Get. A. Pebble.

Hello all those who like to text/whatsapp/whatever while walking, please go to kickstarter and back this new pebble: because obviously you people don’t have a pebble or something.

Yup, Pebble is like the best thing ever. You would realise life isn’t all about glueing your eye to your smartphone. It is call SMARTphone. But we haven’t really become smarter if we constantly use it especially when it is not in the appropriate place! Just read this: It is common in Singapore because we have a high number of smartphone users. We are a small country but everyone I know own a smartphone.

Seriously all these people not only block people’s way, they are also ALWAYS slower! This is really a huge problem when they use it while walking the stair. I have never see anyone who can walk at a normal speed when they are using it on the stair. And hello, there are people who are actually in a rush! So if you could be a little more considerate.

With a Pebble, I will usually just press ‘X’ if it is not an important message and walk on. And 90% of the time IT IS not important that I need to reply immediately. I waited till I am at a “safe” place before I take out my smartphone and reply.

Anyway I received the mailer from Pebble late last night as I owned two (!!!) versions of Pebble. By the time I saw it, it was already 7am in the morning! By then, the early reward is gone. So I went for next tier. I couldn’t think because there isn’t any time to think! Good news is that I have 30 days to think again. I admit I wouldn’t need another watch. But who could resist COLOUR right 😦



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