I-Parcel Review

I have no idea who own this company. From googling, it seems to be link to UPS.

But I was told by the tracking that the local carrier WMG is in charge of delivery. I recieved an text on Wednesday. It is from another company by the name of iCommerce. So I guess the actual delivery is done by iCommerce. I am not sure if iCommerce is related to WMG or UPS. It could be related to WMG since they are both local company.

I don’t know what happened as I-parcel used to be deliver by SingPost if I didn’t remember wrongly. I know many people have negative experiences SingPost’s delivery. But I seldom have problem with them. The thing that I like about SingPost’s delivery is that you can easily collect the parcel from the Post Office. Furthermore, the locker collection that they have set up makes things even more convenience.

So I received an sms told me that I am expecting my parcel to be delivered on Wednesday. But when I reach home, there wasn’t any parcel?! And there wasn’t any note. My parents wasn’t working on that day so they were in the house most of the times.

After calling the CS up the next day, she could only inform me that it is back at their warehouse due to fail delivery. She couldn’t give an explanation why it was failed and she told me she could only arrange it for delivery tomorrow. WHAT?

Why was the parcel back on their warehouse and not on delivery? It is upsetting how irresponsible this company is! I understand these couriers have a lot of parcels to be delivered. I totally understand that they are overloaded sometimes and cannot make the delivery within the day. But shouldn’t my undelivered parcel be their priority and they SHOULD attempt the delivery again the next day?  If I don’t call, does it mean the parcel is going to stay in the warehouse until next week?

And that was not the end. So since they choose not to deliver on the day that there are people at home. I requested them to deliver in the evening. Their delivery man called me and asked if he can make the delivery now. I told him that I need to call my house. I couldn’t hear him properly but he did mentioned that I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving the parcel at ____ right (unfortunately I couldn’t hear that word well). For a couple of years, many local couriers likes to leave parcels at shoe cabinets, electricity box etc. Naturally many people who unhappy about it as most people stay at flats/apartments so anyone have the access to these places as they are public. The company that started all these stopped their courier from practising these. So, I am really surprise if he wanted to suggest that.

Fortunately, the parcel is from Amazon! One thing I learnt about my experiences with Amazon is that they do listen to customers. The last time I complained about another courier and they actually did made an improvement. So yeah, I am going to send in an feedback.


Audio books

Im now listening to the audio books. It is my first.

Frankly speaking I don’t really like audio books much. Okay, maybe because I am using YouTube. So it is kinda hard to pause and re-play.

I misses details very often. E.g. when my mum walk in and start saying something immediately. If it wasn’t for the book (Yes I am listening to Harry Potter of course :D), I would have not understand what I have missed at all. The accent also caused me to miss some words. Over the years, I started to understand accent better but I still sometimes miss things.

But it’s a nice to have it on background while you work around your room – e.g. organising and have a quick nap. I slept 15-20 mins while Hagrid/Harry visit diagon alley.

Anyway I intended to purchase the audio books few months later. But it is so expensive…. Hence, I am using YouTube to get the feel first.

Curb your spending

I had an discussion with a friend last week. She commented that she spend a lot on food every month (To be exact, she claimed that she spend $800!)

So I started digging into her habits and realise this…
1) She don’t eat simple breakfast like breads, cereals etc. Instead she goes for fast food chain. They are nice. But they are also pricey!
2) She eat snack and buy drinks during her lunch.

She claimed that she tends to spend a lot on food as she spend food outside on weekends. But after we (me and another friend) shown her the breakdown she is still not convince.

Irregardless of the expenses you incurred on weekends, the obvious problem is the spendings on weekdays.

1) Keep to simple breakfast. Bring your own is always the best. Buy one loaf of bread and you can last you and your family for 3-4 days. If you are sick of plain ones, get those with multi-grains (Healthy) or chocolate!
2) Do not buy snack o drinks.

If you get hungry in the afternoon, bring your own snack from supermarket like chips and eat a bit each day. Bring your own drinks. Those from the supermarket are more than 50% cheaper than getting drinks. Yes they are tastier. But if you really want to save up, you should cut back on this. I buy drinks occasionally as a treat for myself. Not a everyday drink.

Another obvious problem with this friend is the ability to curb her spending. In order to curb, I always suggest to find out how much and where your spending goes to. So you can try to write down your spending in a small notebook or use your mobile phone. Usually I would exclude food and transport as these are essential things and I don’t spend a lot on them either. Then from there, you can try to track for a month or so. Then you will know where majority of your spending goes to and try to cut down! For e.g. if you buy a lot on clothes. Probably its time to start a ban on buying new clothes. You do not need so much new clothes anyway.

An alternate method which I find useful but a painful to implement is to budget your cash everyday. Every sunday, separate your cash into ziplock pack/pouches for each day of the week. Bring one pack each to work everyday. Then keep your credit card somewhere safe. Then you wouldn’t overspend because you do not have the money to! At the end of the week, if you have extra cash, then you can give yourself a treat or save it for next week. However, this method will only work if you are using actual cash and going a fix place for lunch. I didn’t have much success with this because it was hard for me to separate the cash.


11 Feb 2017

I have been posting actively cos I finally figure out how to post using mobile! I didn’t remember the access previously but I finally figured out! So I have been posting at random timing while I am at work lol

I just learn a new word last week. Merch is the short form of merchandise, how clever! I have posted 2-3 posts on my new merch obsessions. There are few more to come! This is actually what keep me posting cos it’s something exciting that I love to share. I am thinking of making a new tag for it… I try to post the Merch stuffs separately so as not to bore people with it.

Yesterday, I sold an bag from Kickstarter! I wasn’t too sad about the “loss” cos I have kept it in my cupboard for like 2-3 years?! Then it motivated me…since I am free now (from school etc), I should start to get some actual work done. My goal is get more done on weekdays. So I am going to start listing tasks!

I posted a lot of things for sale. I know they are not easy to sell. But at least I try to post them online. I have been procrastinating for a good while. I have many more items to be posted. And if there is no takers after a few months or so, I probably just throw it away or something :/

DVDs, CDs and books are always under-valued when you try to get rid of them. For e.g. you buy a set of DVD for say 10bucks. You can only sell it for 5bucks after you watched once. I never throw away DVDs cos they are so precious (Insert Gollum’s voice). But I really got to think carefully on my future purchases. For a few years, I bought some DVDs and never get around to watch it. I know! I will start watching them more often since I have the shiny new blu ray player! I have started a list (on google drive) to update the ones I really want to keep (HP, LOTR and The Grand Budapest Hotel is in the list). I would try to clear 1-2 DVDs per month so as to get the list growing. Why buy DVDs? That’s the question I always. They take up space and hard to get rid of when you longer want them. But I enjoy the feeling of watching DVDs at home… Its not as good as going to the cinema but I don’t have the luxury of going to cinema every time. Beside, getting a DVDs means you can rewatch them anytime you want. But I would be selective.

CDs on other hand is much easier to archive. For old CDs with artiste I no longer have an affection for, I usually will throw away the case but I would keep the CD cos I simply do not want to benefit anyone ha! It is however harder to sell. Since 2 years ago or so, I have started to go digital! It is so easy to go to iTunes to download the music I wanted. Plus I wouldn’t need actual space to store them. And I don’t actually have the player to play them. My MacBook don’t even have the drive anymore. However, few days ago, I realise I don’t have all of the Harry Potter OST which I always thought I have. But I am keeping this in my wishlist for 2-3 months before I consider to purchase it.

Books are another headache things! I have been having a dilemma for a longest time. I like both physical book and digital. Physical book give the real feel of book but digital on other hands means it do not need to store them. So I ended up getting both types. Whenever I picture a future room/house of mine, I always have a bookshelf even though people barely read nowadays. But the books that I choose to purchase has to be really selective. I never throw away any books (but I am on the verge of throwing away Twilight – okay selling them cheap). So….

Other things I have done:
– Review my “shoes” and “bags” list. The last review was in Nov! I am happy with my “shoes” progress but my “bags” aren’t too progressive. I probably look into what I can get rid of tomorrow. I also threw away some oldSt shoes.
– Donate some stationaries to work. I used to hate the idea of bringing my own stationaries as I thought any decent office should supply them. But since I am no longer a student, I find that I have too much stationaries! It was also due to my obsessions a couple of months ago! (I am still a little obsessed but I am in better control!) So I bring some stuffs to work so I have more space at home and beside I don’t use them so what is the point of keeping them here!

Books that I hate 

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to my house. So I shown her to my room. Of all things to notice, she saw twilight on my bookshelf (yes I know. I will get rid of it!) and commented she and her other friends love it. I simply say you and your friends have bad taste HAHAHAHA

Well it’s as if I didn’t give it a chance. It is on my bookshelf so it means at some point of my life I read it. There are only two books I really hate in my lifetime – the lovely bones and twilight. I am usually generous with my rating and gives books 3 or 4 stars. But for these two, I can only give 2 or less. I don’t think I ever complete the series. But the first book was quite enough for me. I simply cannot appreciate it! As compared, I enjoyed reading the host from the same author. It was much better written in my opinion.

Other books that I don’t quite enjoy is the lord of the rings. I have a hard time processing some pages. And it took me a few months to finish the 3 books! But I think I might re-read again sometimes! As compared, the hobbit is easier to read.

And I tried reading wolf hall but I don’t even know what I was reading. It is also in my try to attempt list.

I always get stuck in the first few pages of under the dome. Well I should attempt that again as Stephen king is one of my other favorite authors and I like all his books especially Carrie and the shining.

05 Feb 2017

I have been busy binge rewatching the HP movies! So my dad finally set up the blu ray player for me. So I started binge watching on Thursday after I came back from work. It took me one and half day.  I am not a super fan of the movie. (You can’t be if you love the books). But yeah, its great to watch! I love most of the casting.

Maybe it’s psychological thing or what. But the screen resolution do seems better after I use the blu ray player. There is talk of 4K UHD set coming out. But my tv can’t play them so it’s useless to splurge on that kind of money.

My Hufflepuff rug from Thinkgeek has arrived!
(It’s still all wrapped up cos my mum say she will find time to put this up with me) I was writing this and she say lets put it up.

I think it’s super worth it. Although it’s 100% polyester (My current rug is 100% cotton..) and Made in China, but you cannot find this anywhere else. The “feel” of it is definitely different – it’s not soft but scratchy!

I wanted to use it to cover my cabinet instead but it’s obviously too big seeing the real thing lol
But I believe this would be a super awesome decoration!

On a side note, their shipping is really much slower these few days as they are moving warehouse. It’s stated on their website. I wish they would ship the Newt’s scarf I ordered quickly!

Talking about decoration etc, I am going to redecorate my room. I have been looking at the HP-inspired rooms over pinterest, they are so beautiful!

Here’s some thoughts:
– The first obvious thing to do is to continue to get rid of more stuffs. Yup, I still have too many of everything. I really need to get rid of them! But I cannot be getting rid of them tooooo fast. I always wanted to just chuck some stuffs. But these are really good stuffs that can still be used. So I think it would take some times.
– Of course essentially, I have to stop buying so much stuffs. I know, I have been trying for so longggg. Now I think I am much more determined. Minimalism all the way!!!
– Wallpaper. My current walls are in pastel blue. It’s good if I am in Ravenclaw? lol. But I want it to be either bright yellow, maroon (Ya! I always love maroon but I am in Hufflepuff but who cares!) or vintage patterns like stone or sand? For DIY, it would be cheaper but I don’t know if I have the patience or talent for such project. I could DIY an area first. For e.g. the wall in front of my table. Otherwise, I can ask a contractor to do it for me. It would be good as it would be a complete makeover. But I think it’s not going to be cheap. And furthermore, my walls are still okay. They have been repainted 3-4 years ago. They still look ok. Such a waste of money. Otherwise I could keep it the same way. I was thining of going for an nautical theme previous year. So perhaps it could be a mixture  of both theme.  Then the pastel blue walls fit in 😀
– I have 2 cupboards, 1 cabinets, 1 kiddish (I am not kidding. It’s plastic and in pastel pink!) shelf. The kiddish looking shelf have to move somewhere obviously. Ok, my mum bought it for me. Not that I don’t appreciate it. But it’s super odd. The stuffs on the shelf are things like makeup, facial products… these are the stuffs which I wanted to get rid of (Yes, those memebox days….)! The rest of the things like tissue box can be moved somewhere. The other cupboards and cabinets are fine as they are in brown. Well, my wardrobe are in black/brown so it make sense to keep to this colour scheme. Brown is kinda like fitting with the HP theme. But I probably try to paste some pattern on it or something!
– As for the contents, I need to get rid of some books, textbooks (NOT from Hogwarts :P), some stationary (I was way too obsessed with stationaries :P) and less clothes, bags and shoes. Minimalism! Its so hard. But I got to do it!
– Picture frame! I never thought of hanging anything. But picture frame are very important in the wizarding world lol. Of course my picture don’t move. But I am going to hang a couple of it! I always like the view of hogwarts at night. It would be wonderful to display it.



I need a blu ray player!

I am not quite a huge fan of the movie version of HP. But then, I don’t exactly hate it. I guess I am like many fans (of the book) out there – there is always something not right with the movie. But anyway despite that, I have 2 DVDs for EACH movie. The first version are the individual ones that I gotten when I first started to watch the movies. Then 2 years ago (I think!), I purchased a all-in-one package cos I wanted to binge watch them.

I never open it as I was always so busy. It wasn’t those really expensive ones but a very basic set with all the movies in a disc. So today, I decided to start my binge watching. But it did not go according to plan. Somehow my LG DVD player was down. I spend the next 20mins or so trying to figure out what went wrong. But in the end, I still couldn’t get it to work. We have a second DVD/CD/Radio player at home. From the brand name, I am quite positive that it is a china brand. I was so happy that it works. But I tried to put in my disc….. It took a long time to load. So I open and try another disc (CoS). BUT IT COULDN’T LOAD. I cannot remember where I get my disc from. But I never have a problem playing those DVD from amazon. Yes you can play them internationally. You just need to “unlock” region code. Since it is quite obvious that it is not working, I went to my room and took my other PS DVD. It took a short while to get started but it finally play…. But it get stuck at the scene where the troll was knocked out. So I stop the disc and open it again. I tried fast forward but it got stuck at the same scene. Feeling frustrated, I went to iTune to see how much it would cost to get the digital copies. It wasn’t cheap. Okay, it is cheap if you break down by 8 movies and you get to own it. I can watch it on my MacBook… But why would I spend another 100bucks again?! So I think and decided that I need to get a new player!!

For a few years, I never thought of getting a Blu Ray player. Silly me – I always thought those player can’t play the normal DVD. But it wouldn’t make sense as DVD player can play VCD. But not the other way round. So I decided to get a Blu Ray player. Yes, I know… lots of people don’t even buy DVD anymore. But I still enjoy watchng DVD as I love to watch things on a big screen… So I am going to spend some times to research on the different player models.

My first concern is of course getting one that allow region free.

After doing some research, I believe that there isn’t something call region free. Only Oppo (Yes the same mobile phone company from China) advertised it as multi-region. It was recommended by people who actually watch Blu Ray with all the sound setup. But its pricey and they don’t sell it at normal electronic store.
Well, I don’t have a super fancy tv. Ours is the a normal LED tv from Samsung. Then I don’t need the sounds effect as I am sitting in my living room. So my concern is to able to play all the DVDs I have from amazon. Cos we are in region 3 and they are region 1. But for blu ray disc (I have none as of today), I guess there is no problem as we are in the same region as US.
Then I realise there is a new term – UHD? It sounds like an upgrade to the current “blu ray” technology but again, do I need it? As my tv is a normal tv set.
Whatever player I decided to get. I am going to get fantastic beasts as my first! I was reading a thread on reddit. I wasn’t the only one who don’t understand Mr Scamander sometimes as he seems to be mumbling.

So I got it! A Samsung player. Its not the latest model or anything. In fact, it’s from 2015 from my research. It’s 3D but my tv don’t have 3D (I think…) I was thinking of getting a UHD one but I don’t even have a UHD tv (and not planning to get one) so why would I need such a fancy player? So I decided to get a cheaper one. I am happy as long as it can play the DVD or disc I wanted.