I don’t need a Filofax!

Ever since I saw this video on Kikki K, I was very tempted to get it. But of course I didn’t. Because the planner is in leather. I was only looking at it because I wanted an alternate planner which is obviously not necessary as I had used an undated temporary planner and my PP is finally here!

After that, I google around and look for an alternative to this… It seems like Filofax is my best choice! They have non-leather too. I like it that you can in papers to it. You know when you spend so much on planner, it make sense for you to add on when the papers run out.

Also I just thought its cool to organise all my notebooks into one. I have like 7 notebooks around.

But the problem is….
1) Why would I need ANOTHER planner/notebook/whatever? I cannot buy more than what I already have. REMEMBER. LIFE. GOAL.
2) They are seriously expensive. I am looking at A5 size one. It cost SGD125. Yes these are refillable. But knowing me, I won’t stick to the same planner year after year!
3) Who knows I would really use them right. I have beautiful planner and notebooks on my way! So….

Anyway, adding to the wish-list to be reconsider in a month’s time.


I saw some filofax at my local stationary shops! Was so excited to learn that my local stationary shops carries a small range!

The first shop – MPH 
The filofax was enclosed in the display. I couldn’t find anyone to help as it was peak period (lunch hour). Anyway I might not buy. So I didn’t want to waste their time. So I couldn’t really see the organisers. But I was able to view their flex notebook range which is out on a display shelve. They are cool. But refill is rather expensive. Knowing me, I might use a while and ditch it! Also I still have whole loads of notebooks at home. So… I cannot get. But I imagine that it would be a great notebook for bringing on a travel trip. Maybe I would pop by and buy one if I am going for holiday!

The second shop – Home and Office
They were displayed out in the open. So I was so happy to be able to touch and feel them.

I saw mainly the patent ones in personal size. The vibrant colours are so tempting. But I am not quite a fan of patent as they tends to show scratches…

There was a couple of A5s. The material is like canvas but since I couldn’t find the model information, I am not too sure if there is any real leather on the trimming etc.

I didn’t buy them as I said I do not need it. It was also dated from 2014-2015 so it’s kinda wasted if I spend that big amount of money on something I will not be able to use.

After viewing them, I realise Personal size is too small. If I ever get a Filofax, it would be sitting at home for home organisation & inspiration not for carrying around. So personal size is definitely not the right size for me. Then the ones in A5s are kinda heavy. Maybe there is lighter one out there. I will probably drop by Kinokuniya at the end of the year to see. They should carries a bigger range! In the meantime, I am not getting Filofax soon!


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