My Tom Bihn wish-list

My family and I are planning a trip to South Korea in Dec. I am excited because it means I can splurge on a nice traveling bag like finally!! LOL!!
So I am looking at Tom Bihn obviously. Its now one of the brands I always look at! I only have a couple of products so far including a Sidekick which I love and some pouch. It is not much but I do want to get more because they are such a great brand!

So as I started planning for my holiday, I am also start planning my wishlist because the shipping is not cheap.

Medium Cafe Bag
I never like buckle bag. I always feel that they are too boyish for my liking. But… as much I love my Sidekick, its too small to carry some stuffs. I do have other bags but sometimes I just want a Tom Bihn. MCB is a great size to be used as a carry on. If I am not flying budget (which I am not for this time round), I like to carry the right size – not too big or not too small. I tried a tote and a backpack. But they are all too big for comfort!

What I like: The Size (seems right for my use)
What I don’t like: The buckle

Luminary 10
Its love at first sight. I have this bag on my wish-list ever since it has been released. But I have 2 backpacks. So I couldn’t buy. But I imagine this backpack would be soooo wonderful for traveling around!! My current backpack aren’t really good for traveling…
So, I am very determined to get this for my upcoming trip!! I am just waiting for the new version to be released. It could be my work backpack too since its such a beautiful bag!

What I like: Everything? LOL.
What I don’t like: Colour combination (My perfect combination would be Mars Red/Black)

3D Organizer Cube (Clear)
I am really into organisation & I have a lot of pouch to organise my bags. I just hate looking for things in my bag. It seldom happens to me because I keep things neat and tidy! This is on wish list because I don’t have a clear organiser. And having a clear one is very useful – especially when you are on a trip.

What I like: Clear – visible to see things
What I don’t like: Only one size

Travel Tray
When I saw this, I was like I need this!!! I always like to keep some stuffs at my side when I am in the hotel and I hate it when its messy!

What I like: The function
What I don’t like: None yet



My Loqi Reusable bag

As part of my green initiatives, I started to cut down plastic bags.
I used to have a few reusable bags from Baggu.  But I never really used them. I kept one at work for emergency use. But I rarely find the need to take it out. I used another for bringing my lunch to work. But the rest are mainly kept at home. I didn’t have the habit of bringing one out with me whenever I went out. So a few weeks ago, I decided that I should bring one wherever I goes!

As much I love Baggu, I find them a bit too plain for my liking. Sure sometimes they have very nice prints in limited supply every now and then. But the shipping fees doesn’t justify for me to get them. The ones that I have are in plain colours. Despite it being an popular brands, not many stores carry them locally. I only came across them once!

Then I came across.. Loqi! It is slightly expensive when compared to Baggu. But its worth it! I have heard of Loqi for a long time but I never thought of buying one as I am a Baggu fan. LOL. So I came across a sale page on one of my favourite shopping platform. It is expensive but still quite reasonable priced. There are a lot of prints.. its like Baggu but much much prettier. So I decided to invest in one! Nothing really caught my eyes except for The Sunday on the island. But for some reason, it was sold out. The Starry Night is too common… although my niece would be delighted to see me carrying it. She is only 7 years old but she already know this painting! 😀 So I went to their website to see and saw  Vase with sunflower. It was love at first sight and I know that I have to get it! It is no longer available online at the office online shop and the seller wasn’t selling it either. And I wasn’t even sure if the seller are selling the authentic Loqi or not. You never know, these days… anything could be fake. So the next day, after work, I rush to one of local retailers (Yes they are much more common as compared to Baggu). I was really hoping that they have this exact design. They also have the The Sunday on the island. In fact, it was displayed out and for some reason, it didn’t look as nice in the actual product lol so obviously, I purchased the Vase with sunflower instead.  I am really happy with the purchase. Because it is still so beautiful even though I keep looking at it. And I feel like getting like 4-5 of them just to make sure I have it forever like when it break or something. But the minimalist me say no.

So after getting this, I keep it with me like 90% of the time! The only exception is when I am out for a quick meal. I gifted one of my Baggu and another reusable bag (given by an ex-colleague last year for Christmas) to my mum. I saved about 7 plastic bags (Refusing them at the cashier) so far and looking forward to save more 🙂