Pen Review #3

I keep posting these although I am NOT an expert 🙂 And yes, I am starting to get a bit addicted 😀 This is so bad! 

Anyway today I went to a huge bookstore chain to see if our local bookstore sell NICE and BEAUTIFUL pens other than the usual Uni-Ball, Stabilo, Zebra & Pilot. They are good too but too common!

#1 Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

I literally JUMPED when I saw this!!! I was thinking of getting a cheaper fountain pen for a long time. I got one at Daiso last year or so. But stupid me didn’t know how to put the ink in so I ruined it. I threw the pen away when I was clearing my stuffs as the ink barrel is stuck 😦 It is useless anyway. I keep reading about this online and was very tempted to get one from JetPens. But I hesitated due to the shipping cost. It is of course much more expensive to get in my local store at SGD4.95 each. I don’t know if Amazon sell them. But I would be very happy if they do. This is much easier to manage as compare to the one I got from Daiso. But it also took me a while to get it all set up. I have to watch a video posted by JetPens to make sure I was doing the right thing. I couldn’t get used to writing it at first. So the writing is kinda messy? Anyway it is beautiful 🙂 There was yellow, orange and red in stores. But I choose pink as Pink is the colours I always wanted to use. Now time to add the other colours in the wish-list!

Edited I found out that “Tokyu Hand” seems to be selling cheaper. And they have the Pilot Petit Fountain Pen. It is time to visit them soon next time! In the meantime, I am going get “Hero” brand online for my next review 🙂

#2 Faber Castell CX Colour Pen
I didn’t know my favorite colour pencil maker do manufactured pens too! Looks like I didn’t know a lot of things. A visit to their website shown that there is many other kind of pens. But this is like the only pen I saw in store. It is Made in Malaysia. So maybe I need to pop by a bookstore next time when I go to our neighbouring country to see if I can get some other design? It was writing very smoothly when I tested in the store. I picked up a new one instead 😛 And it wasn’t as smooth as I hope. I hope it would be much smoother when I uses it more. I picked up a colour which I didn’t already have.

I also saw pens from Korean brand, Monami. But as they only have package in the standard Black, Blue, Red & Green. So I didn’t get any.

I also saw Frixion Pens from Pilot which would be so useful for planner. But it is selling much cheaper in Amazon. So I shall get from Amazon instead.


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