting for the arrival of the other two projects within the next couple of weeks. I will comment more if it turns out to be as equally frustrating.