Review of Longchamp Neo (With strap)

I had a Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I like it because it’s so easy to tote around and I can put really a lot of stuffs in it.

I know the trim is kinda leathery but there is so many plus points!
– Easy to match with my office clothes. Canvas and office clothes sometimes don’t go together.
– Sometimes I really need a big bag to fit in everything and likes to be hands free. With a huge tote, it’s much easier.
– I won’t feel like I need to be really careful with the bag in fear of spoiling it which is exactly the problem I have with my other vegan leather bags. Ya, I know they are not Chanel or LV. But I do feel painful if I ever ruin them.
– They are light weight! so its good for travelling etc. (Although I have never bring one on travling but I might…)
So I find it hard to give up on it lol.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a forum and I realize there are a lot of fakes LC in the market! What?! The ones I saw on carousell and qoo10 are fakes?! They do not have one in maroon color (not in this season anyway!)! Okay it was surprised to me.. because the market is flooded with it. The seller insisted that they are from Paris etc.. so I never suspect it to be fake. This also made me doubt the authenticity of my (old) bag and realize that It could be fake?! But I wasn’t too sure because they do have that design (cage aux oiseaux) in that color (Lagoon) sigh some sellers… they don’t even know what they are doing. It’s like if you want to fake it, then make it look real! It does not come with any dust bag or fake looking receipt. It was shipped from Korea. Hmm. But the bag do give a wierd smell. There is some kind of leathery (?) smell which I can’t get rid of despite washing it and airing it! I smell my mum’s LC (from Taipei airport!)… it doesn’t have this weird smell so I don’t know. This weird smell is making me having second thoughts and it could be due to some substandard material being used in manufacturing that bag so it results in this after an extended uses!
Anyway, so they only have like 3-4 colours in the current season and any other colours available in mass is very likely to be fake! They do have the maroon (opera is the actual name) but it’s no longer available! Some colours like green was never available and there is a shade of pink (hydrangea) is only available on Bloomingdales! Go to the boutique to check for the current season colours.

Qoo10 have alot of fakes ones. Never buy from Qoo10! Only a couple of sellers are selling the real ones. $100 or more off retail is not cost saving but rather its a scam to make you believe that you are getting the real thing. There was never overrun of factory stocks or any rejects. It is just a stupid excuse to cheat you into buying a replica product. BTW, Qoo10 do contribute to this rubbish by helping the sellers advertising the bags as authentic. Qoo10 is such a joke!
If past seasons colours are easily available everywhere, then something is very wrong isn’t it.

So I decided to replace it with a real one!! With so many fakes flooding the online market, I decided to get one from the boutique. Ya, they are slightly more expensive because price is, uh, fixed. But it’s better be safe than sorry! I do not want spend my money at a risk of getting a fake one again! I purchased it at the airport today on the way back home. A boutique!! Super exciting because it was my first time purchasing a luxury item from an boutique!! It wasn’t duty free like I wanted. I don’t know how it works lol maybe I have to get it before I go or something. But anyway, I was on a flight back from Malaysia. I think I cannot get it duty free anyway. I decided to go for Raspberry because Navy or Black is common and seems to be available always. And I was never a fan of Grey. I read online on the next season colours (Gold? Silver? Red?) and was really happy that I went for Raspberry because there is no way I am getting the new season colours and I would ended up with Navy or Black. I’m tempted to get the Yellow (or official colour name is Sunshine) next. Ha it’s on my wishlist next.


I finally bought it out after airing it for 2 days. There was a leather smell lol
I really love the colour… it looks bright but it isn’t! It is not so bright yet it add a pop of colour to my dull clothing 🙂 I think I would love this more than opera which I would get if I can.

At first, I felt the strap is too long…. I thought of returning it or finding an alternate strap. But after 2 days of wearing it, I realise that it isn’t that bad. It is long but I am still okay with it. Maybe I would get an alternate strap from Taobao.. Please make a adjustable strap, Longchamp! The size is just right for my daily work use + lunch! There is no structure making it very difficult to adjust things. When comes to bags, I am into organisation properly. So it wasn’t something I would like.
Overall I must admit that it is not love at first sight but I feel that It would be put into a good use.


Taobao A6 cover review 

Today I’m going to review on alternate hobonichi covers from Taobao!

So instead of buying an second cover from Hobonichi, I decided to get one from Taobao. After shipping, it cost about USD12. Since it wasn’t that cheap, I limited myself to getting only one! There wasn’t much choices as what I expected. I was looking for basic colours. But there isn’t a suitable one which is not leather. So I ended up buying only one as I probably won’t change the cover as much as I would. 

I pick this because I really like the color combo and it’s abit glittery. My ideal cover is very colourful – something like thank you all. But I haven’t manage to find an ideal one.  So the cover is much harder than hobonichi’s and the inner is very very smooth. Not sure what material they used.. but it’s definitely not leather. Other than that, the compartment are very similar…

Since I have not use both, I have no feedbacks on how good they are in term of quality haha! 

I also purchased an cover on cover… they have really nice design. I purchased the firework design as I thought it would look nice on the cover that I picked. 

LL Bean (International Shipping) Review

Last year, I realise that LL Bean have opened their global site which provide direct shipping to customers outside US.

I was so happy to know that as they have become my favourite brand. They send me catalogue every season ❤  Shipping is free if you spend S$150 and above.

The only issue is that they do not allow monogram on their items . So I can’t get the boat totes monogrammed! But I would shop from their US sites if I ever need a LL Bean tote again.  LL Bean always have 25% off. So I always wait for it first before getting anything.

I finally decided to pull the plug when 3 of my wishlist are on sales. Note: Unlike other online retailer, the 25% code is STILL applicable to sales items!


Here’s what I have gotten:
1) French Sailors Shirt Three-Quarter-Sleeve Boatneck – this is in my wishlist like forever! I have been looking for something like this like forever. The real thing looks abit different from what I have thought.  I thought its more T-shirty but its more like a knit top. The only thing is the strong smell of the clothes. After a couple of days, the smell is still there. I guess it would be fine after washing… This top is thicker than usual because it is not T-shirty so I can wear it to work too!
2) Signature Poplin Skirt Sailcloth Print – I jumped into getting this when I saw it was on sale. And only one size is left. MY SIZE! I really love the print of the skirt as it is very unique. It is still very expensive after the 25% but the quality is really good! I didn’t any really good quality skirt as I am not a skirt person. But this skirt would be perfect as it is suitable for all occasions.
3) French Sailors Hoodie Long-Sleeve – Again, somehow it is different from what I have thought lol and again, the strong smell argh! but I wanted to take this with me to a cruise next month. It is sooo perfect!!
4) West End Fitted Tee Three-Quarter-Sleeve Scoopneck Dot – I bought this because I am revamping my wardrobe to have more basic clothes that suits work too. (I am getting rid of Tshirts) 3/4 sleeve seems more appropriate for work as well.



Okay, so after placing order, I didn’t get any email confirmation which was very strange. However, the next day, I received an confirmation from BorderFree. So BorderFree is recommended by many US sites for shipping order outside US. But I have never use them as I have my own agent  if I ever need to ship something from US.

My order was shipped very quickly – the next working day. They uses Aramex for delivery. It takes about a week (minus weekend) to receive it. Overall, I am happy with everything. However, since their clothes aren’t that cheap, I wouldn’t be shopping that often.



Book Beau Review

After a long hiatus on Kickstarter, I started backing another project again.
The reason why I stopped using Kickstarter is that I met a scammer (Yeah they have like a second company or something. So I don’t know why they can’t deliver) and a few products that I don’t really used. So I became very selective. But I decided to back only products that I would use. I can’t remember how I came across Book Beau – could be some bookish post. Then when I went to their Etsy, I was so disappointed that their store is closed.

Then I saw that they have a Kickstarter! I backed because it is a bookish product – something I would use! I couldn’t decided on the size so I backed all 3 sizes.

So BB is like a pouch thingy with pad to protect your book. If you read alot and own alot of books, you would know the feeling of having a book with folded edge. Horrible feeling!

The idea of BB isn’t exactly something very unique. Well, if you are talented, you can easily DIY. But I can’t sew so I have to spend money to get one!


I love the Carousel fabric. It is so pretty ❤ But I regretted on the Carina Nebula. The photo look so much nicer. The real thing just look different. 😦

Oh, the smaller one fit in my new Hobonichi Techo 😀

Okay now for rants…

The first issue that I have is the choice of fabric. One main reason why I backed this project is they have the Harry Potter Quirky Wizards fabric that I am fond of! But it was later out of stock due to supply issue. It was a major disappointment but things do happen in Kickstarter project! They have used Always (shown above) as the replacement. Okay, I do love the “Always” but it has become a bit overrated for me. I get too much of the “Always” stuffs in the previous subbox. And B&W fabric is too plain for my liking. So I choose other 2 fabrics instead of having all the same like I wanted.

The second issue is the additional shipping issue which I did not get any satisfactory answer. So I added on another BB as I wanted to give it to a friend for Christmas. The post in Kickstarter didn’t mention anything about additional shipping that I have to pay for. When I emailed them, they ignored me as they were busy with shipping and upgrading. So after they ship (that’s would be my third issue), I decided to email them. At first someone who just joined their team told me it was quite clearly stated. Then when I replied back with the link. She told me that she will pass it to her superior as she wasn’t here during the Kickstarter period. So her superior came back and say that backerkit will auto adjust for shipping blah blah. I did use a backerkit a couple of times before and is quite familiar with the system. But I never have an issue as it was always highlighted to me. Actually the amount is not a lot. But my point is that if there is additional shipping, backers should be notified as I would have get more to save on shipping.

The third issue is on the shipping. When they said they shipped everything out, but I didn’t get anything so I decided to email to them. Again, there was a issue with backerkit and it was marked shipped. So they have to adjust the system so that they can ship again.

Despite the issues, I am still quite happy with the items except for one fabric which didn’t look as nice as photos. I may not buy from them again since I have 3! That’s quite enough to last a lifetime. But their store would be opening soon. So purchasing from them would be much easier.

Field Notes Review

I always wanted to get a Field Notes. It is on my wish-list like FOREVER!
So I have decided to purchase it last week  as I saw a Hobonichi Memo Pad which could be useful to be use along with my Hobonichi. But I decided to go for FN instead as I have wanting to try it.

So I went on FN website. I never thought of buying them directly… hmm…

I saw the limited edition – Campfire and I really like it. Then I saw their quarterly subscription box and it is soooo intriguing. A mystery box with notebooks? YES YES YES!
I know, I know, me and my subscription box.. I should be avoiding them. But it was well worth it as shipping are included. I would need to pay for $7 shipping anyway as I need to get some notebooks.

So I ended up starting the subscription service with Campfire.
I also ordered a couple of coloured covers as they look really nice. I received the standard Kraft notebooks as a gift for the subscription service. And I get an extra pencil and pen for the order 🙂 There is some rubber band thingy but I don’t really keep such thing lol I love their pen and pencil. But I have too many pens and pencils at home!


Hobonichi Review

After much anticipation, I finally received my Hobonichi parcel last evening!

Excuse the lousy photos as I was too excited to get rid of the packaging to touch the stuffs!!! And more to come…

I like it that they uses an extra packaging so I wouldn’t have to destroy the beautiful box! Most online retailer do not do that and you ended up destroying the beautiful box 😦
The outer packaging is in white with the simple black font of Hobonichi which is so sleek!

I love the box this year (okay I do not have other boxes to compare lol) but its in bright shiny yellow! So Hufflepuff! Yay. I generally do not keep boxes being an minimalist… But I think I have to keep this one. I keep all the hobonichi stuffs inside so its like christmas every single time when  I open it up ❤

Cool quote on the box. Lets fix things next year xD

So here they are – the hobonichi goodies ❤

Hobonichi Techo (English) A6 – Being an stationary lover, I have an idea of how small A6 is. I do not want A5 as I uses A5 planner before and its heavy and slight inconvenience for daily uses. Some days I don’t even want to bring it out. But maybe because the paper was too light. It made the planner look smaller than what I have expected. I am very tempted to get the Japanese version lol cos the Japanese wording is like so beautiful. I can read like 5% cos some words are similar to Chinese. But the cover of the English version is much nicer looking xD
Soda Dots cover – It looks more beautiful in real life. After watching Hobonichi Live on Sina weibo last Saturday, I knew that I would love this cover and I have like 3 others on my wishlist lol I picked Soda Dots as I wanted to go with something more special rather than the plain looking covers ones.
Cover on cover  (Tokyo, Paris Alphabet) – I picked this two and didn’t get “Light”. I always love Paris so “Paris Alphabet” was an obvious choice. “Tokyo” looks nice on Soda Dots from their FB photos. But “Light” doesn’t seems that nice on Soda Dots. I didn’t take a photos of them. Perhaps I would be more excited when I start to set up the planner. I never use an Cover on Cover on all other organisers/planners before so it is something new! I thought they would like flimsy but they are quite thick PVC. So its not easily spoil! I hope!!
Stencils – I decided to pick up 2 stencils since I am terrible at drawing. They were quite pricey but branded as Hobonichi. I can probably get similar ones at Taobao at a cheaper price. They are however quite soft so I hope that they don’t break!
Weekly Calendar – This would be useful on days where I am lazy to bring the whole planner 😀 Being me, I know some days I will just neglect my planner :S
Zebra Mildliner – I used this before and love it. They are very different as they are more lighter in colour whereas staedtler highlighters are very brighty! I have also started to discover how useful highlighters are when doing planner this year. After calculation, they seems cheaper to get online (!!!) than getting from stationary stores. So I decided to buy a pack.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchases. I absolutely cannot wait for next year to come so that I can kickstart my new planner ❤

Now for the ordering experiences…

It was my first year ordering so like everyone else, I jumped into ordering on the first day. I didn’t know what I was expecting as I don’t want the cover(s) that I wanted to be sold out. (It was later then I realise I could have waited as my cover wasn’t one of those popular/sold out). So I took 55 minutes with multiple trying and refreshing to get the order processed. The experience is indeed very frustrating. I totally understand how some people feels especially if after multiple attempts, the stuffs they wanted are sold out! If I didn’t have much patience (:D especially when I am doing online shopping!!). I was lucky that I have a holiday on that day so I can sit in front of my MacBook to patiently place my orders. I tried to order everything at one go but my cart keep getting refreshed. In the end, I decided to order only the cover and it works better. I was checking out 55 minutes later. Then it took me multiple re-tries within the next few hours (I was doing some other things) to check out the rest of the orders.

Will I order on the release day again next year? Maybe or maybe not. It really depends on …Tokyu Hands. They will be bringing in Hobonichi this year but it will only be in early/mid October. (Which is why I decided to buy online as I cannot wait being the first year!!) If their range is okay and price is reasonable, I would probably get from Tokyu Hands next year??

Real Simple

I have subscribed to the digital version of Real Simple in my old iPad Mini. And I really enjoyed it… So I was super excited that I was able to get this through an local vendor. (yay!)

After deducting the discount, it costs nearly thrice as much! But I still prefer the idea of flipping through a physical copy of an magazine…

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