My weekend plan

I don’t feel really good when my siblings get invitation to someone’s house & I don’t. But then they were the same people who told my parents they had to invite to their wedding as they invited everyone else in my family.

Anyway, I cannot really be bother cos I have tons of to-do for this weekend!

I am in the midst of a career progression. It’s long & complicated…. But this weekend would be a good time for me to draft out a career plan for myself! I also really want to make use of the time to start working on my planner which has finally arrived! It is march soon, so it’s time to fill up for MARCH. Most importantly, I have not been minimising due to the holidays. So it is time to start again. My room is STILL not in the stage I am completely happy with. I will not stop until I am satisfied.

1) I’ll start with my usual saturday breakfast – cereal and milk.
2) Depending on my mood, I might take a walk and get a local coffee, kopi. If I am lazy, I would probably grab an 3-in-1. After trying a few brands, I still loves Alicafe from Malaysia. I still haven’t decide about my Nescafe Dulco Gusto machine. But I believe I need to list out my options!
3) Then, with my cup of coffee, I would probably start my usual round of cleaning, tidying, minimising and writing!
4) When I am done or feel tired, I would take a break and do some research about my careers and do some planning. I have some activities which I would like to start scheduling for March!
5) I am expecting my Erin Condren notebook to be delivered around noon. I will probably spend 30mins to an hour admiring, blogging, taking pictures, writing a bit… and finally, I probably spend 10-15mins surfing EC before I realise I need to get back to WORK.
6) My nieces would probably be here by 3-4pm so I would pause and play with them until dinner.
7) They will probably leave by 6-7pm. Then I will have dinner and go back to WORK. I would continue researching on my careers and do some planning.
8) Finally when I feel tired, I would do some light surfing before bed about Pebble and air-dry clay. I am taking a 3 hours craft class in March. Although it would be a one-to-one session, but I like to read up on the information first!
9) I would work on my research and planning for sunday too.
10) If time permits, I would read Lord Of the Ring.


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