Minimalism Review & Reflection – Jan 2015


It is another month again…. It is time to do a little review & reflection on my progress. This is also ensure that I am constantly reminded of my own target and goal. And mostly STICK TO MY PLAN OF NOT OWNING SO MUCH STUFFS!

January has been a slow month. I didn’t do much “throwing” as most stuffs have been threw away. However I do have a lot of stuffs in my “uncertain” basket which I need to review. I haven’t do any review yet. But I should start really soon in order to get things tidy for Chinese New Year! 😀

I haven’t been spending that much…. (far much lesser than I normally would) on extra stuffs.

Clothes: I had a new nightdress as my PJs. It was so comfortable. Being me, I tempted to get another one but I have like 3 at home. I am keeping one for Chinese New Year…. which means I left 2. I was worried I got nothing to wear if I throw it into the washer. Now, this is really stupid because I already have 3. THREE. Far more than I should have. I should ONLY have 2. Then, I have some other clothes which CAN be used as PJs also. Really. So if I ever run out of nightdress, I should simply. wear. something. else. SIMPLE. I spend a couple of days – Thinking. Re-thinking. Thinking. Re-thinking. and finally decided to review on this 3 months later. After 3 months, I am sure I would know if I really need this. Really. It is just a nightdress. But I love that I am making it into a thinking process rather than buying it straight. And it is being very cheap – costs less than $7-ish after shipping doesn’t help!

Last week, my mum asked me to get pants for her online. So I ended up spending a couple of days online surfing at shopping sites. It is honestly bad as I wasted a lot of time. I was trying to see if I need to get something else to ship along with her pants to save on shipping. But it was also through this process that I noticed a changes in me. I didn’t get any clothes. (But something else….which I would reflect below) which means clothes no longer attracted me. It is no longer a crazy obsession. I still get the urge (as above) once in a while. But it is not as crazy as before!

Bag, Shoes, accessories etc: Like clothes, I was really crazy about bag! But again, I feel the changes in me (yay). But I got myself 2 drawstring pouches, one pencil pouch and one accessories pouch (to put stationaries). As compare, buying pouches weren’t an bad obsession before. I don’t buy as much before. But I NEED to improve on this as these aren’t things I need. But things I wanted. I don’t need them 😦

Pens, notebooks: This month, my pen obsession has been a really manic and headache. I discussed it before – I did overbought pens and have definitely more than I needed. Although I have also put in into a thinking process rather than buying it straight. But this is an area I need to improve on. But then again, I am an inspiring writer. So I am not sure if I could ever get this to the minimal level. But I would definitely need to try. In the meantime, I am putting myself on Pen Ban for a month or so.

Books, DVDs etc: Trying to keep to the minimal level. I am reading books off my shelves rather than getting new ones. I am also going to get Kindle version instead of buying the physical books. As for DVDs, I think there is no way I could keep it to a minimal level. But I am trying very hard not to spend as fast I could.

Coffee, Tea etc: Trying to keep to the minimal level. I am not getting new ones until I fully finish the ones I have at home.



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