My current notebooks

Today I thought I will write a quick post on my notebooks. I am using…. 8 notebooks at the moment – including my temporary undated planner. I know I am such an addict!

1) “Things To do” pad – Okay, its more like a sticky pad although it don’t really stick. I got this from a bookstore near my home a few years ago. I tried to use it a few times – at work, at home, for school. But it NEVER works. Finally I found a use for it. I am writing my minimalism tasks such as sort out CDs. It works great!! As I am continue to minimalism (on the pause at the moment for Chinese New Year holidays), I will definitely write in more stuffs!
2) Panda Calendar – This is from Taobao. It is actually NOT really a notebook. But on the reverse side of the calendar there is some space for writing. I am currently using it to record important spend. I use it to record spend as I got extra calendar this year. I probably switch over to record in my permanent planner when July start.
3) Yellow notebook – This is also from Taobao. I am using it for writing down my shopping list such grocery shopping. I don’t use it to record online shopping list as it is more like a wish list. I set up an wist list page at this particular blog for that. I like it that the pages can be tear off after finishing 🙂
4) Typo notebook – Oops. I should have taken the picture with the cover. This is from Typo. I used it to record list. Like the books I wanted to read in 2015, my kickstarter tracker etc. I refer to it frequently when I need information.
5) Temporary Planner in white – Not going to comment much on this as it is just an temporary planner.
6) Black leather notebook – I am becoming to love this size. I got this from one of my business partner as a gift. This is my daily notebook where I bring everywhere with me. Not sure where they printed this but the paper is really thin. I uses all brands of pens with it and all bleed through.
7) Triangular notebook – As you can see from the logo printed on the notebook, its given by an design company. I got this from my previous company. I keep this on my desk all the times to scribble down thoughts etc. I use this to write my “To-do” list when I am at home. I usually keep my daily notebook in my bag when I am at home as I wanted to use it only when I am out.
8) Pink “Keep Calm and Write on” notebook – I got this from Taobao. I got 5 other colours as well 🙂 This is rather heavy so shipping cost a-bit. I uses this to draft my thoughts before I write my blog posts or long posts (I am also publishing long posts/articles on sina weibo for my china friends to read) 


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