Roundup – November so far!

I cannot remember when was the last time I post an roundup so I will write one for November in general!

Career etc
Unfortunately I have meet the year end again! This mean job searching have to come to an unfortunate halt again as job openings are getting lesser. I must say I am quite disappointed with my result so far. It hasn’t been a good year – I met disappointing results:
1) Interviewer that don’t even bother to hear what you got to say about yourself.
2) Interviewer that rejected ME right in the face. (I wrote an review for this company on Glassdoor as I am so disgusted by the HR)
3) Interview that went super well but…. no result.
4) Interview that went super duper well (almost on verge of offering) but… suddenly, they are not looking anymore. (Huh why post in the first place?)
Oh well, better luck next year? And like what I have said, it become clear to me that I need to study. I have applied for an private education and if it goes well, it would take 1-2 years of my time. Like what I told a friend, it is still not too late to do a career switch. Good luck to me!

Minimalism, Organisation etc
November gets a little better but still not quite on track yet…
It’s especially important for me as I need to save for my school fee!
By practising this concept, I will not spend much hence I would be able to save up.

Generally, These are my difficult areas:
1) Clothes – It is slightly better now. But there is still improvement area. I feel like I can stop buying clothes!
2) Bags – I found out that I do not need all those branded bags last week. So I have listed them for selling. So I have reduced my bags significantly. Of course I hope to reduce them further until when I am left with my LL Be a, Lands End & Matt & Nat.
3) Shoes – I find a need to get new shoes every now and then. It is difficult as shoes comes in all kinds of shape, pattern & design. But I am trying to stick to whatever I have as much as possible.
4) Stationaries – Improving!

1) Reduce one cupboard to make my room look neater 🙂
2) I throw some clothes + listed some bags – including branded ones for sale (as I realise I could carry my LL Bean, Lands End or Matt & Nat like everyday!) 
3) Sold off some of my miniature collection (I was very into re-ment a few years ago)
4) NOT give in to buying new pens even though I have a discount voucher of $10
5) NOT give in to buy clothes, shoes or bags even though there is sale/discount in my inbox every other day
6) “What I want to buy?” in my planner is getting lesser each week 😀
7) Avoid shopping malls as much as I can!

What I could have done better?
1) I wasn’t going to spend anything during the “double 11”. But well, I couldn’t resist as I saw some things I wanted on sale. I didn’t buy clothes, shoes or bags but still, I buy too much stationaries which could be avoided!
2) “Anchor” stuffs! I feel like I buy too much anchor stuffs this month!

I started to read a new book again. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. My goodeads target is only 10 this year as I wanted to focus on minimalism.

I finally met my first lost mail last week! As much as how “lousy” our local post office is, I never meet any lost mail for the many years I shopped online. It was really shocking to me. I purchased an alarm clock as I really need one! So I have to get a second one and send by courier as I no longer trust it to be send by normal mail.

I was very pissed off with a colleague last week. We were discussing something work-related but not very serious. She keep interrupted me when I wanted to explain what I meant.
RESPECT. Obviously she got to learn it. She don’t RESPECT people as she keep interrupting me. And she don’t RESPECT the fact that other may have a different opinion. While she have her own opinion, she should learn to listen to others.


Do not jump into buying things because of discount

Eliminating shopping is an important part of minimalism. There is no point that you minimise your belonging and you keep shopping for new ones. In fact, I think its an important step and very difficult step that I find myself struggling at times.

Therefore, I feel that its very important NOT TO JUMP INTO BUYING THINGS just because there is discount code/coupon etc. It is especially important now as I have been receiving discount codes in my email. I had a hard time explaining to a friend why I refused to get new pens at Kikki K even though they are technically free. (Using an $10 voucher to offset!). I explained to her:
– I do not want to get new pens because I do not have use for it. I have told her that I have a lot of pens at home.
– If I keep it at home, it would be such a waste.
– It is not technically free. In this case, it seems free. But it is not. You have to spend the effort and time to go to the shop. Effort and time are precious things. You can spend the effort and time doing more productive stuffs.
– It takes very long time for a pen to run out of ink even if I write everyday! And I rotates among 4-5 pens each day.
After explaining and telling her NO three times, She continue to say that she think I should use the voucher as we do not know when Kikki K will stop giving. Really? I don’t really care if they stop giving voucher tomorrow. I only buy things when I need not when I want. So in the end, I ignored her message and move on. I do not expect everyone to understand my minimalism concept but I have shared my concept with her previously. Since she don’t really get it or understand, I shall not be influence by her!

Review – LL Bean tote VS Lands End Tote

There are tons of discussion/blogs/Youtube Video etc comparing these two. I decided to write my own input 🙂

Not knowing about these two brands since I don’t stay in US, I spend a long time googling about them. I finally decided to get an LL Bean tote due to the simple fact that it is made in Maine. Although I am not from US, but I certainly love to own something that are not mass produced in a factory. By some mistake, I ended up with 3 HAHA. And I jumped into getting a Lands End tote cos they have sailor stripe (!!!) which is kinda my thing now.

Suggestion to both companies – Come up with a version which has a size in between the small and the medium one. I would love to order one that can fit my planner and some stationaries. This would be perfect if I just want to go to the cafe and write 🙂 The small one is too small and the medium is more like a proper tote size! So yes, I badly need one!

Customisable tote

Firstly I am going to talk about the standard one (Natural) from LL Bean VS the customise one (black) from LL Bean.

They are very different. The standard one is very stiff and hard. According to the CS who replied to my email, it will take some times for the bag to become soft. On the other hand, I love how soft the customise tote is. The handle types aren’t a big issue for me. For both long & short handle, I was able to carry on my shoulder comfortably. For the short handle, I can even carry on my arm which I love if I wanted a different look. I decided to add on an pocket instead of a zip so that I can slip my iPod Nano into the front pocket. This is something which I definitely love about LL Bean option – the ability to create your own bag. I spend a long time and finally decided to create a colour combination that I wanted to get from Ralph Lauren a few years ago. For me, a zip isn’t really important as I don’t really zip them most of the times except when I am traveling.

Lands End tote has inside compartments so as compare LL Bean tote seems a bit dull… But its also due to the compartment, Lands End tote is quite heavy. So its weight VS compartments 🙂 Although Lands End do not offer custom options, but they do have nice patterns for you to choose from! So… If you are into patterns, then Lands End will be a better choice! I haven’t use my Lands End yet so I cannot comment if they are really better or useful…

Well I would say I love the Lands End tote! I uses them for 4 days! The compartment certainly made my life easier… I know where my things are. But still, the weight? Not so much. I still prefer LL Bean’s weight. But both totes are equally good in their own way.

As a general comparison, LL Bean is very well-constructed and stand very well on its own. Lands End stands well too, but its more soft.

Both brands offers monogram to make your tote even more unique. Lands End even offer Embroidery. I am in love with the pretty sailboat ones which is probably what I want to get next. If only they add on the same pink one which you can select for their polo!  LL Bean will suggest the recommended colour to match your tote. But you can also choose your own colour. Whereas Lands End do not do that. I cannot comment on the monogram as both are very well-monogrammed and I asked for different monogram style.Conclusion
Both totes are beautiful in its own way. There is no “winner”. But I definitely have to eliminate my other totes to make rooms for them 🙂

Be contented

I  hate it when people aren’t contented about what they have. I am not saying that you have to be happy with everything. I know that is kinda impossible. But stop whining when you have what you wanted.

What happened was a friend complained to me how she shouldn’t accept this offer in a world class university and comment about needing to be “low profile” in her career. I don’t know how she come up with such nonsense. It make no sense.

It is just so sick to hear about such crap.

So I told her off….

  1. You are not holding an low pay job. (Shut up)
  2. You are not earning less than what you qualified. (Just shut up)
  3. You are not looking for an job for a long time and do not even have an offer (Yes please shut up).

And she finally shut up and stop whining to me.

I just don’t understand – She accepted the job because she want it. Then she whines non stop about something very irrelevant. Her workplace people are all right (I checked with her). So what is your problem?

What I feel is that she is not contented with whatever she have. which is such a sad and pathetic thing. This kind of people will never be happy….

Worst interview ever…

Spoiling one’s day could be very easy if you are a recruiter. I just had the worst interview of my life.

It hasn’t been a good year for me. Job searching has not been smooth.
I thought I finally got luckier when I talked to this hiring manager. She seems very nice and friendly. She was rather keen as well.

She wanted to meet me at my convenience  over the weekend. But it never happened. In fact, I was waiting for her to drop me an message the whole weekend. So she didn’t just waste my time ONCE.

Finally, it was Monday that she called me again. Funny that she didn’t even mention about our suppose-to-happened meeting…. I was asked to go down to her office. I was very excited about it as I thought this could be the one.

The office looks cozy, professional and nice! But the interview itself wasn’t nice or professional.

While I appreciated truthfulness from the interviewer, but she left an bad impression on the company. When I say this – I really do mean it, I certainly will not consider any offer from this company.

1) She made personal judgement. She feel that I am not suitable to be in HR line based on ONE observation she made. This is unfair because she don’t know me. And she cannot just judge.
2) She is too shallow and too narrow minded. Just because of one simple thing I did wrongly. She feels that I am not suitable. What happened to the other stuffs we talked about… My other skill sets. It was ignored..
3) She look down on me. She subtly told me that I am not worth the salary that I am asking for. Unless its a managerial role. This is completely rubbish as managerial role would not be asking for such salary.
4) Lastly, she rejected me right in the face.

I simply cannot understand how this person is working in the HR line. Does she goes straight to the person that she is going to terminate and say “hey we are sacking you!”. It is just not professional. No matter how apologetic you are, telling people the bad news straight in the face? This is not the correct way to do things. Am I the one who is not suitable for HR?

Lands End

Argh, I am at the moment so pissed at LE that I have to rant…

I placed an order with them 2 weeks ago. Took them a long time to be shipped.
Then finally it’s now sitting at my agent’s warehouse.
But they have to ship it in a damn stupid big box! So guess what? I have been asked to pay 8bucks more for repackaging.
Ya, its just taking out the damn stuffs from its damn stupid big box and put it into a damn mailing bag.
I can totally get it if its bulky, fragile, whatever… But its just 2 polos and a tote. Why can’t they ship it in the normal way like LL bean?

I wrote an “feedback” to LE.
I wanted to buy some more stuffs in future cos you can monogram the shirts etc. But this officially make me re-think!!

Roundup – 18 Oct to 30 Oct

I am pretty sure about getting back to school. I know I would be wasting my previous degree (and the money that i have spend…) But this is the only way out! I have talked a couple of people including a friend that I trusted as she is smart. Much smarter than me. She is checking out some information for me. While I have to decide if I want to take an Business Degree or HR Degree. I like Business Degree as I would able to take up an career in a wide range of industries but then my friend warned me that Business Degree is too generic. HR is definitely more specialise. But I just worried that I am not cut out for this… Oh well, I still have the time to consider it really carefully. I probably takes 1-2 weeks to finalise my decision.

Organisation, Planning etc
In my other post on LL Bean, I mentioned about ordering a large tote by mistake. But, it become very useful for storing things i need to get rid of…especially for minimalism! If I need to move the tote, its also rather easy to carry. Surprisingly, its not that heavy even when I pack it to the max! I have been using this tote for 2 weeks now and I am really happy with it as it really helps with my minimalism. I filled it up with stuffs I need to throw/clear/move/whatever and I try to clear it every 2-3 days.

More on my side planner or … Fauxdori! This lovely fauxdori is from a shop call Doki Book (Taobao). The lovely inserts are from them as well. I love it how colourful they made it ❤

So I look at this two pages daily. On the left side, I will write my Top Three. They are not necessary the very important tasks but rather tasks that I needed to do to get started. I stole this wonderful idea from the Day Designer. In fact, they worked so well that I am secretly considering to buy one of their minis. But I have too many planners! On the right side, I wrote my crazy wants and the reasons for wanting them. It usually help to reduce the spend.

So I have more or less mentioned about my crazy shopping spree… It is kinda bad that I went back to shop a little but I am have been trying hard to curb them as well! I started to write them down in my daily planner so as to able me to start the thinking process…. instead of buying it without thinking. It is really the best method for curbing spend!

Why I did not buy from L*S****S**?
I was so excited last night to learn of the new collection that LSS had with peanuts. The snoopy prints are soooo pretty. It is actually not quite new…probably released from a couple of months ago. But I never notice LSS as I don’t shop from them.
I was really on the verge of getting it. I keep thinking about it last night before I goes to bed and this morning. I even set up an account at Zappos in order to check out. The website although isn’t quite international friendly as they expected a billing address from US. Same as the LSS official website. But in the end, I also decided not to purchase it. I have simply too many bags and pouches. And I am getting a bit conscious of the brands that i shopped from. I don’t know much about LSS but their bags are made in China. So the people who made them are probably making less than 10% of the RRP. Poor people!

Here’s what I received for the past 2 weeks…

I know what you are thinking. I absolutely do not need this. But Frankie’s dairy are too nice to resist. The cover is cloth bounded which looks so premium. This is going to be my side planner for 2016! The inside is beautifully illustrated by an Frankie illustrated so you cannot find this elsewhere.

I kinda regretted buying this now. But I read that speck have a new technology which the clear ones do not have the yellowing problem. Oh well, we shall see. I am going to keep this.

They were reasonably priced but not too cheap (usually it means bad quality). I will keep for the new year!

Although I have purchased a few cases, but I tried to go for quality case or cases that are unique. For this particular case, the case takes in the colour of your phone (in my case – rose gold!) to show the effect which is super awesome. This is the first time I saw such case!

Yes, a case mate!!!
I put it on the very next day I got them. I purchased this on 25% discount so its very worth it but I wouldn’t say its affordable. Unlike many pretty cases out there especially those associated with luxury brand (They are damn useless), this case really protect well. I dropped it once when my chair accidentally tangle with my USB charger. But everything is intact! Originally I thought the case do not fit too well as packaging only stated about iPhone 6. But I was able to adjust and it is well fit. Too well fit that i am worried about taking it off. However, I must say I feel a little less exciting when I saw that its made in china.

I purchased them at BOGO 50%. So it was really worth it! This is my first time placing an order. But I have owed a few of their graphic tees. Although some of their tee are made in china but I have never find one that are as soft as the original purchases from AE.

I purchased this impulsively on Taobao. I kinda regretted it. But I will keep this for CNY.