Review – ShopandBox

A couple of weeks ago, I realise the LL Bean totes has an collobration with Peanuts. It’s the limited edition tote which can only be purchased from the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo. Yes, it’s manufactured by LL Bean (!!!!).

It is extra exciting because I am a huge fan of both LL Bean and snoopy.  I have 3 of their totes (!!!) and I love them. Because 1) They are high quality  2) They are light weight 3) They are so sturdy and doesn’t seem to get spoiled ever. So being a fan of both Snoopy & LL Bean (!!!), I have to get this since it’s limited edition!

I had a slight mind block from this exciting news that I misunderstood that it has been released.

Anyway there wasn’t much news about it online so I didn’t have much information. But I realise that they have 3 sizes – Technically, they are Mini, Small & Medium. I originally thought they refers to the same as the ones from US (Small, Medium & Large). But after googling a bit, I finally realise that mini is a different size! It is somehow an “special” size selling only in the Japanese market. I love the small size as they still can carry umbrella (I don’t go anywhere without my umbrella). But I am not too sure about the mini size. So I decided not to purchase the mini size. I went for Small & Medium as they are my favourite size!

I posted up an request in Airfrov.   But there wasn’t any response. Excuse my anxiousness. But I really thought it was released and wanted someone to just promise he/she will buy for me. Anyway, I got impatient and went online to google about personal shopper etc. That’s how I found BoxandShop!

So you just create your order and they will allocate a boxer (shopper) for you. My boxer responded very quickly – he send me an message the very next day! 🙂 After we agreed on the price (He included things like taxes, transport and the entrance fees). I think it is pretty much reasonable as it is an limited edition item. Even though it was higher than I thought, but I decided to go ahead and pay invoice 1. After you paid, the boxer (shopper) will then go ahead and do the purchase for you.

Again, my mind is still blocked at that time, so I wanted to settle everything quickly. I was also distracted as I was outside. So I went ahead to pay for the invoice even though I thought it was pricey! After that, I realise we misunderstood each other. He thought that I wanted 2 of each size. So I send him an message to explain the error. Again, he responded so quickly and say he will process the refund for Invoice 2.

After purchasing the items, an invoice (Invoice 2) was send with the shipping quote and service fees. I recieved via DHL within 2 days!

IMG_4665Ahh well. It was most expensive than what I would have pay for if I uses Airfrov instead. Aifrov saves on international shipping as the traveller brings back the items for you. But overall, I still feel it is well-worth it. The service provided by the boxer are more dedicated. I did had an bad experience in Airfrov. The shopper didn’t purchase the items for me and didn’t bother to update. I send an complain to Airfrov and all they could do is to send a warning to the shopper. I felt that it is much more reliable when getting  limited edition items.


I have been using my totes for a few times and absolutely love it. I felt so lucky because I have no idea where else to get this if there wasn’t for service like ShopandBox.


Why I prefer buying clothes online

Purchasing new clothes has always been an simple and happy process. Usually I prefer to buy them online to prevent any hassle. If I do visit the store, I would usually buy clothes that do not require fitting like T-shirt etc. Sizing is not a huge issue. Mainly due to the fact that I am petite so I would just purchase the smallest size.

Last week, my mum suggested that we should visit the department store to try some dress. I was searching for a new dress for my brother’s wedding in June. Yesterday was an holiday so we took some time to visit the department store. My mum told me to try fitting in them before purchasing. I thought that it was a good idea since the amount I spend on it would not be cheap. I would want to be able to fit in them and look nice!

So I walked around and took 3-4 dress to try them on. On the second round, something happened….

We were waiting patiently outside for the two teenagers inside to finish. They were taking their own sweet time. They went in straightaway after I came out for the first round. But after we found 3 dresses to try for the second round, they were still inside. And after that, we waited for like 20 mins. Finally they came out and we went in. I tried on the dresses. And was almost deciding on one piece.  Then someone attempted to open the door even though they knew that we were inside. I was almost done… so we ignored them and packed up. Then someone KNOCKED the door! WTF. I was super super pissed off. I came outside and we showed our black face. One of the ladies in the queue told me that “sorry, we were just checking.” What the heck you need to check? I am trying on clothes! I need to take off my clothes and try them on. It takes time to put them on and look at how I look from different angles etc.  WTF.

If you are so impatient and couldn’t wait for people to finish, then don’t come to the department store on a holiday/weekend to try clothes. It is obvious that there will be crowd and you need to wait for your turn. Not everyone is ultra rich and can afford everything they like!

Furthermore, we didn’t take a long time. As compared to the two teenagers that went in before us, we took only like 10 mins?! It is reasonable considering that we were trying on 3 different dresses. I don’t know what is the motive of this person who knocked on the door. But she obviously is selfish and think about only herself. It is sad and pathetic that such people existed in this world. I was so pissed off that I shouted loudly “don’t want to  buy” to my mum and we stormed off.  I threw my shopping bag to the rack and went out of the store. I was in such a foul mood that I told my mum to go home. I no longer have the mood to look for clothes anymore. I cannot even try on my clothes with peace!

I hope after this incident, this person could reflect on herself! Not only her action has bought upon unhappiness to my shopping trip, but she has shown others how selfish and rude she is!

Back to shopping online!