Don’t send rejection letter

I really really really hated it when the HR or whoever tell you that you are NOT selected after the interview. It could be by call or by email. I only get such rejection twice out of the countless interviews that I have been attending for the past 6-7 years. Both of which is very devastating to hear!

I really thought there should be some kind of unwritten rule/policy that nobody should be informed about the rejection. It just promotes some kind of negatively and it will ruin someone’s day. No matter whether that person really want the job or not, it just kinda give people some kind of depression.

Everyone Most people hate rejections. I myself hate this very much. I rather not know than getting rejected.

It is very obvious if you don’t get any news after 2-3 weeks. It means they found a better candidate. But by informing people, you somehow make people wonder… Am I not good? Why am I not suitable? Why did I fail at the interview? What did the other candidates did? WHY? WHY? It makes people ponder on unnecessary. There could be countless of reasons why someone did not get the job. It could be as simple as the interviewer just don’t like your face. Anyway If there is no news after 2-3 weeks, people just forget about it and move on. They would just simply think oh well, I think I need to look harder. They won’t keep thinking about…. all the whys and whats.

So honestly why would you want to turn someone’s positive day into a negative one?

I cannot say I am a HR professional as I haven’t been in the industry long enough and I only have ONE job listed as HR and it wasn’t even close to the full spectrum of the HR duties. It was a shared responsibilities between two departments. But I did mange to deal with candidates as and when. I never send rejection emails/calls because it is just cruel to do so! Obviously everyone know that you are not getting the jobs if you didn’t get any news. Go find out if you are interested. Otherwise the HR representative should just leave these poor people alone.


2 thoughts on “Don’t send rejection letter

  1. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I always appreciate it when they take the time to tell me they chose a different candidate. What I DON’T like are the automated emails that are sent out, that don’t even address you by name. I took the time to apply for the job and go to an interview. The least they could do is write an email or make a phone call directly to me, rather than just putting me into the auto-reject queue.


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