My first crowd funding experience(s)

At the end of last year or so, I got a bit crazy with crowd funding and funded a few projects. While many of the projects are still in production/testing/etc, a couple of them have been shipped!

I know crowd-funding is not like buying from a store. You got to wait and wait and wait. Most of the projects get delay and delay and delay. I can wait and wait and wait. But…. shipping really bothers me.

#1 – Some Planner
So there was a strike which affected shipment. Okay, NOT YOUR FAULT. Then there was not enough staffs to ship the products. WHAT? okay, never-mind shipping is really more important.
Then all the staffs are busy with shipping. Hence, nobody is replying to emails, messages, etc. All right still doesn’t really bother me.
AND we don’t get tracking code (Kickstarter). HUH? WHAAAAT. OKAY. NEVER MIND. As long as it get here.


After 1 month, There is STILL nothing?!

And there is no information if it has been shipped! It is almost impossible to get an reply on anything at all.

But anyway today I finally tried sending an email.

[Updated – 20 Feb 2015] 
So after 4 days, I received an reply back with the tracking no. I requested for.

First thing I did? Track it of course!


I was shocked to see that it was only shipped on 9 Feb.
Why was I shocked? Because the update said it should have been shipped way back in Jan 2015. Since there was not much updates in between, but I am referring to the update posted on 27 Jan. They claimed that they are already working orders placed from 15-18th Nov. I “backed” this project before that.

Now, I am really trying very hard to be understanding. I have also been really patient…. I haven’t drop by any of their social media sites and left nasty comments throughout this whole saga. But….. this? I don’t know. I am just so disappointed. Like some people out there, based on my bad experience, I will NOT order from them again.

#2 Some card charger thing

This is my first indiegogo campaign. Excited!



Finally I couldn’t take it and left an message, after 2 months. (I AM patient)

(Coincidentally?) It was shipped on the next day.


After 1 week, Status is still the same.


Left another message. Creator updated some stuffs. But there is no response to my message.

#3 Some Clutch

WHAAAAT? I don’t get this? I mean, we paid for shipping too? Isn’t it like a-bit more fair that you ship by the date or something?  (like Passion Planner). But never-mind, Since it is only a day or two, so I kept my mouth.

Okay, so after 2-3 days or so, I dropped them an email to ask if international people will get a tracking code.

After one week, there is no reply? Hello? At least a confirmation that it was shipped? 

Maybe because I am a international “backer” so shipping can get more complicated? But with such frustration faced with shipping, I rather not “back” anything anymore. Naturally, I haven’t been backing much. I lost interest as well as I am keeping to my life goal 😉

Oh well, hopefully the next batch of shipment would be more smooth. I am looking forward to Popbasic one though as I have zero problem with their shipping when I purchased from them.


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