Asendia’s slow delivery

Well, just when I thought I-Parcel is very slow…. Then came Asendia. I never heard of Asendia but apparently, LootCrate uses them. So after bugging the CS for my wizarding crate’s tracking (I STILL HAVE NOT GET IT!!), I realise it is deliver by Asendia…

There was something wrong with the tracking though… the tracking URL provided by LC do not show much…

But I was able to see more in the main tracking page.


So it IS stuck at the destination country since 9 days ago!

I called the local office up and they told me that they are not the one doing the delivery. WHAT? It does not make sense. Anyway, they said that the local post is doing the delivery and ask me to wait further. o__o

This is terrible because nobody seems to know where the parcel gone to! At least I-Parcel was able to track…


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