Review: TeeFury

Teefury is like this little evil addicting tee shopping site. I have purchased from them a few times… But I kinda stop as I  gotten too many tee! We cannot wear tee to work so what is the point of having so much tees?!

It is somehow similar to Threadless where individual graphic t-shirt designer posted their design for sales.

They used to have 1 tee for sales each day…. those days…
Then they kinda increased to have 2 tees.
and they have alot more tees in the gallery (More expensive though…) and they have some other stuffs – leggings, shoes, poster!

I always like teefury as their service is always top notch! And they have wonderful shipping rates.
I used to purchase only when they have grab bags (It was every 3-4 months or so…) so that the cost per tee is cheaper. But their shipping is still reasonable.

Then they revised their shipping rate which is so awesome so it cost only USD4 to ship. But then by that time, I have way too much tee so I didn’t really purchase alot!

Anyway recently, I was looking at one of the mailer which I never open and realise they have Oh-My-God cute skirt!
So I went to their site and look…

I saw this at first:

I am not quite a big fan of Marvel/Superhero. But I kinda like the graphic.

Then I saw this. Omg. I have to get!! I am a big fan of Harry Potter!!

Well, They are high quality and Limited! So you wouldn’t find them anywhere 😮
I did hesitate for a while. But I decided that everyone need cute skirt!
It is also in black so it wouldn’t look so cartoon-ish? 😮
I was very nervous about the sizing. But M fit great on me.  The skirt isn’t translucent at all and it looks like it’s made of high quality material. It is good for traveling also as it is light!

But…after wearing it with the wrong bag,

(I think my bag (a tsumori chisato carry canvas bag) stick onto the skirt and put the thread out. )
I am still trying to fix it by cutting it with a mini scissor. sigh. But its a lot of work. I really have the urge to get a new one but its expensive. I probably ignore it and continue wearing although it look weird. 


I am an career advisor

I became a career advisor for a friend over the past couple days. I am just so bewildered by her. 

Firstly she told me she don’t want to handle office politics. I told her there is no such thing! There is office politics everywhere. Grow up and accept the real world. Even if there isn’t any politics, it would be changed when the management changed. There is no forever in the working world. She told me for her past 3 or so jobs, she has been dealing with office politics so she is rather sick of it. She went on to describe the politics to me. She was being forced to take rap for something that happened in 2007. She was an contractor for the past year or so only. So I told her to bring it up to her boss. She claimed that the management was the one who pushes the blame on her. I told her to take it up to her HR. She claimed that there is no protection as she is only an contractor. Honestly I wouldn’t be bothered if I am her. You have done nothing so why should you be worried about it. She claimed that they might sack her or find excuse from her minor mistake. So I told that they cannot sack her for no reason at all and she can always take it up to the government authority. Finally I suggested that it might be the way she deal with politics. If she could just concentrate on her work and perform to her best. Then nobody can find any excuse to deal with her. She said that we need to be aware of surrounding but she contradict herself later by saying that they do not keep her in the loop when things happened. Since they do not want to keep her in the loop, why should she be so concern over this? She should just concentrate on her work! Dealing with politics is not easy. But ultimately the rule to all is to concentrate on you work. Other people can gossip about you but if you show others (especially your boss) that you have done your best. Then the rumour/gossip will die down. We don’t live for others. The only important opinions about you from others are the ones that are closest to you.

Secondly, she told me she don’t want to work for jobs with environment that she is not comfortable with. Okay, this is a valid point. But honestly, how much you would know before you joined the organisation. Maybe you can look at the website, google a little or read reviews on glassdoor. If you are lucky enough, you have friends or friend’s whatever working for them, then you probably could have an insider’s review of the place. She told she will ask the interviewer to describe the working culture for her. Okay, this is a valid question but how much you can actually generate from this? They could easily lie about it. And such opinion are very subjective. Maybe that person likes the environment but it does not mean others might like it. And never listen to HR. They are there to make the organisation look much better. 

Then she say she don’t want what she want. Like I would know? Go find out then. There are all sorts of career books and advices on the internet. Go google and read about it. The first step is to find out what you are good at. especially transferrable skills. If you don’t want to take responsibility for your own life, NOTHING will changes. Nobody can decide your career for you.

On the side note, Is there career advisor kinda thing out there? I feel like I am suitable for this. 

Review: Matt & Nat Bag

I am super excited now – My Matt & Nat bag from ASOS has arrived!

I highly recommended to order from ASOS instead of M&N directly. To read about my previous experience with ordering from M&N directly, please refer to this:

My order at ASOS was processed within 2 days! They do not have a wide range but I was lucky enough to find a bag from the current range from M&N. Originally I wasn’t quite sure about this bag and the colour (I am not quite a fan of navy blue!) but I fallen in love with the bag & colour now that I have seen the real thing! It is unfortunately sold out at ASOS now. But there are other bags to choose from. Other than the quick and efficient experience I had with ASOS, I was also very pleased to get the bag at a discount of 18% as compared to M&N’s price without shipping.

So here it is… The Mitsuko bag in midnight. This is the medium size which is good as a daily work bag. It is not big but it’s light enough to carry your daily necessities! 

There is 3 ways to carry it. On your arm, sling it or carry it with the long strap!

The inner looks good. Are they really made of recycled plastic bottles!

– The bag do have a strong smell when you first open it. It do remind me of leather but of course this isn’t!
– The bag do not comes with a dust bag. Hopefully they could improve on this as many luxury brands do provide it.
– The texture is very leather but of course it isn’t real leather.
– The bag itself is very well-made as compare to other cheaper PU bag that I have purchased.
– The zip especially looks very well made. (Many cheap bags out there just have terrible zip that they don’t work after a few uses!)
– I cannot comment on the durability at this point of time. Generally, based on experiences with PU, all PU bags will be peeling after a few months or up to 2 years. I hope that this bag is much more lasting!

The bag do not fit everything I had. But i was able to fit all my daily necessities with a  slight adjustment.
What I carry in my bag: Umbrella, Plum Planner, Card Wallet, iPod Nano, iPad Mini, Wallet, Cosmetic pouch and pens/misc pouch

Overall, I am happy with my purchase!

Btw I discovered another vegan bag brand – Wilby. I have been looking at their bags for the past 2 days or so. I wanted to own it….But I couldn’t buy as I don’t need them. The current range are also either too big or small. If only the Primrose Tote is smaller. Anyway, I would probably order it for my lunar new year! So hopefully they have something of a decent size soon!

After using for a week or so, I am quite happy with the bag. The structure is not too hard enough so that I can put in things I wanted. It is not TOO BIG but just great for my daily necessities. The only problem I had is with the zip. It is zipped from left to right instead of right to left – something that I am more comfortable with!

Reflection – My 8 months journey towards LIFE

I was looking at my past notebook/Planner/agenda/diary yesterday and I feel like a lot of things are changing. I decided to write on another reflection to chronicle my 8 months journey.

Less stuffs / Minimalism
Beginning of the year, I begin with one goal, one target and one new year resolution – Minimalism. I struggled at times. I didn’t keep to my one goal, one target and one new year resolution when making buying decision. It is a long journey which required lots of efforts and time. It is impossible to just throw everything away at one go! Well you could. But it would be wasting more money than what you intended to. I am not 100% there yet but I am working and making huge progress that I am proud of.

I begin by throwing things that I couldn’t throw away – e.g. memories with friends who are no longer in contact. I struggled with them previously as I strongly believed that they are a part of my life. But I soon realise that it is not my current life. It belong to the past and hence it should goes to the bin. After 2-3 rounds of decluttering, I am left with 2/3 of the stuffs that I used to have. My mum questioned me and I shared my belief with her. She is working towards this goal in her own way.

Then I begin working with my current stuffs. I begin throwing away things that I no longer use, clothes no longer fit me or look in fact ugly on me. It was a many months effort. I am still doing a little bit of decluttering here and there. But majority of them are clear now.

The last stage is to….keep to one item and to halt all purchases unless needed. This is the most difficult stage of all. It is easy to throw away stuffs but its not easy to keep to one item. It is very hard to halt all purchase unless needed. We live in the modern world where buying things is so easy – just a couple of clicks away.

Anyway I feel like having less stuffs, I am very organised and I am able to concentrate on current stuffs. I think everyone have a couple of situations like this… You buy something.. Then one day, you realise you have that thing at home. As a result, you have 2 of the same thing. Or you wanted to find something that you knew you have. But you couldn’t find it because it is somewhere and you just have two many things. Both situations can be easily resolved if you do not have so many stuffs! You spend time on your current stuffs to ensure that they are well-loved! You would not waste money as you would not need to spend to get another one again. (well until this one is completely worn out!). By having less things, you can organised easily. Being neat just feel so much beautiful. My room is completely different from last year. It is much neater, organised and beautiful. Lastly, by having less things, you feel less clutter and it boast productivity!

My personal situation – Well, I am trying to reduce my stuffs to ensure that I keep to magic number one. But then again, it is far more difficult than say. I am working towards it. As for halting the purchases, I am also working. From my last record, I have not spend on unnecessary stuffs for nearly 2 weeks. So it is a huge progress.

Management system
I was having problem with managing my spend and wish-list. I spend a lot and not knowing how much I spend and not sure if I am making the right buying decision. I tried writing down but it doesn’t work (not that well anyway). I have started a simple spreadsheet in google drive. With that, I can easily track my spending anywhere (at work, at home and on the go).

I have also started an inventory system using spreadsheet also. It is still ongoing but it definitely help to reduce my spending urge.

With the positive changes, I certainly hope that I would have a better life 🙂

weekly roundup – 16 August to 23 August

I noticed something… well.. for a while now. My readership has dropped a lot as compared to previous months. HAHA. But then I don’t write to attract high readership or to be famous. Although it would be very nice if I could have a career as a full time blogger who actually made money out of it, but this is not my reason. not now anyway. I wanted to write because I need to declutter my brain and I need to practice writing 😀 But anyway, here’s the boring updates of my boring life again!

I have been writing/typing/thinking about my strength and skills for the past week. I discovered a bit on myself and found an direction. I am not going to pursue it immediately as I am not quite sure if anyone would hire me without any decent experiences or portfolio. Although I did (bravely) applied for an job. But I doubt there would be any call. Anyway I realise my dream is still somewhere along writing. I have kept a blog for 15 years or so. (Although I keep changing the blog system – I blogged for a few years on this small/unknown site call Tabulas. Out of sudden, my blog entries was gone. I didn’t feel like staying anymore. So I moved to Live-journal. Somehow Live-Journal wasn’t working for me. Now I am at wordpress which I hope to stay a few good years? But I have learn that pen & paper is still the most trustable method of journaling :)) I feel like I am suit for copywriting although I know little about this line of profession. In my free time, I do a lot of creative works for myself so I feel that I have the creativity inside me! I am going to take a crash course on copywriting. But firstly I have some good news! I had a phone interview on a job opportunity. It is not something on copywriting/writing but very similar to what I am doing now. But it is with a creative firm. I am so excited for this opportunity because I am losing productivity at my current work. I want to do more! I would be talking to the director again in 2 weeks’ time…. and it is very positive!

I have a new television show to watch. New episodes are uploaded to the china’s video site, Youku at midnight. As a result of this, my schedule has been disrupted again. I tried watching the “live” television for a couple of days then the link somehow stop working. So I have to switch my schedule in order to watch them on Youku.  Honestly it is not really productivity at all. I missed 2 nights as I was too tired for anything else. I am hoping that I will adjust soon next week. Although I did make it up by doing whatever I can on weekdays. But productivity on weekday is still not there. After last week, I should start on working on the inventory for other stuffs. But I haven’t do anything! My track record for zero spending (on unwanted stuffs. excluding food) is nearly 2 weeks. I am hoping that I could keep this for at least a month! But it is definitely a huge change since previous month. I am just so happy that I am able to find a solution out of my struggling! I always know that changes is not easy. But I hate the struggling part and the guilty part (when I spend against what I wanted).… But it is now better 🙂

Shopping/In love with … snoopy
I started to receive what I have purchased last month…. My M&N bag (from ASOS) has not arrived. I keep thinking about it every other day or so!

I am not sure if I did mention but I am strangely in love with snoopy. Why is it so strange? I never like dogs. I hate them. I didn’t really watch peanuts cartoon or what. So it is strange. But anyway, I added some snoopy stuffs to my strange collection of all sort of cartoon character:

A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe (Mega Mini Kit) – Book Depository
Peanuts Philosophers – Book Depository
Peanuts stationary set – ASOS
I love Ice Cream Snoopy pouch –
Peanuts Journal Set – ASOS
B5 Notebook – ASOS

iPhone 5S cover – aliexpress
Snoopy Fountain Pens – (Here’s a good review on this pen:
Snoopy x Cher tote bag –

That’s all I wanted to say for this week.

weekly roundup – 9 August to 16 August

Again I must admit there is not much going on. I was offered an opportunity to discuss an career prospect but I turned it down as I am not sure if It is the right line for me. I am now trying to figure out my skills and strength by typing them into a spreadsheet documents. With that, I am hoping to figure out more about myself.

Lately I have also been changing my work productivity. Now in my line of work, there isn’t work everyday. So sometimes I feel like I am just too free. I was unhappy as I don’t enjoy sitting around and play with my mobile. This is not what I want in my life! So one day I told myself… I have to change! I chatted less (i have a couple of co-workers who likes to chat alot on our company chat). I started working more on my personal documents. Of course, the work that I am supposed to be doing always come first. It is not only a good way to “pass time” but its a good way to be more productive about my life too.

Minimalism & organisation
I have been busy working at this whenever I could. I lose some more stuffs this week. My mum tried to ask me to take back a bag that I have lose. I told her I will not take back anything that I have decided to lose.

Previously I was still struggling with minimalism. I couldn’t reach the stage that i wanted. But I am proudly to announce that I am more or less at the very last stage… well, for some stuffs anyway. 

Now I need to explain…last week I decided to put an inventory of what I owned into a spreadsheet. It is quite impossible to note down everything. So I decided to categorize them. I started with Shoes & Bags. Both of which I have been struggling with for the past few weeks or so. The quantities for them are not as much so they are easy to organise too. After taking down the inventory, I realise I indeed have way too much shoes & bags. Well according to my own minimalism concepts, I should only own 1 pair of shoes and 1 bag. Of course I couldn’t own just one bag/pair of shoes immediately. I could but I will be wasting a lot of money for throwing away stuffs that are usable. Then I figure out that I need to own a few pairs of shoes and bags. So I drew up a plan and breaking them into 3 months, 6 months etc. I listed down exactly how much I should have leave after 3 months, 6 months etc. With that plan in mind, of course I cannot buy any more things. So I haven’t been spending. Not on shoes, bags or clothes anyway!

I met up with a friend over the weekend. She was single for a long time and in a relationship. I envied her and pitied her at the same time. She is struggling with her new relationship. Frankly speaking, things are not looking too bright. Falling in love is easy (for some people anyway). Falling in love with the right person is hard. I cannot imagine if I am her. I couldn’t stand guys that demanding and do not care about your needs. oh well!

Weekly roundup – 1 August to 9 August

Time flies again – First week of August has gone by! It is our nation’s 50th birthday. So we get extended holiday! With the weekend, there is 4 days of holidays in total. Many people choose to fly off for the long weekend. I stayed in Singapore as I need to attend a friend’s wedding which happened on Saturday. I was going to fly off with family. But there is always next time…

Expectedly, I did not do anything that I am suppose to be doing! But I did talk to a couple of people… And I will figure out!!!

I should be catching up with my magazine subscription really soon… I’ll drop a To-Do in my planner to start doing this weekly or something! On the other hand, I started Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I am hoping to finish this by the end of the month. Again I am not really into target for this year so everything will be slow 🙂

I must admit that I never like Chinese wedding. They are a traditional part of our culture. But there is always too much food and socialising. But I did have a little fun in catching up with a couple of friends especially one who flew in especially!

Talking about wedding, I had a small chat with a friend and I asked her if she have started to think about her wedding. She say she will think about it when it is going to happen. Well, I disagreed about that part. All woman should think about their wedding no matter if it is happening or not 🙂 What is my dream wedding? Well, I am not a christian but I love church wedding. They are so romantic! I would never held any Chinese wedding lunch/dinner as it is pointless to me. Anyway who knows what will happen. I might just change my mind. But there is no harm in thinking and making plan.

I would be lying if I say I didn’t buy anything. 😉 But there is nothing much to be discussed at the moment…. except for the fact that my Matt & Nat bag (From ASOS NOT from M&N) is shipped! I am super excited and cannot wait to do an review. In the meantime, i am looking at ways to reduce the quantities of my bags!

Minimalism, Organisation
I made great progress this week.
– Originally I started a spreadsheet in Google Drive as I wanted to calculate the discount for something that I would be getting. Over the past few days, I have been slowly adding data into the spreadsheet. Finally by last Friday, I have the core template of what I wanted to achieve. I am now recording my spend – both online & retail and my wish list (stuffs I wanted to get) in the spreadsheet. Previously, I went ahead to make some purchase without entering the data into the document. But with the core template in place, I am hoping that this will change! I must always remember my minimalism goal!
– With the wish list in place, I really hope that I could control my spending and really think before buying. I do think (more than previous) but I feel that it is not enough.
– After weeks of procrastinating, I finally got rid of some expired coffee & tea!
– After careful consideration, I decided to separate my working space into two area. Previously I was facing a problem with space. My current table is much smaller and it is enough for my laptop and some stuffs. But for my planner, it is definitely too small. So I have devoted another area for writing and planning. With this changes, I hope that I can make full use of my planner and make it look better.
– I got rid of my incoming/outgoing tray. It was a place to store things and never remove them.