Planner for 2019

Yay it is time of the year again!! To get a new planner for next year! Bit too early? No its not! I like to get ahead  on this because a paper planner IS VERY IMPORTANT!

What planner I am getting for next year?
Hobonichi Techo! This is my second year using this wonderful planner.

After one year of use, here’s my thoughts:
1) Its much more useful than other planner that I have tried. The format really works much much better. Some days when I am down (with sickness etc), the pages are not fill completely. But that’s okay! But I do admit I get stress sometimes trying to fill things. I keep telling myself not be stress over this.
2) I am not into decorating my hobo like mad. I know some people are very creative about. But I am into minimising my stationary stuffs + I was never a creative person in terms of drawing and decorating.
3) I love A6. I have thought of upgrading to A5 to put in planning for my work. Read online about putting everything into one planner to be more productive. But there wasn’t any nice cover (not for 2019) and I wasn’t too sure if A5 is the size that I am comfortable carrying.
4) I might get a week for work. I tried using a moleskin for work this year. It fails. arghhh. The covers for week are so nice! I wish that they have similar teddy bear cover for A6. I am not into furry stuffs + they are … made from Mohair. Not my kind of cover!
5) One thing I love about Hobonichi Techo is weight! I really love that its very light weight so I carry it with me almost everyday.

I also realised that I have not change my cover although I purchased a new one + I have 3 cover-on-cover (2 from Hobonichi, 1 from third party). So I have changed it!

Yes, its actually an third party cover and cover-on-cover from Third party seller on Taobao! It is actually okay. Fit in well and doesn’t damage the book. By now, my book isn’t in the best shape so yeah, its okay to damage it a little bit.

I love how the pattern of the cover-on-cover perfectly fits in with the cover that I have chosen!

Okay, so the lineup for next year have been revealed.

Here’s what I have in my mind:

Very Berry
I am a fan of certain shade of red. This happens to be one of them! Plain colour is always so good. You can mix and match with any cover-on-cover and it will look nice!
But I am looking for something more colourful this year!

Sugar Rose
I was known to some friends as the pink girl. I grew out of pink although I am still get pink sometimes. (As I am typing this, I have a pale pink thermal flask on my left & a bright pink hoodie on my right lol) but anyway, hey this pink shade is quite cute.

Pastel stripes
I love anything pastel-y! But I am not quite into stripe as much as dots which is why I choose the dots last year. But this would be a good cover. It has a bit of colour… and not too loud.

I am Doraemon
Not a huge fan of Doraemon. But its one of the many manga characters that I am quite a fan of. It would e a good buy because its unique. But then I am not too sure if I would like to use that for the whole year. haha.

I forgot when it was, but we sure had fun
I am not a cat lover but this fits in to me trying to get something more colourful this year.  I really love the illustration! But, I am really not a big fan of cat.

Oh yes! Its such a fun cover. Definitely, it is one of my top choices!

The nerd in me says yes! The only thing is that they use leather bookmark. hmm.


Review GeekGear Wearable #1

The below post included full content. So do not view if you don’t want to be spoil 😀

My first wearable box arrived yesterday!

It arrived later than most subscribers as it has to travel 6,813 miles to reach here!

For the first box, I decided to take up a “red” house subscription instead of my own lol but there wasn’t any house specific items. But anyway I have changed!

This box is kinda boring. I know it’s wearable… but I am hoping for something than just T-shirts. Honestly, I have a love/hate thing for Tshirts. I have too much of it and can’t wear them often.

As for the beanie, well, being in a all-summer country, we will not be able to use it at all! HA!

Now for the comments on the quality etc…
The size is big for a petite person. I commented on their FB and the support encouraged to go for Kids Size XL. So I have changed.

The shirt are from a vendor that made from bangladesh. I can’t remember the company but I do remember its 90% cotton. But it is quite soft and comfortable. I just have to try and see if it hold up that well as compared to my Teefury shirts (My favourite shirt company!).

The prints are quite unique and creative. Probably exclusive to GG. I like that they are subtle on being HP related. I mean I have all my official shirts to declare my obsession 🙂

The t shirts are from this company called Gildan. I tried on. They are longer than my usual tees from teefury and less comfortable (more thin!).  They are most likely to be unisex hence the length is off!

Here’s the full prints and some comments…

b4d4cbdf-07bc-4e30-80ff-c3d10a8e2b32_zpsnzahn8zdThis is my favourite among the 3. It comes in the lovely red colour. It is not too dark or too bright with the infamous quote from Dumbledore and a stag patronus in the lovely yellow shade. The colour combination is nice!


Well, I never like anything grey. Grey shirt, Grey cardigan, grey pen, grey wallet… And of course I don’t like this. Even if the graphic of Fawkes is kinda lovely. I don’t think I ever seen any shirts with Fawkes. But I probably give this to someone else.


The background is nice. I think the gradient is great. But I feel that the shape could be used to represent something rather than just shading the background. The spec and lighting bolt probably is the obvious as most people who think about harry potter immediately. The font they used should be changed also. Something similar to the infamous HP font probably.


The Noble collection vs Chinese wand (Ron Weasley)

I decided to buy a wand from The Noble Collection to see if they are any good.

For the first wand from Noble, I hesitated  a bit before deciding to purchase Ron’s wand. I was thinking of getting Queenie’s cos it looks nice. Then I thought of Hermonie’s too since she is a girl and books nerd just now me 😀

But in the end, I decided to purchase Ron’s as he is my all time favourite character!

I purchased from amazon (Purchase anything from amazon above $49 on amazon to get free shipping). Noble on amazon do not ship internationally. While their website stated that they do but you have to get the shipping rate from them etc. So in the end, I decided to get from amazon to avoid the hassle! I shipped to a forwarder to save on some international shipping 🙂

The import version are purchased off China. Being a native speaker of chinese, I was able to place order on China website effectively.  Otherwise, I think eBay or aliexpress pretty much have the same thing. Usually the sellers would claim is that they are licensed products from the same factory etc.  I purchased from the seller with a highest rating. And it costs 1/3 of the price from Noble! Let’s see if they are the same!

First thing I notice (obviously) is the box!

I have a bit of accident with my sunblock and it got spray all over including the boxes! 😦 Though its not super obvious in the photos, But I am super devastated!


The China box in a purplish box stated Ron Weasley on the box, while the Noble box in black comes in Ollivander kinda of box and there is no name. It make sense if you want to go with the “The wand chooses the wizard…“. The China box is also bigger in size. Noble box is more grand obviously. Win!


Both box come in velvet cushion to hold the wands. Noble have an extra ribbon.


Now for the review on the wands…


On the first look, they seems very very similar!


However they have different length. The one from China is slightly taller! Both are made from Resin with metal core in the center for weight. But the one from Noble is heavier. You can feel instantly when you hold it in your hand!

Let’s take a closer look on the print on the wands!

The one from Noble has more darker print.

6e331990-939d-460a-a7d8-b4f44694cbd6_zpsfexwwbgp1As compare, the China one has lighter print!

7620d54d-a64b-42ad-88a9-3bd619947a98_zps0lh6gv96Comparing them side by side. Their prints are very different!

acf00b1d-5c1d-438d-bbe2-bba1947e43c8_zpsm9ukzwnxFinally, their  bottom is obviously different! I suppose Noble’s wands are created to mimic the ones in the movie.

In conclusion, the replica ones from China aren’t anything like the ones from Noble Collection. Although they are expensive, but any fan should buy at least 1 or 2! Replica wands are decent enough for displaying etc. But if you want something that looks real enough, get the ones from Noble.

Review – Zazzle

After reviewing various options, I decided to get my Hufflepuff Crest Tee on Zazzle!

1) It’s official and licensed 🙂
2) They were having sale – so it’s either 30% or 40% off!
3) The price (after discount) is pretty decent for that kind of product.
4) They ship to alot of places internationally. Shipping is however not free. It cost usd18.99 to ship a shirt, budget tote & a mug for me.
5) You get to pick your base colour – I decided to go with black but I might get a white or maroon next?
6) They are printed on AA tees. I have AA tees at home. They are super comfortable and well-worth the price!
7) You can get other products like bags, mug etc too. And there is so much design to choose.

Production is super fast. It took only 1-2 working days. Then it was shipped! It takes about 11 days to arrive!

The shirt is good. It is like everything I thought!

However I’m disappointed with the tote. I’m not expecting a really good tote. But this tote is really like what it’s named. It’s really budget looking and thin. Even the handle look like it will break off if you carry too much. As comparison, the totes from society6 is much better. Sure it’s much more expensive but at least it’s well worth the price. For usd7.35, this budget tote isn’t really that worth it.

[Updated] After using the tote on a casual friday, I am happy to say it didn’t break! i carried my usual stuffs (wallet, cards, power bank, pouch, umbrella + planner) and it works fine. However, do note my stuffs are light! It is probably good for light stuffs only!

Lootcrate Harry Potter sock

I purchased this when I saw someone selling this on the local platform. I don’t wear long sock for the obvious reason (all summer!). But it look cool if I ever get to wear it. Plus it’s kinda exclusive in a way. I never see any leftover HP items on sale in loot vault. So I guess they are really popular lol

The quality is so-so as it’s polyester not 100% cotton like how I like my sock to be.  Probably it won’t help much in keep warm.

I need a holiday to wear this!!