Experiencing with Everyday Bags

Previously, I used to spend a lot of time matching my clothes with accessories. I don’t put on jewellary such as earring, necklace much. But I spend a lot of time matching my clothes with my shoes & bags.

I don’t have a lot of shoes but I really have a lot of bags. I have now “lose” some of the older/spoil/ugly/un-used bags but I still have like 30-40 bags or so.

I don’t know why – but I just feel it is very important that I need my bags to be matched with what I am wearing. I thought the size, the material, the colour  and the shape really really matters! I ended up moving my stuffs to a different bag every day and a few times, I forgot my stuffs – keys, access card, wallet etc due to the change. Although it wasn’t a big problem for me as I will just tell myself to be careful next time. But recently as part of my change of lifestyle, I keep wondering if it is possible to live with just  ONE – TWO everyday bags! My answer to my own question is….. YES!

So I did a experience for about 2 weeks. I turned on my “don’t care” mode and try to use only ONE bag for the entire week. I have to ignore the fact that it don’t really match my clothes in the way I used to like. But then of course, I can always match my clothes to the bag instead of matching my bag to my clothes! My wardrobe has been cut down but I still have a good number of clothes. I still need to work on this for a long time but eventually I think my wardrobe will match my bags completely and they will reduced to the number I am satisfied with.

So, on sunday night, I picked a everyday bag to be used for next week. I picked different type of bags for each week to see how it works.

My one and only criteria was… It has to be big so that I can bring along my stationary pouch. Then of course it has to fit in my “must bring” stuffs – iPod Nano, Keys, Cellphone, iPad Mini, umbrella, a book, wallet, access card, tissues pouch, another pouch for cards, another pouch which I carries some essential stuffs.

My stationary pouch – Baggu zipped pouch

I don’t know why Baggu don’t sell this anymore because this is really really useful! It is soft so I can just bend it if it’s too large to fit into my bag! It is made of nylon so its durable and washable! It comes with a decent zip. I hate it when zip on bag/pouch spoil when you wanted to zip it up. The only problem I had with them is the colour run so the black look more like grey now. But it is still good to use. I uses the larger one (Black/Grey) for my stationary as it fit A4 size file which I keep my printout of my Passion Planner (the actual one is still on its way), plus a lot of space for my notebook/planner, pencil case, my calendar, another pouch where I keep cables, mini perfume etc. I just love this pouch! I will have to add an reminder not to get any more if Baggu ever bring them back. This is a bad habit of mine which I am trying to get rid of! (Don’t need a second one!)

First week, I picked American Apparel Canvas Cotton Tote with Pocket.

(Mine is in black with violet)

It IS very roomy. There was still LOTS of space left after I put in my stationary pouch. I think I can even fit in clothes or a emergency flat or something! This is a good bag as it is very roomy, nice shape and good colour – Black is the best colour ever! It is plain so it is much easier to match. It doesn’t look very awkward with most of my clothes. The only problem I had was carrying it while wearing a very very formal dress such as this. But then again, does it really matters! This is probably good for traveling as it (again) will fits a lot of things. Because it is very roomy and deep so I have to carry a bag organiser or an extra pouch to put the essential stuffs such as cellphone, access card, Mp3 Player, keys. I couldn’t find my cellphone if I just put it into the bag. But it has a lot of compartments at the side and front! So it is good for keeping those essential stuffs separated although I prefer using an extra pouch.

Second Week, I picked Naraya Floral Tote.

(I couldn’t find the exact picture and Im lazy to take a picture so I googled it. The first picture show the shape of the bag while the second picture show the colour and exact prints.)

I like to call Naraya – the branded bag of Thailand 😀 Well, Branded bags doesn’t have to be really THAT expensive. I am just happy to be carrying something such as Naraya. Firstly, it has a really nice fabric. I am not a big fan of material that will peel after long usage or long NON-usage such as Leather! It is much lasting I guess. Secondly I am not a big fan of floral stuffs too. But I guess the floral print is not too bold for me and it is in my favourite colour which is maroon! Okay enough of the bag and lets talk about functionality! It works well too. Although it’s in maroon (a much harder colour to match than black) but it doesn’t look awkward with my clothes. It also just so happened that I like to buy the same colours for my clothes. which is Black, Maroon and occasionally pink. I have other shades too but not much and I avoid colours such as yellow, orange, green as much as I can. I think I only have like 1-3 pieces of such colours. I think it works better with a formal dress (as compare to my first bag) as it look okay for the formal look. The bags fit my stuffs well too although it is not as roomy as the first bag and it feel tight after I put in all my stuffs. The front compartment is a great place to put my transportation card and my iPod Nano.

In conclusion, if I have to pick one out of the two to use as a everyday bag, I will go for the Naraya bag as it matches with my clothes more.

*I probably will continue to experience next week!





3 thoughts on “Experiencing with Everyday Bags

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