Real Simple

I have subscribed to the digital version of Real Simple in my old iPad Mini. And I really enjoyed it… So I was super excited that I was able to get this through an local vendor. (yay!)

After deducting the discount, it costs nearly thrice as much! But I still prefer the idea of flipping through a physical copy of an magazine…

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Audio books

Im now listening to the audio books. It is my first.

Frankly speaking I don’t really like audio books much. Okay, maybe because I am using YouTube. So it is kinda hard to pause and re-play.

I misses details very often. E.g. when my mum walk in and start saying something immediately. If it wasn’t for the book (Yes I am listening to Harry Potter of course :D), I would have not understand what I have missed at all. The accent also caused me to miss some words. Over the years, I started to understand accent better but I still sometimes miss things.

But it’s a nice to have it on background while you work around your room – e.g. organising and have a quick nap. I slept 15-20 mins while Hagrid/Harry visit diagon alley.

Anyway I intended to purchase the audio books few months later. But it is so expensive…. Hence, I am using YouTube to get the feel first.

Books that I hate 

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to my house. So I shown her to my room. Of all things to notice, she saw twilight on my bookshelf (yes I know. I will get rid of it!) and commented she and her other friends love it. I simply say you and your friends have bad taste HAHAHAHA

Well it’s as if I didn’t give it a chance. It is on my bookshelf so it means at some point of my life I read it. There are only two books I really hate in my lifetime – the lovely bones and twilight. I am usually generous with my rating and gives books 3 or 4 stars. But for these two, I can only give 2 or less. I don’t think I ever complete the series. But the first book was quite enough for me. I simply cannot appreciate it! As compared, I enjoyed reading the host from the same author. It was much better written in my opinion.

Other books that I don’t quite enjoy is the lord of the rings. I have a hard time processing some pages. And it took me a few months to finish the 3 books! But I think I might re-read again sometimes! As compared, the hobbit is easier to read.

And I tried reading wolf hall but I don’t even know what I was reading. It is also in my try to attempt list.

I always get stuck in the first few pages of under the dome. Well I should attempt that again as Stephen king is one of my other favorite authors and I like all his books especially Carrie and the shining.

01 Jan 2017

Happy new year!

I have been looking forward to a new year – as I can finally start my routine of doing planning and organising.  So looking forward to a fresh start!

This year’s new year resolution:
1) Keep room tidy & organise
2) Minimalism
3) Need not want
4) Reading target – 20
5) Daily planning
6) Write more, read more
7) Brisk walking

For me, the most important thing is to “practice” minimalism. I have not been applying the concepts to my life as diligently as I would. But hey it’s a new year, I hope I would be able to work on this again!

A friend bought this from Japan Daiso for me 🙂 It is so cute! Japan’s Daiso is one good reason for me to visit Japan as they always have different stuffs. I wish they could have it in Singapore too. I am using it to record my spending 🙂  I hope I won’t write much in it!

On the background is a notebook from Campus which I am using to jot down my daily thoughts! It is a great notebook as it’s not pricey and it’s super smooth to write on. I got it at Tokyo Hands. For buying a pack of 5 and a stack of loose leaf, I got 2 notebooks free 😀 Both Muji and Daiso sell similar notebooks. But the ones from Muji are not as good. I haven’t try the one from Daiso.


It was always good to meet up with friends over for meals or coffee. As I grow older and having a change in lifestyle, I no longer find shopping a joy. Sure, I do like shopping once in a while. But mainly I shop to get the essential stuffs. I am okay with not shopping for a long time. To me, the most enjoyable thing is to talk to friends. I realise some people are glue on their mobile phone instead of having conversations. There was this friends  who have dinner next to us. They were looking at their phones instead of talking. Maybe they have shopped for long time so they don’t want to chat. But well, I think it’s important to keep your phones away when you are having dinner.

As mentioned in my previous post, brisk walking is in my agenda to get more active. For me, it is never about pushing myself to run or jog for marathon. I don’t like gym activities either. Maybe few years down the road, when I have the space, I would get a treadmill. But for now, I enjoy brisk walking with the nature. 🙂

I finally update my reading challenge for 2017. I haven’t read much for 2016 due to my study. But I will definitely aim to read more. In fact, my target has been set at 20.

11 Dec 2016

My year-long degree programme has finally come to an end. I just had my last paper on Friday. It was a relief to be able to finally completed everything. Although the results won’t be out in a few weeks, but I am pretty positive I would be able to pass through! This year alone, I had 10 exams. So I no longer fear exam like I used to.

Some (a friend was thinking of taking another degree) think that it is easy to take up another degree. It was never easy to juggle between work and your study. And do not forget – you have own life too! Sometimes, you have assignments due or exam while you have an life crisis to deal with! I do not recommend taking another degree (the keyword is another) if you could. Not only you have to devote your time to attend class, you have to dedicate your nights and weekends for classes etc. Many people do not want to sacrifice that.

My next agenda would be having a good rest and enjoy life! I wasn’t having a good rest before I start my degree programme. I was worried about my career progression. But now, I am in a better position and I can relax for a couple of years before I start making plan about my career again. My idea of “enjoy” is to watch a tv series (I have a full set of ’24’ DVDs to be watch!), read books (I haven’t been reading much this year as I was busy, busy, busy!) and write/blog more! A colleague asked me last week why I didn’t want to get more active. Oh well, I believe everyone have their own version of enjoyment. Doing more brisk walking is in my agenda next year as I do want to be more healthy. But it doesn’t mean I have to start signing up for marathon run. Getting active is always beneficial for one’s health but not everyone can do it. So I rather start with brisk walking and go slow. I don’t go to gym either because I simply don’t like the idea of having to bath after the gym activities. haha. I am weird but I hate that feeling!

Other than that, of course I do want to devote my time to minimalism. I must admit I haven’t been able to concentrate on the concept as much as I wanted to this year. Being busy means I make very instant and careless buying decision. Buying things is probably one of the way I associated with emotions like stress, angry etc. I am not buying as much as I used to. But I am still buying more than I am suppose to be! But anyway, with more free time, I am going to work on my thinking process and ensure that my thoughts are carefully think through. Buying decision would be considered more carefully. It always boils down to need or want. I will only purchase if it is a need. I would also spend more time organising and decluttering as our lunar new year is approaching too. Traditionally, I keep my room neat and tidy. Year after year, I hope that my room would be less cluttered and I am working to make it like the zen kind of room. Totally minimal.

A couple of random stuffs before I sign off!

I was at Tokyu Hands yesterday…. Naturally, I bought a new pen!


Oops, yes I need to really work on this. No pen, no pen, no pen. But anyway I bought a Pentel EnerGel. It was limited edition – inspired by cat? I wasn’t a big fan of cat but I couldn’t resist limited edition and beautiful pens. Unlike Zebra’s Sarasa clip, for other brands, usually I would buy one or two. I had a opportunity to write an Pentel pen when someone passed me the pen to fill up a form. It writes very well. I wonder if I would ditch my love for Sarasa clip 😛

An update on my Matt & Nat bag. After one year plus of using, I am still quite pleased with it.

The model I have is Mitsuko in navy.


After one year plus of usage, I don’t see any wear and tear which I normally would in a PU bag. Although this bag is Made in China, but it is much more higher in quality as compared to those cheaper bags. The bag look very classy and doesn’t look like a non-leather bag. The bag itself is extremely light and doesn’t hurt your shoulder. The only problem I have is that the bag doesn’t fit A4 file that well. Hence, I don’t carry it when I need to carry A4 file. However, it is still a good size!  Overall, I would recommend Matt & Nat bag. However, last year, I have blogged about their service – if you read their Facebook, they have terrible customer service (I guess due to the lack of staffs) and terrible shipping problem. I am disappointed that their service hasn’t improve much. A few months back, I tried emailing them but they never get back to me. I purchased this bag from ASOS. Since I don’t intend to purchase a new bag, I cannot comment on their shipping. But hopefully, by the time I am ready to purchase a new one, their shipping would be much better. I am tempted to get the mini mitsuko as it would be super cute for holiday.

A few months back, I discovered another brand, Love Moschino, through my ex-colleague. I purchased an bucket bag 2-3 weeks back. I am super happy with the purchase as it is not very expensive (less than SGD200) and it is from Italy. I am also tempted to get a smaller bag 😛 but of course, considering that I have so much bags, I will not be purchasing.

Weekly roundup

So a couple of days, I came across an post on Quora about journaling. This is my attempt to start journaling again. I should really be decluttering my brain as there is so much thoughts on my mind.

I have been working on my assignment for the whole weekend! Although the assignment is not due for another 3 weeks or so, I am quite stress by it. I really wanted to do well this time. I am not “talented” in… e.g. making decent conversation but I am okay with writing! So there shouldn’t be any excuse for me for not doing well. So with lots of water, coffee, tea, whatever… I aimed to complete it by today!

Other than that, exam is close. So I should really be spending my time revising. I probably keeping my lunch to a minimum. So that I can start revising as well. It is important that I aimed to do well so that I could get a good grade.

I mentioned about the presentation 2 weeks ago… I admitted that I didn’t prepare much as we are only required to speak 1-2mins and I was really sick. But I am glad that our content was good (Much better than others) and we passed with flying colour!

So people who actually read my blog from the beginning would have know I was quite a kickstarter fan a few months ago! But since then, I haven’t been backing stuffs and I do not even want to look at that site anymore..

So what went wrong?
1) Pebble – I was proud of Pebble until they launched another product before they could deliver the actual product people backed. It is like they took our money and spend on developing another product at the same time. I don’t have the time to charge my pebble (being lazy busy hehe) so I no longer like smartwatch as much….
2) Holga Digital – Reading the KS comment, you can see that the actual product sucks. Some of them got spoiled camera. whatever. I haven’t get mine cos I ordered 2 and it is “special order” which they have yet to ship. It sucks cos I supported them by buying one more but….
3) Planetware – I was excited about this cos being an vegan/vegetarian, I love anything natural…. But there is still no shipping and eventually, it would be this way. Beside, I realise there is something in the market when I visited my local department store.. (!!!)

So its no longer exciting and the idea of Kickstarter not stepping in is eventually a terrible thing. I lost confident in backing these new companies. Of course not everyone will take your money and not deliver but I have to be careful…

I have been wanting to read a book for the past 2 weeks or so. Being sick, I wasn’t able to! I hope I would be able to start reading next week… Keeping up with reading is important as I don’t want my mood to disrupted for development.

The ending of ATV 
I woke up with a sad news… ATV has (officially) closed its door. I am not surprise if many people have not heard of ATV as the station has not been making decent productions for a long time. But back in those days, they have really great production. One of which is “My date with a vampire”. This was my first touch with SciFi! Perhaps it was cheaper to import ATV shows… my local television station imported a lot of their shows which is a nice change. HKTV who didn’t get the license have fabulous production! There is a new station called Viu TV starting in April. Not sure how good their production is but I am glad there is some competition coming up. TVB honestly have not been producing decent television show for a long time. Maybe I am not watching enough, but nothing really keep me interested.

Due to my sickness, I sort of cut down on coffee and drank more tea. I am not fussy about tea, so anything from flower tea to Chinese tea attracted me. Other than the packaged drink, I love all kinds of tea!

Last 2 weeks, I let my mood sunk due to my sickness. I am almost recovering from it and it is an important learning lesson for me.Definitely I need to improve on this and hopefully I would be able to face more challenges in future!

Weekly roundup – 1 August to 9 August

Time flies again – First week of August has gone by! It is our nation’s 50th birthday. So we get extended holiday! With the weekend, there is 4 days of holidays in total. Many people choose to fly off for the long weekend. I stayed in Singapore as I need to attend a friend’s wedding which happened on Saturday. I was going to fly off with family. But there is always next time…

Expectedly, I did not do anything that I am suppose to be doing! But I did talk to a couple of people… And I will figure out!!!

I should be catching up with my magazine subscription really soon… I’ll drop a To-Do in my planner to start doing this weekly or something! On the other hand, I started Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I am hoping to finish this by the end of the month. Again I am not really into target for this year so everything will be slow 🙂

I must admit that I never like Chinese wedding. They are a traditional part of our culture. But there is always too much food and socialising. But I did have a little fun in catching up with a couple of friends especially one who flew in especially!

Talking about wedding, I had a small chat with a friend and I asked her if she have started to think about her wedding. She say she will think about it when it is going to happen. Well, I disagreed about that part. All woman should think about their wedding no matter if it is happening or not 🙂 What is my dream wedding? Well, I am not a christian but I love church wedding. They are so romantic! I would never held any Chinese wedding lunch/dinner as it is pointless to me. Anyway who knows what will happen. I might just change my mind. But there is no harm in thinking and making plan.

I would be lying if I say I didn’t buy anything. 😉 But there is nothing much to be discussed at the moment…. except for the fact that my Matt & Nat bag (From ASOS NOT from M&N) is shipped! I am super excited and cannot wait to do an review. In the meantime, i am looking at ways to reduce the quantities of my bags!

Minimalism, Organisation
I made great progress this week.
– Originally I started a spreadsheet in Google Drive as I wanted to calculate the discount for something that I would be getting. Over the past few days, I have been slowly adding data into the spreadsheet. Finally by last Friday, I have the core template of what I wanted to achieve. I am now recording my spend – both online & retail and my wish list (stuffs I wanted to get) in the spreadsheet. Previously, I went ahead to make some purchase without entering the data into the document. But with the core template in place, I am hoping that this will change! I must always remember my minimalism goal!
– With the wish list in place, I really hope that I could control my spending and really think before buying. I do think (more than previous) but I feel that it is not enough.
– After weeks of procrastinating, I finally got rid of some expired coffee & tea!
– After careful consideration, I decided to separate my working space into two area. Previously I was facing a problem with space. My current table is much smaller and it is enough for my laptop and some stuffs. But for my planner, it is definitely too small. So I have devoted another area for writing and planning. With this changes, I hope that I can make full use of my planner and make it look better.
– I got rid of my incoming/outgoing tray. It was a place to store things and never remove them.